By Sheridan Sandow

This script is for someone that is a “rescuer” and tends to put everyone else’s needs before their own. They take responsibility for others feelings and happiness and disregard their own. They may not be in touch with what they want or need and/or they may have trouble communicating it.

Induction & Deepening of choice

I want you now to imagine you are taking a journey within. You are on a journey to your mind. With every breath you go deeper and deeper inside. Continue until you find a door. It is the door to your mind. Completely comfortable and fully relaxed you open the door and enter your mind. Your mind is a garden. The garden is full of trees, plants, and flowers. It is bathed in sunlight. Walk around this garden. Notice how it looks. Is it full and lush, or is it orderly and manicured? Notice any smells. Is it earthy, or sweet and perfumed? Are there any sounds? Is it silent? Or can you hear birds and other animals gently moving amongst the foliage? You feel completely at peace and relaxed walking around your garden.

Continue to walk through the garden until you find the part that is causing you to feel like you have to be responsible for others. You may not know exactly where this is or what it looks like but your subconscious mind knows and will guide you where you need to be. You find exactly where it is and notice there is a weed growing from the earth. Take hold of the bottom of the weed and with a strong grip pull the weed from the earth and throw it away… You instantly feel lighter. The weed may have grown in your garden for a reason, but it is no longer serving you… Although you may not understand why, you now know that you are not responsible for others feelings and happiness. You are only responsible for your own feelings and your own happiness…

To acknowledge this understanding you can plant a seed where the weed was. Something that will grow and flourish in your garden and allow you to feel completely free to put yourself first. You may not know what the seed is, but your subconscious mind knows and will give you what you need right now. Go ahead and plant the seed. Water it and watch it sprout from the earth under the warm glow of the sunshine. Understand that this is now part of you. You can move forward with the knowledge that it is ok to put yourself first…

Continue to walk through the garden, enjoying the sights and sounds. Be guided now to any other weeds that may need to be removed and replaced with something that will better serve you. Imagine your garden exactly how you would like it to be. Add more of the trees, plants and flowers you like. Remove anything you no longer need. Once you feel that your garden is how you would like it to be let me know by saying the word ‘finished’…

You are the creator of this beautiful place. You choose what to nurture and what to remove. You feel satisfied and content with your work in your garden. Take a moment to enjoy this feeling and thank yourself and your subconscious mind for allowing yourself to move forward from this moment on. You look forward to the next time you choose to put your own needs first and look after yourself. This will bring only feelings of peace, happiness, and contentedness. Know that you deserve it and receive it with gratitude.

Wake Up