P.R.E.M. 1

 anything is possible. You find that any concern, dread or hindrance in your life leaves your body and tenderly blows away in the breeze, just like blowing a daffodil bloom. You sparkle as a golden healing light beams down upon you and reflects off your skin.

This divine light entering your skin and running deeply though your body into all your veins and blood sparking purity and health. This energy deepens even more, replenishing and healing all of your body’s vital organs and cleansing you entirely.

You take a moment to enjoy this wonderful feeling, you can even feel sensations as is its light heals all of your being. This divine energy restoring your strength, vitality, and health, eliminating all the toxins in your body.

Healing all the pains, burdens, and worries from before you came here today. Now you can allow yourself to be who you are in your truest form. A fresh sense of clarity and drive to move forward in your life, letting go of everything that was holding you back. You are in full health, content, and carefree.

You are unique; there is no one else like you in the universe and you can see you are more amazing than you realise. You are so very special and love surrounds you, giving you a newfound
confidence in yourself. Know that when you come back into this room and leave me today, you will be able to do anything you want.

So, I’m going to count from 1 to 5, and on the number 5, I want you to leave where you are, carrying what you’ve learned today and what you’ve always had within you. You can trust in yourself and know that your life is already changing and getting better from his day onwards.

So, starting from 5….you feel the energy returning into your feet and through your legs, 4, up into your stomach then chest, 3, spreading rapidly from your throat to your arms 2 travelling up your shoulders to your head and mind, 1 open your eyes and your back here to me.



P.R.E.M. 2 (Classroom)

You are now feeling fully relaxed, calm and levelled. In this tranquil state, allow yourself to recognise that you are unique and that you have the power within yourself to change yourself for the better, each and every day, and from this moment onwards and forever.

And with this wonderful enlightening change you will be able to now achieve what you were born to do. With your unique divine gifts, you will be able to create light and love around you healing others with your divine energy. Now I would like you to imagine that you are standing on a wondrous beautiful sparking planet with vast landscapes and valleys, and although there is no atmosphere you find that you are able to breathe.

But, unlike our own planet, every breath you take in draws in this cleansing blue sparking air. With each breath out you release all your trauma, fears, self-doubts, worries, sicknesses and obstacles that you breathe in every day on earth.

Watch the dark, heavy and smokey breath blow away into the galaxy forever, never to return to you when you arrive back on earth. You are now in control and free
to be what you came here for. You skin is glowing a healthy sparking blue light and you feel amazing, full of vitality. You can sense that you’re able to let go, allowing happiness to flow and you know you are ready to come home

So in a moment I am going to count from 1 to 5 and bring you back into this plane, this planet and here back into this room. 5…..you feel your toes and feet waking up moving quickly up your legs 4, then up your waist through to your chest and shoulders and arms 3 to your neck 2 up to your head and your now more aware, 1 now you can open your eyes and come back here to this room and me