P.R.E.M. 1

Now that you have landed in a pure state of relaxation and openness, you begin to feel a healthy and vitalising energy coursing through your body. This energy has always resided within you, it is
always available, it is abundant and ready for you to access it at any moment, embrace it, embody it. It is a potent elixir. It is life giving and life enhancing. It is healing and motivating.

This healthy and vitalising energy is electric, it is amplifying, and it is soothing. Its use can become very powerful when you consciously plug into it, using the key of awareness. Gazing inward and asking for it.

This healthy and vitalising energy. It is potent. It can drive you and you can drive it. This healthy and vitalising energy is a tool to construct the reality you desire and a weapon for greatness. Harnessing this energy will make you feel so full of life, so capable, so loving, so powerful.

Through the embodiment of this healthy and vitalising energy your mind, body and spirit are unified harmoniously. Through this unification, you are whole, you are beautiful, you are infinite, therefore you are thriving. This healthy and vitalising energy is life.


P.R.E.M. 2

While you are deeply enjoying this utterly blissful state of being, you are beginning to feel a refreshing surge of confidence and self-love for all that you are. All that you have been and all that you will be.

You have experienced this immense feeling of confidence and self-love before and now that it is back and currently present within you, now you will carry these enhanced feelings of self-love and
confidence everyday for the rest of you prosperous and long life.

You have achieved many great things and many more great things will be achieved. You will endeavour every situation with the purest confidence and you know that every outcome will be for your highest good, as every outcome is a reflection of the amount of love you have for yourself.

Every single day is full of confidence and self-love and you will rise every single day grateful that you choose to feel this way.