Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel yourself grow more relaxed with each breath … feel the oxygen fill your lungs … and feel yourself release all tension as you exhale. Feel how easy it is to breathe in … and out … in … and out… feeling so much more relaxed with every breath. With each breath you will find yourself going deeper and deeper into a comfortable and relaxed state. And the deeper you go … the better you feel. You are about to take a special journey to another time and place … beyond physical reality … to other dimensions of your soul’s experience … to a lifetime that is meaningful for you to explore today.

I want you to know this is as easy and effortless as breathing in … and breathing out. And you won’t be making this journey alone … we will practice first so there is no need to be concerned about how you will get there. I will be with you … so will your guides and your higher self … here to support, assist and take you to an experience that will bring clarity, insight, and healing to issues that are affecting you now. The subconscious part of you … the greater and wiser part of you that is all-knowing … that part that is your soul … knows at all times what is best for you … it will take you to the experience that is most relevant  for you to address the issue … knowing that there is no right or wrong, everything is just as it is meant to be. So, just relax now, and let go of any doubts … just enjoy to the feeling of letting go.

First I would like you to imagine a beautiful white candle … a gift from your higher self to light the way today … see it come alight as if by magic … hear the golden flame crackle … see it settle into a steady glow that expands and grows … Smell the bees’ wax … see the wick curl slightly as the flame grows stronger and brighter … until it is a glowing, bright light … that expands … and grows … and expands again to fill the entire room with its warm glow.

Feel this light reach the top of your head … spreading down the forehead … bathing you in its loving, nurturing glow … feel the face relax  … then the jaw, the tongue .. the neck … and the back of the head … so relaxed as the light expands even more …

Feel it spread to the shoulders and arms … the hands … feel all the muscles relax completely and let go … there is nothing for you to do … just enjoy the healing energy as it spreads to the chest … the stomach … and the abdomen. Feel the body let go of any remaining tension or tightness … feel the liquid warmth as it spreads down the back now, the spine … into every muscle and nerve … every cell … and feel every part of you bathed in healing light.

And now feel the light spread down the legs … first the left leg … the left leg letting go of any tension held there and feeling very relaxed … and the right leg now … letting go … and now the feet and toes … the entire body is surrounded in this warm healing and loving light. Feel yourself merge with this light … feel how infinite, how limitless … how loving and wise it is. This is the light of your soul .. it protects you on your journey today and every day … all you have to do is think of this light to feel calm and safe.

Take another breath and as you do breathe out any remaining tension from any part of the body … feeling so relaxed and so peaceful. As we are about to begin the journey back in time I want you to know that you are in complete control of what you see and experience at all times … you can participate in each experience fully, or you can observe from a distance … the choice is yours at all times. Listen to the sound of my voice as I guide you on your way, counting down from ten to one. With each count you feel more and more relaxed … and go deeper and deeper … feeling better and better the deeper you go…

Ten … going deeper now … nine, eight … letting go … seven, six … deeper and deeper … five, so deep… so relaxed … four, three … releasing completely now … two … and one.



I would like you to imagine yourself standing in front of a door – solid, ornate, made of beautiful, polished wood with soft carvings and a handle made of crystal. This door is the doorway to your subconscious, and it is where you will begin your journey. You feel sure of yourself and at the same time curious about what is behind this door. I want you to walk to the door and open it. As you take hold of the handle and open the door the crystal handle sends assurance that it knows you and that everything you are about to see, and sense is for your healing and growth.

You open the door and see a large room, lined with shelves made of the same ornate wood and books all around the walls … so many books, from ceiling to floor … and  as you look around you notice you are standing on one level of many levels that are connected by a winding stairway that goes down  to the very bottom level. Each level has so many books … each going back further and further in time and space … This is the library of your soul, where every memory and experience, every feeling is stored. You know you can easily make your way down the stairs and all the way to the bottom. As I count from five to one, you will make your way down the staircase, easily and safely. Five, starting to make you way down the steps … four, easily going down the next step … three, deeper and deeper … two, almost there… and one, you are at the bottom of the stairs.


Introduce Mode of Transport

You look around you … you are in a hallway made of the most beautiful crystals and there is another door ahead, this one as ornate and beautiful as the last. I want you to step toward the door and take hold of the handle and open it, on the count of three … two … one! You now find yourself standing in a beautiful green valley, with blue skies and the warm rays of sunshine caressing your face. You notice your favourite trees and flowers all around  … further ahead is a winding river of the clearest water … it goes so far and deep into the valley, and you can’t see where it leads just where you are standing. But you are curious because you sense this is a healing river and it will take you somewhere important.

To one side you see a garden with a little wooden gate … and you know right away this is a place of healing. You open the gate and walk into this very special garden, find a bench and sit in the dappled shade for a moment. Feel how quiet and serene it is … smell the woody bark of the trees and the sweetness of the grass … feel a warm breeze gently caress your skin … feel mother earth … feel her love for you and all creatures – she does not judge; she has unconditional love for you. Enjoy this place for a moment now and really feel her nurturing energy. [..]

Good. Now that you know where this garden is you can return here at any time just by touching your elbow, just as I am touching it now, and stay as long as you need to. [Gently touch client’s elbow.]

Now you are ready to begin your special journey. Refreshed and feeling wonderful, walk out of the garden and out through the gate, back to the valley and towards the river. As you look closer you see a small boat moored close by, it is just a short walk from here. You go to the boat and see it is just the right size for you … there are two benches, some cushions and a parasol for shade …  it looks so comfortable and inviting. You step into the boat, undo the moorings and push off … still feeling wonderful and now excited too. The boat gently starts to move as the clear water takes you down the gently flowing river, bobbing and gliding so effortlessly … and you know this river is connected to your deepest subconscious where all experiences, all emotions reside. You are safe and so comfortable.

Soon the boat will gently steer you to a happy childhood memory … you are perhaps a few years old … it does not matter how old you are … and perhaps there are several to choose from … there is no right or wrong. You just need to choose one when I count from three to one … Travelling back now to childhood … three … early, happy childhood memory … two going back … and one! Be there now!

Early Childhood Memory

Allow the images and sensations to become clear … sense or feel or see what is going on, let it become more vivid … good. In a moment I will ask you to describe the scene … you will do this easily. Every time you speak you will go deeper and deeper into this experience …

All right … Now tell me what is happening around you? What are you doing? How old are you? Describe your surroundings, where are you? Is anyone with you? How are you feeling?   

Wonderful! Is there anything else that is important to remember about this experience? Good, then when you are ready to move on let me know with a nod… Good. Let go of this memory.


Go back into the boat and push off again, and let your higher self gently steer you even further back, to a time after conception, and before birth … to the time you are growing in the womb preparing to be born. This is a special time of growth and preparation for the life to be … and because you are in the womb, the experience may be mostly sensory … and that is completely okay. Just relax and let this happen now. Counting you back to the womb now… Seven … relaxing, slowing down … six, going deeper and deeper … five, four … going back in time … three, two and one! [click fingers] Be there now!

Allow sensations or colours to come forth and trust what you sense or see without judging … tell me, is it light or dark? Are there any colours? Are you comfortable? [Let them adjust themselves if cramped.]

Is your mother aware of you? How does she feel about this pregnancy? How does this make you feel? If you can, connect with her now and send her love and reassurance.

How do you feel in the womb? How do you feel about leaving the womb to begin your life? Can you tell me what your purpose is in this life? [If issues in the womb, work with empathy to make it a positive experience.]

Past Life

You are doing so well. Now leave this scene; step back into the boat and push off once more … this time you feel the love and support of your guides in the boat with you as you journey to another time … before the life you are living now. Back through the totality of your soul’s experience, to one lifetime in particular … one that will give you important insight and understanding about a negative pattern or belief that is holding you back in your present life … one that relates to the specific issue you want to address today.

Feeling safe, and knowing this river is energetically connected to your soul, you are travelling back to that one lifetime that is important for you to access today. Going back to this lifetime … seven, six … deeper and deeper … five, four … going back … three, feeling good … two, letting go completely now … and one. Be there now!

Let the images and sensations come into focus as you become aware of your surroundings. When you’re ready, look down at your feet and tell me what you see. Are you wearing something on your feet? Describe it to me. Look up at your clothing now … what are you wearing? Describe the texture, feel, or shape. Are you male or female? How old are you roughly?

Look at your skin, what colour is it? Where are you – are you inside or outside? Look around and describe your surroundings. What country and time are you in? Is it hot or cold? What is happening around you? Do you recognise anyone? What is your name and what are you doing here?

Excellent! Now I would like you to move to another significant event in this lifetime, you can move forward or backward to another important event … Three, two.. one [click fingers]. Be there now!

How old are you? What are you seeing or sensing now? What is happening? Why is this significant? [Repeat process if needed.]

We’re now going to go to the last day of your life to see how you died … Going there … Three … two … one [click fingers]. Be there now!

How old are you? Are you aware this is the last day of your life? Where are you and what are you doing? How are you feeling – how do you die? Are others around you or are you alone?


From the perspective of a soul as you reflect back on the life you just had, what else can you tell me about this life? What was the main theme of that lifetime. How did you feel about your life when you were living it? What lessons did you learn in that lifetime? What did you achieve? Do you have any special abilities or talents in that lifetime. What if any gifts do you want to bring back with you?

[If appropriate, insert healing and reframe techniques here.]

Death and Short Afterlife if Appropriate

Let me know if you are ready to let go of that body and that life with a nod of your head. Good … see yourself releasing that body and that life … leaving behind any pain or trauma, or emotions of that life and feel gratitude for the experience. As you move away describe your transition … Have you left your body? Where are you relative to your body? What is happening, are you moving away now? Are you looking upwards or down towards your body as you move away? Are you moving quickly or slowly? Are you drifting or being pulled? Can you see the earth beneath you? Are you greeted by anyone as you leave?

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Feeling gratitude for what you have experienced, I want you now to go back to the healing garden for a moment  … find your bench and just sit and breathe in the scents of the garden, feel the soft breeze caress your skin. Absorb all the healing that this place of healing and renewal gives you … you have done so well on your journey. Absorb all wisdom, insights and understanding you have gained …  and leave any pain or suffering behind … you only need the understanding … and with understanding comes release of what no longer serves you in this lifetime. Breathe in light and healing into every cell and every part of you. Tonight, you will integrate the learnings as you sleep … allowing you to recalibrate your mind and body to reflect the new and healed you … the positive, optimistic and hopeful you that you want to be. And over the coming days and weeks your understanding will continue to grow and integrate, as you are gently and at your own pace realigning to your soul’s highest purpose.


In a moment we’re going to return to the current time and place; you will bring with you all the gifts and insights of this experience and leave behind anything you do not need. If you choose to remember this experience you will remember it as fully as your mind wants you to … and it will be as a gentle memory that brings you peace. Now returning to full waking consciousness as I count from one to ten..

One .. Coming back to this room and this time … Two … coming back up and up … Three … aware of the room and the sounds around you … Four, feel your body and limbs .. Five, circulation, heart and blood pressure returning a normal level for you … Six, wiggling the fingers and toes now, wanting to move … Seven wanting to open the eyes … Eight, breathing in deep cleansing breaths  .. Nine opening the eyes … And ten, fully awake and fully alert, back in the present and feeling wonderful.