Feeling completely relaxed, safe and in control…. I want you to imagine now that there is a giant rose petal, hovering in front of you….It’s so large that it can fit 2 people on it comfortably… the sides are curled up slightly, acting as little rails of security and it is hovering just above the ground…. waiting especially for you to step onto it…. this rose petal has the most beautiful and light scent….a natural, organic scent that fills you with love and joy as you smell it….take a big, deep breathe in now and smell that gorgeous scent and let it’s pure love and joy fill you with confidence, safety and excitement…..

Go ahead and touch the rose petal now…. It feels soft and silky, yet enough texture to it that you know nothing will slide off of it easily…Step up onto the rose petal..…sit down and get comfortable….spread out if you need to…it has a very large surface area and feels almost like your sitting on a very luxurious, soft cushion….You’re ready now to go on this exciting adventure… you’re about to go deep into the past to where you’re great grandmother lived….The rose petal is starting to float now, higher and higher up into the clouds….it knows exactly where to take you…you see this rose petal is in fact controlled by your deep sub-conscious mind….it is connected to your thoughts and feelings, you have full control over it….wherever you need to go, just think it and it will take you there…safely, efficiently and quickly….so go ahead now and let your deep subconscious mind take you to a time and place where your great grandmother fist experienced the feeling of abandonment…. counting down from 5 to 1 now and when I get to 1 you will be there….5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 be there now! 

Can you tell me if you are inside or outside? 

Do you have a sense of what year you are in?

Do you know what country you are in?

Can you see anyone around you?

Can you see your great grandmother there?

What is your great grandmother doing?

Do you know her name? 

Can you explain to me what scenario is playing out before you?

Do you feel this is the creation of her abandonment issue?

I want you to walk over to her now… tell her that you are her great grandchild and you are here to help her…You have a bunch of long stemmed roses in your hands….Each rose signifies a positive quality that your great grandmother needs right now….The first one is love….Give her this rose that has the energy of love in it and tell her to smell it…as she does the essence of this rose fills her with love…..Give her the next rose…this rose represents the energy of safety… let her smell the rose and the essence fills her with safety…. The next rose has the energy of self-worth… give this rose to her and let her smell it… she is now breathing in the energy of self-worth… the next rose is the essence of confidence… Give this rose to her and as she smells it, it is filling her up with confidence….. 

Are there any other qualities that you feel she needs right now to help heal the abandonment issue she is feeling right now? (if there are any, follow the same process as above with each rose). Give your grandmother a hug now and tell her that you are within her…. always…. and that she is safe and loved and is doing a wonderful job at life…. Your great grandmother is also passing on her wisdom, strength and support to you….so you are able to continue on living a fulfilled and joyous life that you both aim for…. Say goodbye to her now and step back onto your rose petal…. The rose petal is now floating out of this time and back down into the clouds…. back down into your safe spot and smoothly landing on the ground…. Step off of the rose petal and walk back towards the path you came from… you notice two paths now… one that you came up from and another that is leading down towards a beautiful white light…. Take this path now… and as you do this white light is shining brightly on you… filling you with so much confidence, love, strength, self-worth, and safety…