Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful garden. It is not a large garden, but it is filled with all of your favourite plants and flowers… smell the earthy smells … feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin … see the vibrant colours all around you and just feel how peaceful it is here … This is your safe place, know that you can return here at any time. As you look around you, you see in front of you a sturdy wooden bench … tied to the bench is a large, pink balloon filled with helium. The balloon is tied to the bench by a thick golden rope and it’s just bobbing and floating gently as far as the rope will allow, stretching upwards and seemingly wanting to be released. You know this balloon is for you; that it is safe and strong, and both it and the rope can take much more weight than yours. Attached to the rope is a harness, it is your size. Without hesitating you approach the bench, put on the harness, secure it, and …. untie the rope. Gently you begin to float … up and up … and the higher you float, the more relaxed you feel, and the deeper your sense of relaxation becomes. 

You continue to float higher …  above the clouds… above the earth’s atmosphere …. gently floating to higher levels of consciousness until you feel yourself part of an expanse of space and time beyond you, that has no boundaries or limitations. And the further up you float the more relaxed you feel, until you come to rest in a place of limitless space, limitless time; in a loving universe filled with beautiful twinkling lights, all representing the people, events and experiences of your soul. You have left the present behind now and here linear time does not matter … Feel the feeling of expansiveness for a moment and feel the deep relaxation all around you. 

Now you are ready to let this balloon take you to an important event in your life, in a specific time and place. You look to your left and you see what looks to be a row of lights that are just a little brighter than the rest and seem to form a path to you. These lights indicate past situations and experiences in your present life. Trusting that wise and loving part of you that knows which memories and experience you need to see … the part of you that is your subconscious … the part that knows everything … that loves you and has infinite compassion and understanding… you gently move towards the light closest to you and find yourself in a recent experience. Observe the event for a moment, feel the emotions. Now that you see how easily you can move backwards in time, you are ready to go to the specific time and place that you need to revisit today on your journey of healing and transformation. 

Looking again down the row of lights to your left, you see one in particular that seems brighter than the rest. And you feel very drawn to this light… and in an instant you are there. You see below you an event unfolding in your earlier life, and you let the balloon take you down, down to that event, to better see the younger you experiencing this event. 

Sense or see where you are now, how old you are … sense or see what is happening around you, and the event that is taking place … really focus in on who is there, and the details of what is happening … how you are feeling. Really feel the emotions in this experience … feel their intensity of it and let the scene play out to the end. Good … Really feel all the emotions of this experience…. 

And now see the adult you, with all the wisdom and knowledge you now have, approach the younger you. Bringing with you love, wisdom and understanding, you gently explain why that feeling and this response was understandable then, and how difficult it would have been without the tools and skills that you have now. Tell the younger you that they did their very best, and it helped keep them safe at the time, but that this response and way of thinking is no longer needed because the adult self has all the skills to deal with these situations without the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of the younger self. You gently assure your younger self that the old response is no longer helpful or productive, it can remain in the past to be accessed for positive purposes only, where this will benefit your current life. In fact, you are gifting them the knowledge and skills you have now, and beaming with love you hug the younger you and tell them they have such a happy and fulfilling life to look forward to, and how proud you are of them right now. How much you have learned since then. 

Feeling gratitude for reliving this experience with the insight and wisdom you now have, you feel yourself absorbing only positive aspects of this experience … leaving all trauma and negative patterns associated with this experience there in the past … You do not need them anymore. You know you will bring only positive aspects back with you, and a new and better outlook has already replaced the negative beliefs that were affecting you as a result of this experience. 

And with the lightness you now feel, and the joy of release, you suddenly feel the rope tug gently upwards as you feel yourself lifted gently up, up, up by the pink balloon …. Safely back to the place of lights … and instantly back to your place in the row of lights representing the present. Leaving these lights now, you gently feel yourself descend down … down … down to this time, and this place … until light as a feather, you feel yourself back in your body in this room, feeling so peaceful and so calm.