P.R.E.M. 1

As you continue to relax… you are drifting deeper and deeper… deeper into a hypnotic state… knowing that in this state you’ll have the opportunity for transforming and transcending all your stress, all your worries and negativities This is the place where you’ll gain a positive and healthy perceptions about them
and about your life in general.

As you drifting deeper and deeper, imagine that you find yourself at your favourite beach on a beautiful and sunny day…. The temperature is perfect… just as you like it. You sit down on the beautiful and pleasantly warm sand and as you do you notice a box full of balloons in the colour you choose. These are special balloons, which you can blow them effortlessly and with ease.

You take one balloon and start blowing it and as you do you blow all your worries, fears, uncertainties and all negativities from your life, that’s right… they are all being blown into the balloon. When you finish you tie the balloon tightly.

As you have emptied all your unwanted feelings from within yourself and in to the balloon, suddenly the balloon turns into hellion balloon and start going upwards, as it does the gentle wind is pushing it far, far away from you and into the sky, behind the clouds and beyond…. That’s it…. The universe is now taking care of all that it’s being blown into the balloon, leaving you feeling lighter, fresher, self-assured, fearless, healthier and with a great sense of vitality.

You now know that you have the knowledge and the tools to release and let go of whatever and whenever you might need to in the future, knowing how easy it is to release and let go because the way you feel lighter, fresher, confident, fearless, healthier, happier is the product of letting go and as you did exactly “that” of letting go you have gain a sense of happiness, health and vitality and you are now able to make the right choices to attract an abundance in every sphere of your life.

You are now excited for the new life you wish to lead and will be looking forward to see me again when you need to in the future because after each and every session with me you are left feeling positive with a new perception about yourself and your life and every day in every way it gets better and better.

In a moment I’m going to count from one to five. On the count of five you’ll feel fully alert, fully refreshed with a new perception about yourself and your life in general… You’ll feel confident, happy, healthy, loved and lovable.

Tonight, when you go to sleep at the time you desire, you’ll sleep peacefully and calmly and every dream will be of a positive nature and when you wake up in the morning at the time you choose you’ll be looking forward to the day full of energy, full of excitement and motivation of whatever it is that you need to accomplish for the day…