P.R.E.M. 1

While enjoying this deeply relaxed state, you can choose to imagine lying under a big, shady tree. It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day and it’s soft and comfortable on a blanket on the grass under the tree.

As you look up, you may notice each leaf on the tree, and each leaf is beautiful, unique, and individual. And each leaf represents different positive aspects of you. When you look at the leaves
above you, you are aware of a sense of calm, relaxation and peace moving over you. You notice that the leaves on the tree above you are growing, and as each leaf grows, so does each positive aspect of you.

You notice the confidence leaf growing, and as it does, you know your confidence will continue to grow. You notice the energy leaf growing and as it does, you know your energy will increase,
leaving you feeling greater levels of vitality each day. You notice the health leaf growing and as it does, you know your mental and physical health will continue to improve each and every day.

The leaves represent all the positive aspects of yourself, and you may notice that the tree is flourishing, growing, getting healthier and more vibrant all the time. And you know that you have the
ability and all the tools you need to continue to nurture this tree throughout your life. And in fact, you may be aware that you also have the ability to nurture all aspects of yourself, as you do this
flourishing tree.

As you lie under the tree looking up, you feel at peace, vibrant, happy, and content knowing that when you return to conscious awareness, each of these aspects of you will continue to grow and flourish.

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10. On the count of 10 you will wake rested, full of energy and excited to continue your healing journey, knowing that you are doing this in a safe, supported space. And you know that each time you look at a leaves on a tree, you will feel this same sense of your confidence, health, energy, and other positive aspects of yourself continuing to improve, to grow and to support your healing journey. Every day, it gets better and better.

Beginning now with 1….


P.R.E.M. 2

Now, feeling relaxed and peaceful, imagine you are standing on a bridge over a gently flowing river. The bridge is very safe and sturdy, and you feel safe to sit on the edge of the bridge and to lean on the safety rail, knowing you are secure and protected. It’s a warm, sunny day and you feel a pleasant breeze on your cheeks, and as you do, you go deeper and deeper.

As you sit on the bridge you notice a pile of bark pieces next to you from a nearby tree. I want you to take one piece of bark at a time, and on each piece of bark, you can place one worry, fear, or aspect of yourself that is no longer valid or helpful. On each piece of bark, you place an aspect of yourself, or your life that is no longer serving you. As you drop each piece of bark, with its worry, fear, or aspect of yourself that is no longer serving you down onto the river, you notice that as it floats away, you feel lighter, happier, and detached from that part of yourself. You know with certainty that it is in fact, no longer part of yourself. You easily let those aspects float away, noticing with gratitude and joy how easily they gently float down the river, away from the bridge and away from you.

Once you have finished dropping each piece of bark, with each worry, fear, and aspect of yourself that no longer serves you onto the river, nod your head to let me know. You now move to the other side of the bridge and notice there is a large net leaning against the railing. You notice there are some flowers floating towards you from upriver.

You allow your higher self to guide you to use the net to catch the flowers which represent the confidence, vitality, health, abundance and anything else that will serve you in your life from this point forward. The railing on the bridge keeps you safe as you reach down with the net.

You are easily able to scoop up every flower that supports you, that increases your confidence, vitality, health, and positive sense of self-worth (add in any additional suggestions specific to the client here). You joyfully make a necklace of these flowers that you place around your neck, knowing this necklace will continue to provide you with all the resources you need to support your healing journey and your joyful life.

When you have finished making the necklace and placing it around your neck, nod to let me know. And in moment I am going to count from 1 to 10 and when you wake, you will bring with you the positive emotions and energy of each flower you wove into your necklace, you will bring with you all the resources you need to continue this positive journey of healing.

You will feel confident, happy, rested, and filled with joy and gratitude for all you have let go of, and for all you have gained. And each time you see a flower, you will know that you have all the resources you need, all the resources that serve you to live the life you want to live.

Beginning now with 1…