Good for clients suffering, anxiety, self-doubt, needing an uplift. Good for a general positive reinforcement 




Allow your eyes to close over now (Shayla)… very good, I want you to know that the experience you are about to have is such a unique and special one. I don’t want you to question what you see, sense or feel but know that you are safe and you are in control at all times… this is a process where you are able to just let go and be… our lives are always so busy and so fast passed that we rarely get a chance to just be. Today there is no need for you to do anything, accept for just being… so allow yourself now, to just let go now as I guide you through your journey of exploration into other times and places… where there may be opportunity for you to learn, to grow, to heal and to transform your current perceptions of your human experience… 

We are now going to do some breathing, I want you to take in 4 really deep, long, slow breaths… breathing in harmony and peace and on the exhale letting go of worries and tensions… very good… feel your breath as the source of life… very good… and relaxing deeper and deeper… and take 4 more really deep, long, sow breaths again… 

There are two kinds of relaxation… physical relaxation and mental relaxation… today you will be experiencing both of these, because as your physical body relaxes, so to, does the mind… in fact… your body and mind are already relaxing… as they have been instructed to do, with every breath you are taking… 

As we spoke about, once you are sufficiently relaxed and once your mind has achieved the desired state of consciousness, we will go back in time to explore experiences from the past… in order to bring clarity, understanding, wisdom and transformation to the present… first we are going to go to an early, beautiful, happy childhood memory. And then back even further to the womb… and then all the way back to a past life that will be beneficial for you to explore… 

I would like you now to relax your feet and legs completely… very good… feel how heavy your legs are becoming, and now become aware of your arms and how heavy they are beginning to feel… let them grow comfortably warm and heavy… and then relax all the muscles in your head, neck and shoulders… you may even feel that tightness and tensions melting away… letting your mind grow quiet… relax your back now, all the way up and down your spine… so that your nervous system too grows quiet… 

Take another nice, deep relaxing breath… and allow the abdomen, hips and pelvis to totally relax… very good, amazing… you are feeling so relaxed, so comfortable… so relaxed…

Now imagine before you, the most beautiful white fluffy cloud. This cloud is here especially for you… so when you’re ready, you can climb onto this cloud and get nice and comfortable… you can curl up or stretch out… whatever feels the best for you… floating on your cloud you can remain the objective observer viewing from a distance the events and experiences of the past… or you can choose to participate, the choice is yours… you are always in control… and at any time… should you choose to… you can return to this cloud and know that you are safe…

So, get comfortable on your cloud now, and relax deeper and deeper with every number I count… and then by the count of one… you’ll be in a deep wonderful state… knowing that the deeper you go, the better you’ll feel… the deeper you go… the better you’ll feel… the deeper you’ll go…

15… letting go more and more 14, 13, 12 going deeper and deeper 11, 10, 9, 8 deeper and deeper 7, 6, 5 completely releasing now 4, 3, 2 and 1. Feel now how deeply relaxed you are… and through this time together, you will continue to go deeper with every breath you take or you can go deeper with every word I speak… know that you are safe and that you’re in control… the deeper you go, the easier the images, memories and sensations come… so let go… there no need to make any effort… just let your higher self be the guide for this journey…

You may have noticed your cloud has already begun to move… to drift back in time… your cloud is driven by your higher self and your spirit guides who are here to help and assist you today and to be here for support… your cloud is now taking you back to a time in your early childhood… a happy… enjoyable time… perhaps a memorable moment from when you were 3, 4 or 5 years old…

Going back now 7, 6 going back now 5, 4, 3 an early happy childhood memory, 2 and 1… be there now! 

Allow the memories, images and sensations to be more vivid… notice what’s going on around you… it may be a special occasion and an event… you may be able to see, or feel or you may just know what it is that is happening… trust the way in which this information comes to you… in a moment I am going to ask for you to communicate… you’ll be able to do so easily and clearly, and at the sound of your own voice, you’ll drop even deeper into this experience…

  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • What is happening around you? Are your surroundings familiar to you?
  • Can you describe these surroundings?
  • Are there others with you / around you / do you recognise them?
  • What are you wearing?
  • How are you feeling?

If your client is experiencing positive feelings and emotions, you can anchor these for them 

You’re doing so well… just check if there is anything else that you might need or that is important for you to bring with you now… when you’re ready to move on, let me know by nodding your head for me… 

Great, now bringing all those amazing feelings with you I want you to re-board your cloud, get comfortable now as we continue your journey back in time, back into the womb of your mother… here you may have a more sensory experience…7… relaxing… down deeper… 6, 5… going deeper, 4, 3 back in time… 2 and 1… in the womb now! 

Just allow any images and sensations to come to you now… tell me…

  • Is it light or is it dark?
  • Are you aware of any colours in there that you can see?
  • Do you feel cramped or do you have plenty of room in there? (If cramped, they can re-adjust themselves)
  • You may be able to be more aware and connect with your mother here. What is she experiencing in regard to this pregnancy?
  • Can you connect with her and influence her feelings? Try and reassure her… send her lots of love and light, and tell her it will all be okay and work out how it is supposed to…
  • How do you feel about coming into this world? Are you excited, or apprehensive or something else?
  • And why is it you’re here? What have you come to experience in a human form this lifetime? 

You are doing so well! Now once again, board your cloud and prepare now to travel away from this plane… through other dimensions where time is no longer linear… where your cloud will become a more abstract energy of wisdom and support… to carry you and guide you safely to another lifetime… 

So as you move away from this earth plane, in this place at this time… know that you are safe and you are supported, and what you are about to experience will be beneficial for you in this current lifetime… your higher-self and your guides are now moving you through different dimensions… so that you may access them from the past as a present reality… so that you can experience them fully to gain the insight and clarity you need… 

Going back to another lifetime now 7,6… going deeper and deeper as you go back in time 5,4… going back 3… safe and in control… 2 and 1… be there now! Just let the images, feelings and sensations come… take in all your surroundings… when you’re ready, imagine you’re looking down at your feet for me…

  • Tell me, are you wearing shoes, boots, sandals? What do you have on your feet, if anything?
  • What about your clothing? You might look at it or you might feel the texture. Are the clothes that you’re wearing fine or are they course?
  • Are they loose fitting, or tight?
  • Do they seem to be the clothes of a female or a male?
  • Looking at your hands now, how big do they look? Are you and adult or a child? What colour are your hands?
  • Are you inside or are you outside?
  • Can you describe your surroundings for me?
  • Become aware of the place that you are in, you may know it… if you were to look at a map of the world, or a globe… where would you be drawn too?
  • What time in history is this? Again, you might just know, or you may have numbers pop into your head.
  • How old do you think you might be?
  • What is your name? What do people call you?
  • Are there others around you, or are you alone? Do these people energetically seem familiar to you at all?
  • What is it that is happening around you? 

You are doing so well!! Amazing job… we are now going to go to a significant event in this life time… 3, 2, 1 (click fingers) be there now…

  • What is happening?
  • Where are you?
  • How old are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • What are others doing?
  • How are you feeling?

(Explore the events more based on clients’ responses) (to gain more clarity into this life time you can go back and forth through this lifetime to find important events) 

We’re now going to go to the last day of that life to explore how that life ended. Going there now… 3, 2… 1 be there now…

  • How old are you?
  • Is there anything going on that might indicate that this is the last day of your life?
  • Where are you?
  • What is happening?
  • How are you feeling?
  • Are there others there with you? 

From this perspective, as you reflect back on this life you have lived, what more can you tell me?

  • What was the general feeling that you carried in that lifetime?
  • How did you feel as the person that you were?
  • What lessons did you learn in that lifetime?
  • What were your greatest achievements?

Sometimes there are special talents, gifts and abilities that we have. What were you especially good at in that lifetime? If you wish, you can step into a scene where you are experiencing this gift and reclaim it to bring back with you… 

(If you want you can insert healing and reframe techniques here) 

Are you ready to let go of that life now? (If no, let the client stay there until they are ready or try and find out why they might not be ready to let go… if they are struggling insert healing and positive reinforcements). Great… letting go of that body now… and as you do leave that body behind in that life… leave behind anything that is no longer serving you now… illness, trauma, negative beliefs and emotions… very good… and as your transition from this 3rd dimensional experience, describe this journey to me…

  • Have you left your body yet?
  • Where are you now in relation to your body?
  • Are you still in the vicinity of your body?
  • Are you moving away?
  • Are you moving slowly or quickly?
  • Do have a sensation of drifting or being pulled?
  • Can you still see the earth beneath you?
  • Are you aware of anyone coming to greet you?

In a moment, we are going to return to the current time and the current place, bringing with you any gifts, talents and abilities that will help serve you in this lifetime… and coming back free from anything you no longer need… you will be able to remember this experience and all the learnings and clarity you have gained today. Further insight and awareness will come in your dreams and meditations in the days to come and the insight and wisdom you have gained through this experience will gently integrate into your current life to assist and guide you in living a life of greater purpose and clarity, in greater alignment with your authentic self.

The release of any trauma and negativity associated with this previous life, will clear away for you to heal and transform physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will be able to trust more, love more and have greater sense of purpose and peace… 

So, as you begin your journey back to the current life… you do so comfortably and confidently knowing you are a divine being having many human experiences to learn and evolve from.