I’d like you to imagine you are on your own private island. This is your safe island and you can return here with ease, at any time of your choosing. Take a moment to get a sense of your island. Maybe you can see some trees, there may be a hammock for you to rest in, like a safe cocoon. Maybe you can feel some soft sand underfoot, squeaking gently as you walk around your safe island. Feel the sand between your toes, smell the salty air. Feeling completely at ease and relaxed in your safe place. Maybe there are animals on this island, maybe there is a waterfall, maybe you feel most comfortable in the shade of the trees, surrounded by nature, feeling a nurturing energy from this sacred space. Take a moment now to absorb your surroundings and allow those positive feelings to move through you. And when you’re ready, you can make your way to the water’s edge where you can see a boat, waiting to take you on a special journey.

As you make your way into the boat you are surprised to find there are no oars or motor. This boat is powered by your subconscious mind, you needn’t worry about where you’re going because your subconscious mind knows exactly where to go. The boat may gentle bob with the waves but it will take you safely to your destination. Today you are going to meet with an ancestor, your (insert specific ancestor) who is waiting to meet you, who understands the beliefs you have (insert relevant beliefs). Your (ancestor) had an experience relating to (insert trigger) that created these beliefs and they have been passed down to you so that you may learn the lessons and heal, not only your (ancestor) but every generation since, including you. This is a special opportunity to gain an understanding of why you feel (insert relevant emotions) when faced with (insert trigger/s). You may have noticed the boat is already moving. Your subconscious knows exactly how to find (insert ancestor). They are on their own island, waiting for you to have this transformative experience. Maybe you can see other islands as your boat moves through the water, these islands each represent a different relative. These other relatives on their islands will be here, should you ever wish to visit them, but for now, the boat pulls slowly up to the island of your (insert ancestor).

Taking your time, stepping off the boat and onto the island. You feel calm and also excited to meet your (ancestor). The sand feels familiar under your feet, you can smell the same salty air but there are also many differences on this island. Your (ancestor) is waiting for you, under a palm tree. They are sitting on a beach chair, with an empty chair next to them, welcoming you to sit with them. It feels so comforting to meet your (ancestor) who knows exactly what you are going through. They too, have been affected by the belief that (list beliefs), they too experience (insert emotions) when faced with (trigger). They did not have the resources in their life to be able to overcome these beliefs and emotions. But you do, you have acquired many resources in your life and have learned how to transform your beliefs, how to understand your emotions and triggers, and how to love unconditionally. Your (ancestor) is grateful for all that you can share with them. Take a moment to privately communicate your wisdom, your gifts and your healing abilities. You can know that even if they don’t come to you in words, your subconscious knows exactly how to deliver this information to your (ancestor). When you have finished sharing all you need to share, you can let me know by nodding your head.

Good. Now your (ancestor) may have some things they would like to share with you, maybe they will tell you about their life, about what lessons they learned, or skills they had. Whatever it is, is exactly what you need to hear today. Take a moment to listen to all your (ancestor) has to tell you and when they have finished you can let me know by nodding your head.

Good. Now it is time to say goodbye to your (ancestor). You both feel full of unconditional love for each other and so grateful for the opportunity to meet today. Go ahead and hug your (ancestor), feel the wisdom from all they have shared integrate with you as you share this hug. Feel the healing energy move between you both, knowing that healing has occurred, not only within you both, but also all of the generations between you. Your (ancestor) thanks you for meeting here today, and you thank them, leaving them but taking the lessons learned with you to your current experience. When you return to the boat you notice that it feels completely still, even though the waves move steadily around it. As it gently moves, heading towards your own island and your current experience, you feel energised and excited to return. Passing the other islands, you can see your relatives waving and cheering you on, celebrating the healing that has happened today.


When you return to your island, you feel strong and empowered. You feel the love and support of many generations within you. And you know that even when you are no longer here, you will only continue to grow and expand. When it is time for you to next sleep, you will have a restful sleep, only waking if you need to, you will integrate todays experience on a cellular level and wake up feeling invigorated and motivated. Every day you will attract situations that remind you that you are (insert new positive beliefs). You will meet every day with a positive attitude, you will be able to achieve all you wish to achieve, with joy and excitement. You will feel motivated, not only to achieve your daily tasks but to achieve your life goals, also. Every day you will feel a stronger sense of self, shining brighter and brighter. Every day, in every way it gets better and better.