By Yi Dong

Induction and Deepening of choice


Now I want you to think about a time when you were presenting in front of a group of people and you thought that you did so bad that you wanted to do it all over again. When you are ready please say ‘yes’… ok, now I want you to focus on yourself. What are you feeling right now in front of everyone? You might feel anxious, you might feel very uncomfortable, your heartbeat might be rising and your breath is getting shallow… I want to assure you, it is ok. Whatever feelings you are experiencing right now is very common.  At this moment, I just want you to notice how you feel physically… Now, please have a look at your audience. Who are they? How many of them are there? Pay attention to their facial expressions. Do they look interested and engaged? Or, do they look bored and confused?… Now, pay special attention to their body language. Are they all facing towards you? Is there anyone shaking their legs? Once you finish scanning through your audience, please say ‘finished’… Good, we have now analysed your audience. How are you feeling right now? Take a few seconds to experience how you feel right now and compare that to how you felt in the very beginning. Once you finish the comparison, please say the word ‘finished’…


Very good…Now I want you to imagine yourself on a much bigger stage. In front of you is a much larger audience. It could be a hundred people… or a few hundred… or perhaps thousands of people… there might be a lot more who are streaming online… Let’s say it is something like a TED talk. You are invited to present your most recent design. You are standing in the center of the stage. All the spotlights are focused on you. The audience and all the cameras are facing towards you. You are literately the center of attention. Now, I want you to focus on yourself. Notice how you feel, both physically and mentally. Do you feel nervous? Are your hands shaking? Are you sweating? Is there an inner voice talking to you? How is your brain? Is it blank? Do you know what you are going to talk about? When you finish analysing all these, please say the word ‘finished’.