Safe/sacred space 

Harnessing with you now, this feeling of calmness and safety, notice in front of you there is a lush, fertile forest. You can feel the fresh oxygen emanating from the trees and plants. You take a moment here to absorb the freshness. Inhaling through your nose as you take in the air and exhaling through your nose, releasing old air, replenishing your lungs and being. So nourishing. So cleansing.


As you are enjoying this moment you see there is a path quite obviously carved out in the forest leading deeper inside. It feels inviting and safe. Warm and light.
Go ahead and make your way to the path and begin to walk down it. Notice the change in temperature perhaps from entering the shaded trees. Notice how the air feels even more invigorating here as you continue to breathe it in.

Notice how the leaves feel gently brushing up against your skin as you walk by… The soft touch of the plants makes you feel so warm inside. 

As you walk deeper through the forest you notice it begins to thin out a little and the trees seem fewer. You notice in front of you there appears to be a clearing approaching.

You look up at the sky and notice you can see it more and feel the sun a little more on your face. You take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the landscape, the sky and the feeling of nature.

You reach the open clearing now. And notice there is a big, beautiful bonfire burning in the centre. It is burning bright and strong. You know this fire. It is the sacred fire of your inner world. It is the centre point of your heart. Where all parts of you come to meet to find resolution and peace. You take a moment to honour and greet the sacred fire. Letting it know you have arrived.

You feel a sense of peace wash over you from this moment. The fire is happy to see you, and you take a seat on the earth to witness the dancing flames. Just softly gazing. Becoming so relaxed. So at one with this element. So content, almost trance like. 

Beside you there is a pile of 7 sticks laid out for you to be fed into the fire. You pick them up one by one and throw them gently into it. 7…6…5 nice and slow…4…3…2…1… And you watch the flames get a little bigger and it becomes a little warmer. So pleasant. Relaxed. Become so infused by the dance of the flames. Good. 

As you stare into the fire you begin to notice it is taking a peculiar shape. It appears to be forming images. You gaze softly, surrendering to the trance as the fire begins to speak to you. The images get clearer and more colour is starting to show. You realise the image the fire is showing is the image of you as a little girl… when you were about *** years old. You can see her so clearly. She has such a soft, sweet look on her face. You know exactly where she is from. She waves at you, and you wave back. 

She has a message for you. And she would like to tell you now. You focus all of your attention on her, as she is now so clear in front of you, and she begins to speak… Hear her now… 

*Allow time for receiving* 

When she has finished let me know by giving me a nod of the head.


Tell her now how grateful and thankful you are that she has come forward to bring you that message. Tell her how much you love her, cherish her and care about her. Let her know that you have felt her all this time and you have not forgotten her. She is deeply acknowledged and appreciated by you. Let her know that although in previous moments she did not have the resources to achieve the life that she wanted, she does now. And you will always be there to hold, guide and support her with whatever she needs. Create that dialogue with her now, fortifying your connection with love.

Remind her now also, that she has so much to share! She is so abundant in skills, wisdom and gifts that she is worthy of sharing. Remind her that she is free, always to live a life of purpose, abundance and fulfilment… because that is what she deserves. 

  • Any other positive reinforcement required. 

You both place your hands on your hearts in acknowledgement for one another. And you can feel the love emanate.

You send her love from your heart, and you feel hers in exchange. Sensing the confidence and courage grow inside you both.
She smiles at you, with that beautiful, soft loving smile. And begins to disappear slowly into the now tame and gentle flames. As the fire now begins to steady, almost to an ember. 

You watch as she dissolves into the smoke and you feel her as a part of you in the centre of your heart. Take a moment to absorb and remember this feeling within you.


And when you are ready, when the fire has completely stopped, and there are no flames or smoke, but a clean bit of warm embers, go ahead and stand. 

As you do, looking into what was once a strong, burning fire, you notice there is something glistening in the ashes. You walk over to it, picking up a stick on your way, and you notice it is no longer hot. You dig out the small, shining object with the stick and pick it up. Notice what it is (crystale, stone, item, emblem, pin etc). This is a gift for you. To remind you of this moment, the moment you and your younger self merged with heart centred love. It is for you.

You place it inside your pocket and feel it emanate these feelings of wholeness and completion. You did so well. 

You begin to leave the firepit, reflecting on all that you now know. You know what you need to do in your future to create the experience that you want.
You are able to make all of the important decisions required with absolute clarity.

You harness the innate knowing that you TRUST the life that is meant for you, and you have everything you need to create it right now. You know you are at peace and you have learnt so much from this experience.

Take a moment in reflection to honour yourself and this journey as you continue to walk… 

Leaving the clearing, making your way back to the forest, down the carved path… and slowly making your way back to your garden sanctuary…




Wake up


What Clients would it be useful for?

  • Gestalt therapy
  • Parts Therapy (similar)
  • Regression
  • Good for clients wanting to do smoking cessation or weight loss.
  • Good for children to imagine their future selves – Timeline
  • Ego strengthening – may help clients whom have an aversion to going back or forward in regression.