P.R.E.M (Done at home)

…And as I guide you deeper into this state of relaxation, allow yourself to visualize a radiant golden orb floating above you, glowing with warmth and comfort. This orb represents strength, serenity, and positivity.

Now… Imagine this golden orb begins to release gentle, golden rays of light. As they touch your skin, they infuse you with positive energy, diminishing any anxious thoughts. Each ray says, “I am calm, I am safe.” As more rays envelop you, feel them reinforcing this newfound tranquillity. Each time you experience this golden light, its calming effect becomes stronger, making any anxiety or stress easier to manage and overcome.

This light doesn’t just calm; it empowers. It reminds you of your strength, your resilience, and your capability to handle any situation. Feel it whisper, “I am enough. I have faced challenges before, and I’ve prevailed. I am strong.” Now, as the golden light becomes a protective shield around you, feel a newfound energy, motivating you to face the world with confidence. It encourages you, saying, “Each step I take is one of purpose. I move forward with determination and grace.”

And so, whenever you find yourself in need of strength, remember this golden orb and its empowering rays. Let its essence fill you with the belief that every day, in every way, you grow stronger and more resilient.

When the time comes, and I count from 1 to 5, you’ll awaken feeling protected by this golden shield, ready to face the world with newfound courage and calmness.

P.R.E.M Script for positive body transformation/weight loss (Done in Class)

Allow yourself to sink into a profound state of relaxation, feeling a sense of peace wash over you. Recognize that you are more than a body; you’re mind and spirit are capable of extraordinary things. As you drift deeper and deeper, your consciousness is free to explore.
Now, using your mind’s eye, imagine you’re standing in an open field, the grass beneath your feet, the sky above clear as ever. This field is your personal playground, a space where health and strength are nurtured.

As you look around, you notice a track, a perfect oval of well-tended earth, a starting block bearing your name. You step onto it, feeling a surge of strength. All your past habits, any excess weight you wish to shed, they’re like old training gear set beside the track — no longer needed, ready to be left behind.
Feel the excitement of the challenge ahead, the thrill of pushing your limits. See yourself running on this track, your body strong and capable, a symbol of your commitment to your health and your prowess in your chosen sport.

Next to the track, there’s a series of obstacles, each one representing a goal in your weight loss journey. With each lap, you feel lighter, faster, and more agile as you navigate these hurdles with ease.
Your old self, the weight, the lethargy, it’s all being left behind, lap after lap, until you’re a pure embodiment of speed, strength, and discipline. The cheers of an invisible crowd lift your spirits, affirming your progress.

As you complete your final lap, you feel a profound sense of accomplishment. You’ve shed more than weight; you’ve cast off self-doubt and embraced a winning mindset.

It’s time to leave the track now, but the strength and confidence you’ve gained stay with you. As you step off the field, you feel renewed, invigorated, and ready to maintain this healthier, active lifestyle.

In a moment, I will count from one to 5 you’ll awaken feeling strong, energized and ready to face the world with newfound confidence and determination.