By Lynda Aghan

Induction and Deepening of choice

Before we proceed further, I want you to picture your safe place.  This may be a garden, a cave, the beach or a forest, wherever you feel safe and secure.  This is a place that you can return to at any time whenever you feel the need. 

Now I want you to float up from where you are now.  Float straight up until you see a flagpole.  This flagpole indicates your current place in your timeline.  Attached to the base of the flagpole is a harness.  Put on the harness and as you do so, you will see that there is a rope attached from the harness to the flagpole.  This rope will never run out, never break and never develop knots or kinks.  When you have finished, look up at the top of the flagpole and you will see a flag.  Take note of the symbol/image and the colors that are displayed and remember what this symbol or image is or represents. 

As you look back to your left, you will see a series of lights.  These represent your past.  Likewise when you look to your right, there will also be a series of lights.  These represent your future.  All these lights indicate situations or events in your life which are significant to you. 

Now remember a time when you have felt successful, empowered and confident in whatever sense this means for you. Do you recall a time when you have felt successful, empowered and confident?  If no, remember that there was some point in your life when you have felt those feelings, maybe not all together at the same occasion but at some point you did feel those emotions or otherwise you would not know what they felt like.  So picture a time when you felt at least one of those emotions. Once you do, say “Yes”. Now look back at the lights on your left and move to a light when you experienced those feelings.  Move down into that light and view the scene unfolding. Feel all the emotions which is attached to that scene.  Fully immerse yourself in that experience.  If at that time, you only felt successful or empowered or confident but not all 3 together, then imagine how great it would have been to experience the full package.  Then take a photo of yourself in that moment with your phone.

Now leave that scene and travel upwards so that you see your timeline again.  Look to your right and look for the light that indicates the time when you will feel fully empowered, successful and confident in your future.  Go down into that scene. Experience that scene playing out in all its glory.  Immerse yourself in all those sensations. 

Leave that scene, only taking with you the certainty, excitement and enthusiasm for achieving that goal.  Hover above your timeline, just above the setting that you have just left.  Look back to the flagpole that indicates your current time.  See how the lights now change and rearrange themselves in order for the processes that need to occur for this event to materialize in actuality. 

Travel back to the flagpole.  Have a look at the flag and the symbol that is on it.  Note if the flag has changed in some way.  Float down to the base of the pole and take the harness off.

How has the flag changed?  The symbol and/or colors may have changed in some way to be stronger.

That’s great!!!  Now I am going to count from 10 to 1 and when I reach 1 you will be fully alert and feeling refreshed.  When you go to sleep tonight, any dreams which you may have will be of a learning nature.  When you wake in the morning, you will feel refreshed and rested and eager to start your day. Remember that each day you are getting better and better in every way. 

1, feel a tingling in your toes and feet… 2, feel the energy travelling up your legs… 3, 4, feel the energy travelling up your thighs… 5, 6, feel the energy travel up your stomach, feel your heartrate and blood pressure return to a normal rate for you… 7, 8, feel your arms and shoulders… 9, feel your neck and head… and 10, open your eyes (click fingers)