You are in a state of total relaxation. You are lying on luscious soft grass, the sun warms your skin and you feel totally at ease. Each breath you take allows you to fall deeper and deeper into this state of total relaxation.

As you fall deeper and deeper into this state of ease, you notice the feeling of the grass and earth beneath you, holding you so you can totally relax. Feelings of love and strength rise from the earth beneath you, you absorb the serenity of these feelings, totally at ease.

Your body relaxes more and more into the grass, connecting with this energy of love and strength. It feels so soothing, so relaxing. The warmth of the sun shines on this energy within you and helps it to grow and spread to every cell in your body. So relaxing, completely at ease. Deeper and deeper with each breath.

The energy of love and strength is now so deeply ingrained in you, in your essence. You can know that this energy will guide you in your everyday life to find more love and strength. Every day,
this feeling will grow and grow. Every day in every way you will feel more love and more strength.

More love and more strength. In a moment I will count from one to ten. When I count ten you will be fully awake, fully alert and back in the room, bringing with you the love and strength you now

It’s a perfect day. You are walking on the beach feeling completely calm and present. You can hear the waves crashing and smell the salt in the air. The sand comforts you underfoot and you feel
grateful that you are able to be completely present and enjoy what the universe offers you. You can notice all of the beauty of nature, because you have nowhere else to be, but right here, on this
perfect day.

You walk in the shallows of the water watching the waves gently lap over your feet. Each time a wave reaches your feet you feel more and more at peace, more and more present. You
are right where you need to be. It feels so good to be present in this moment, surrounded by nature, absorbing the beauty of the world.

You feel so completely still and so at peace. You are deeply grateful for this feeling of complete presence, so grateful to just be. You are right where you need to be. So grateful, so peaceful, so present. You can know that you have access to this feeling every day, even when you are no longer here with me in this room.

Every day you can stop and absorb the beauty of the world around you and know that you are right where you need to be. Every day you feel more grateful for each moment that you are living fully, exactly where you need to be. In a moment I am going to count from one to ten, and when I reach ten you will be full awake and present in the room knowing that you can much more easily be present in every day. More able to access peace. Every day in every way it gets better and better.