By Carol Green

We are going to relax the conscious mind so that we may access the subconscious part of the mind, the part that knows everything. This is the storage place for everything we have experienced… So, now close your eyes and take your attention to the breath, feel the cool breath entering the nostrils and on the exhale feel the warm air leave the nostrils… feel the chest rise and fall with each breath… and as you do you can still be aware of my voice and let all of your body and mind become very relaxed and sooo comfortable. Feel the relaxation spreading over your entire body and mind, you have nowhere to go, nothing to do right now. This is your time… thank yourself for giving you this time.  You are feeling so peaceful from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and as you go into a deep hypnotic state just let yourself listen carefully to everything I say to you. You don’t need to do anything, it will happen automatically, so you don’t need to think about it because this is why you came here today.  You have no need for conscious control….easily and without thinking about it you will enter into a deep, peaceful hypnotic trance, with no effort on your part. There is nothing whatsoever your conscious mind needs to do… Just stay here in this special space for a moment that you have created and enjoy the peace and calm……………………….



Now that your mind and body are totally relaxed and you have entered a state of deep hypnosis we are going to visit a beach, your beach, the one you told me about earlier.  See yourself there now sitting on your mantra style beach towel, feel the plush softness of it supporting your calm and relaxed body.  See the fine grains of the beautiful white sand, feel these warm white grains of sand between your toes. So now look around you and see the beautiful green palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze, the soft breeze that you also feel brush your body,  now feel the warmth of the sun penetrating every part of your body washing out any remaining stress and anxiety, totally relaxed here in your special place.  There is no tension left in your body and, as you look out to sea you notice that the water and sky merge into one… a beautiful colour of blue.  You decide to lay down now and close your eyes and you listen to the waves gently crashing up the beach and then receding, mmmm you can taste the salt in the air and all the while you are relaxing even deeper than before, more than you have ever relaxed before… How delicious this feeling is… Melting into the plush beach towel beneath you as if you were liquid. You are so content and relaxed in this moment… seeing, feeling, hearing, touching, tasting and sensing all the wonderful experiences that your favourite beach gives you. So relaxed in this wonderfully familiar environment… feeling so safe and so secure.  Stay here and enjoy this deep relaxation for a few moments…….


Now keep breathing at your own pace and as you do let your body relax just a bit more with each out breath… Releasing any remaining tension in the body…  Now, let’s talk a bit more about overcoming your procrastination. I want you now to consider something you have been putting off…

Now I want you to think about the reason why you have been putting this task off…Is it because it’s something you don’t like doing, or enjoy doing?  Is it because you don’t want to fail?   Is it a difficult task that will take a long time? 

So now look at what you have been procrastinating about…does not doing anything about it have an impact on your life? Just think about that now…


Sometimes when we put a task off it can make us stressed or feel guilty because we are not doing it. We think about all the reasons not to do it straight away.

So now, I want you to think about all the reasons to do this task right away so you can get started in the next 24 hours.  You know you have been putting this job off and you are now aware of why.  So, from now on when faced with things you do not enjoy doing, you will begin to do them straight away…you completing the task frees you and supports you to do the things you really enjoy and feed your soul… You don’t need to get everything finished straight away, but by just making a start you are further ahead than you were before. You can break this down into smaller steps if you need to, that way the task is not overbearing.   


You don’t have to do things perfectly. Nothing is perfect. Give it your best effort and that is good enough.  So now you realise that even if you don’t complete the task in one go, it still makes you feel so much better about yourself and you know that when you have finished the task you will be free from it.

So now, any time in the future you know that you will take charge of the situation and free yourself of the stress and worry it causes you by taking immediate action.  See yourself doing future tasks with confidence, free from worry or having to do it perfectly.  See yourself completing these tasks. Imagine how good you will feel when you are done, and imagine rewarding yourself  by doing something you enjoy. Allow yourself to feel accomplishment and confidence even if it was not enjoyable, imagine how it feels to be done…


Let yourself embrace this positive behaviour of overcoming it for good… So the next time you think about this or any other task that you have been putting off… know that you need to get started on this task within the next 24 hours… and that you do not need to do the whole task at once, but you need to at least begin or take up where you left off…  You can now go and start the task straight away and feel great about yourself for doing so.


Now give yourself a few moments to wake up and be back in the room. I will count from 1 to 10 and on the count of 10 you will awaken, fresh, alert and full of energy to accomplish whatever tasks await you with confidence.


Wake Up