I want you to imagine now that you are laying in the sand, in front of a beautiful, crystal blue ocean. The sand feels so soft and warm against your skin, and the smell of salt water washes past your nostrils. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and you feel so calm at this beach…although motivated to further your healing journey…uncovering and restoring all the aspects within you, that are ready to be healed. Look over at the ocean and you will notice a large ship sailing in the distance…it is coming toward the tide…closer and closer toward you. As the ship approaches you realise that it is glistening and sparkling with gorgeous colours, and with light. And you realise that this ship is made of pure crystal, and it looks very inviting. The ship is coming even closer now, becoming even bigger…and as you squint your eyes…you notice that there are beings on board the ship. You might not be able to see exactly what these beings look like…they may even just appear as light…but you seem to just have a sense of knowing who they are, and that they are here to help you. The ship comes to a stop in front of you, and lays out a very special bridge, made of clear quartz. It is inviting you to use the bridge to get on board the ship. So, begin making your way now on to the bridge…walking onboard the ship.

When you arrive onboard the ship, you are delighted to become aware that there are five beings onboard and who are very special to you, holding a very special place in your world. One of the beings is your higher self, who is in charge of controlling the ships movement. The other two beings are your spirit guides, who are charge of steering the ship. The fourth being appears to be a member of your galactic family, who is in charge of the map, and directing which way you will go. And the final being is an Archangel, who is in charge of watching over each of you, and the ship, to ensure you arrive safely at your destination. Only you will know which Archangel is here with you today. But don’t try to work it out, just let the first angel come to mind. The beings explain to you, that you are about to embark on a very special journey, where you will be sailing through the sky and across dimensions in order to complete healing.

But first of all…they guide you towards a very tall vertical pole, located in the centre of the ship, and which is supporting the sails, and other areas of the ship. Look down and you will see a harness. Put this harness on, knowing that it allows you to return to this current third dimensional version of you, whenever you choose to. Now, turn to your beings and let them know that you are ready to start your journey…that they are ready to begin sailing the ship to wherever will be most helpful for you at this time. But first, I want you to float up toward the top of the pole, where you will see a flag. Look at the flag and you will notice a symbol. Just take note of what this symbol is, without trying to work it out. From where you are now, you look down and realise that your beings have begun sailing the ship up over the sea…and across the sky. The ship is flying at a wonderful speed that is comfortable for you and you feel very safe…in fact, you are feeling even more relaxed from the slow gentle motions of the ship, and curious to see where you will go. You are sailing further and further up the sky…passing up over the clouds, floating up and up, at such a relaxing and pleasant pace. As you get higher…colours start to fade and your surroundings feel safe, yet you are aware that you are now somewhere else in the galaxy…in the universe…with random bits of debris from the universe floating about. And it’s such a beautiful sight. There are different type of lights twinkling all about, and you can almost make out a planet, in the distance.

Look over to your side now and you will notice a very large and beautiful golden tree floating in the atmosphere. This tree represents your ancestral lineage, and each leaf on the tree is a different moment in time and space, throughout all of the dimensions, in which your ancestors have lived. Your spiritual team begin to sail you over to the tree…and as you get closer…. you notice that the leaves are all lit up and glowing. You become aware of one specific leaf, that appears to be flickering…and you become filled with a knowing…that you must go there.

One of your guides approach you, and they tell you that the flickering light represents a time and space where your great-grandfather, from your father’s side had lived. You guide explains that your great-grandfather had an experience involving criticism (insert trigger), and that he decided at this time, that he was undeserving (insert primary thought statement). He felt guilty, hopeless, and as though he didn’t deserve to be loved…as though he couldn’t be himself (insert secondary vibrational statements). Your guide tells you that this is your opportunity now, to go and visit your great grandfather…and to provide him with the resources and healing that he needs to know that he is…in fact…very deserving…in every way.

So, give you harness a little tug now, showing you that you are completely safe and tied to the pole in your ship. Look down to your spirit guides, higher self, galactic being, and archangel, and wave. Let them know that you will return shortly. Now begin floating…. up and away from the pole…and the ship…floating over toward the tree…. toward the leaf that is flickering…getting closer and closer…and as you do, the flickering is becoming stronger and stronger…brighter and brighter…flickering faster and faster…and in a moment, you will be drawn in to that leaf…. transported in to the time and place where your great-grandfather first had this experience that led to him to believe that he was undeserving…3…2…1 be there now! (click fingers).

Explore the scene:

Notice where you are. What is going on?

When you notice your great-grandfather, I want you to let me know by nodding your head. He may appear as a person, of he may appear to be a light…he may be young, or elderly…in whatever way your great-grandfather appears is just right.


You see, your great-grandfather may not have had the tools, resources or understanding that he needed at this time, to understand his divinity…his worthiness and deservingness. But you do have these resources. So…I want you to take a moment to share these with your great-grandfather. Share with him the wisdom and love that you have, helping him to see how truly deserving he is. You may share these resources with him in the form of conversation, or you may choose to share these energetically. However you choose to share these resources with your great-grandfather is completely perfect, and whenever you have finished doing so, let me know by giving me a nod of the head.

Great…notice your great-grandfather appearing visibly happier…more confident, and hopeful…he is now filled with a sense of deservingness, self-worth, and empowerment. He understands his value and feels confident to be his true self….to share who he really is with the world. And with this new found respect and value for himself…he will go through life creating what he chooses to…expressing himself unapologetically.

Give your great-grandfather a hug now, providing him with any last resources that he may need. When you have finished, let me know by nodding your head.

Wonderful…and now say goodbye….and allow yourself to drift back out of this time and place…. drifting back away from the golden tree…. being gently pulled back…through the atmosphere…toward your ship…. back to your guides and angels…. being gently pulled back toward the pole in the middle of the ship…. arriving safely and slowly…back inside your ship…back to the flagpole. Take a quick look at the flag, and notice whether the symbol on the flagpole has changed…just take note, and whatever you notice is perfect. You are greeted by your spiritual team here…and they tell you to take a look over at the golden tree in which you just came from.

You look over and notice that all of the branches of the tree are now lighting up, and a powerful energy is swerving through all of the branches and leaves. This beautiful current of energy is flowing through one leaf to the other…connecting to each point…kind of like a neural network…and it is so beautiful to witness. You become aware that the healing that has occurred today with your great-grandfather is now spreading out from him…through to every generation…every ancestor in your lineage…. including you.
Your spirit team lead you now toward a very special spot at the front of the ship…where there is a comfortable chair waiting for you. They encourage you to take a seat and get comfortable, while they transport you back safely to your current reality. They want you to know that when you do arrive back…things will be different, because the changes you have made with your ancestors today have integrated within your own DNA. And while they take you home…. you take a seat in the comfortable chair….and you reflect on your new found sense of deservingness…deserving to be loved, and valued. You know now that your own personal opinions, beliefs and values and important…and completely valid. You feel a sense of strength and empowerment…as you reflect on all the ways in which you will share who you really are with the world. You feel confident to be yourself…to know your worth…to be truthful about who you are and what matters to you. A gentle smile appears on your face as you become aware that things are going to be so different from now on…because you are ready to show yourself and the world…just how deserving and wonderful you truly are. And every day…in every way…everything just keeps getting better and better.