Imagine yourself outside in your favourite place in nature. It could be a peaceful tropical beach, it could be a lovely garden, it could be a nice area of bushland or perhaps you could imagine laying back on a boat which is sailing on a beautiful river.

It really doesn’t matter where you are, as long as it feels good to you.

Nod your head when you are thinking of somewhere special.


It’s a beautiful day. The sky is a wonderful of blue, very clear, and it’s a warm day. A warm spring day. Warm, but not too hot.

And in the sky is a bright, dazzling sun. It’s so bright that you just want to close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your body.

Imagine this in your mind.

As you feel the sun, you notice that you can direct that sun over and around your body. As you realise this, you begin to direct the light from the sun over your face.

You can feel the warmth of the light from the sun on your face, just relaxing those muscles around the eyes and the nose and the mouth.

And as you do this, you find that the facial muscles begin to relax and let go.

It’s a beautiful day. You move the light from the sun into the throat area, feeling the warmth of the light from the sun in your throat, relaxing all those muscles, letting go.

And the sunlight moves into the shoulders and across the shoulders, making them feel loose and limp and comfortable. Any tension melting away.

You feel so relaxed, so comfortable and at peace with the world.

And you direct the light from the sun down the right arm, from the shoulders to the tips of the fingers, the right arm begins to relax and let go, relax and let go.

It’s a beautiful feeling to be here right now.

The warmth of the light from the sun penetrates the nerves and bones, and muscles of that right arm.

It is such a beautiful day.

You move the sun over to the left arm and guide the light from the sun down and up the left arm, from the top of the shoulders all the way down to the tips of the fingers – you can feel the left arm relaxing, becoming heavy, and comfortable and relaxed.

Now move the light across and into the chest area and relax the chest and all the muscles there.

That’s good.

Now the stomach, relax the tummy and down to the hips and the thighs and over to the right leg.

Relax the right leg. Let it feel really relaxed and comfortable. Now move the light from the sun down the right leg, up and down, from the top of the hips to the tips of the toes, and the right leg relaxes. And let go.

It’s a beautiful day.

Move the light into the left leg now and move it up and down the left leg, from the top of the hips to the tips of the toes, and the left leg relaxes. Releases all tension – let go.

Your whole body is now totally and completely relaxed – from the top of your head – all the way down to the tips of your toes.

And as your body relaxes – your mind relaxes also.

And as your mind relaxes – I want you to notice that the sun is going down.

The sun is going down and down – deeper and deeper.

And the sky is now showing a wonderful sunset. White fluffy clouds on the horizon. Ablaze with an abundance of colours of red and orange. Moving into blue and purple.

It’s a beautiful evening – your mind relaxes and lets go. Releases all the stresses of the day. All tension in your body is now released.

Let it all go.

And the sun goes further and further down, over the horizon. In its place, is a black, velvet sky and twinkling up in the sky is a single sparkling star.

Now keep your mind focused completely on that star.

Nothing else matters except this beautiful single solitary sparkling star in the sky. So pretty and so alluring.

And it’s a beautiful night. Apart from the star, it is very dark, but you feel so safe, so comfortable, so relaxed and at peace with the Universe. Comforted.

Imagine yourself now, moving toward that star in the sky, moving up, and up and up.

Your body is weightless as it floats up to the star, going higher and higher, up and up. Lighter and lighter.

And as the star grows bigger and bigger, you realise you’re getting quite close to the star. It just gets bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter. As your drawn to the star, you feel more and more relaxed.

Until all at once, you become that star in the night sky.

You are that beautiful star, twinkling and sparkling. That silver solitary star in the velvet night sky.

You become the star, and the star is you. You are one.

It’s a beautiful star.

So you go deeper and deeper into gentle relaxation. It feels so good being this relaxed. You are safe and supported.

Just let your mind go. Let it wander.

And when you hear my voice your conscious mind may wander, but your subconscious mind will listen and accept the messages it hears. Any other noises you hear around you will just make you go deeper and deeper into relaxation.

You are safe and supported.

Now I would like to imagine you’re lying on some soft grass on the side of a hill. You are comfy and safe. It is nighttime and the sky is black. But the longer you look up, the more you notice that the whole sky is filled with stars. As you look, you see more and more stars, You look at these and initially they are like sparkling silver dots. All over the sky.

The longer you look at the magical stars up the sparkling and shimmering, the more you notice the stars begin to form patterns. And these patterns form images. Images that you only vaguely recognise to begin with, but when you look more carefully those images turn into shapes that suddenly become as clear as day.

Of course, they were there the whole of the time. It just took a moment or two for your eyes to adjust and decipher what they were seeing.

In this session, we will use a similar process to search through our memories and locate experiences and feelings that were once significant.

Our memories are often temporarily hidden in a corner of the mind. However, some continue to influence our lives in ways that we don’t always understand.

But your unconscious mind understands that it is sometimes necessary to bring those memories out of hiding and re-inspect them to see if those influences are still of value or helpful to us.

So, just for a moment, imagine your entire life is mapped out on a graph or a map.

And as you look back on some of the important milestones of your life, such as being able to stand on your own two feet to take a step, your first day of school, learning to ride a bike, meeting the love of your life and so on, you may see a linear pattern emerging.

However, just like the map of the heavens, those influencing moments in your life are anything but linear.

In a moment you are going to travel through space and time as you explore your timeline.

And as you rest here, listening to the sound of my voice but not really noticing the words that I say, you are aware of a growing sensation of comfort and relaxation within your body.

Somewhere up there in the galaxy is a star that represents a period of calm in your life.

I don’t know what happened or didn’t happen during that period of calm but what I do know is that you were very content at the time and that you can return to that star, your symbol of peace, in an instant, whenever you need to, whenever you want to, simply by taking yourself there. This is a safe place for you. Somewhere you can visit anytime you need to.

You’re doing well. Your mind is relaxing more and more as you go deeper within yourself.

And looking inward, you begin to see images and pictures forming in your mind. Maybe you see them as a movie being projected on a screen, maybe you feel them or sense them. Whatever you do, that is right for you.

Don’t worry if some are quite blurred at times. Just like your vision of the stars in the once empty night sky, it can take a few moments for you to adjust and those images or feelings become clearer and sharper as time goes by.

Your body is a comfortable vehicle for your mind but always remember that it is your mind that is driving your body and not the other way round.

That’s right. You are in control.

Right now I want you to visualise your body inside a big bubble. We are going to use this bubble as a spacecraft. In this bubble you are safe and comfortable. Maybe you have a comfy armchair to sit in, or a swing, or a day bed to lie on or a bean bag.

Imagine what is in your bubble to make it as safe and comfortable as you can for you. This is your bubble, it can contain anything you want.

We are going to travel through space and time in this spacecraft bubble. Through the Universe to uncover your future.

In hypnosis, your memories can come forward ever so easily and you dreamily find yourself remembering times gone by or intuitively foreseeing future events that haven’t even happened at this present moment in time.

And your own personal space vehicle and time map is waiting for you.

Just as you can look at a star and know that it died hundreds of thousands or even billions of years ago, your inner mind accepts that your own concept of time can change.

In hypnosis you feel safe and comfortable as your mind begins to wander. Gently and pleasantly drifting into a warm and comfortable feeling.

So to commence your journey, your spirit can travel through time or you can be the observer, watching yourself in space as you notice where your timeline commences, its position in the sky and the relationship or aspects between certain events and experiences. Note that this moment in time is marked on the map with a flag.

In this journey you will be experiencing the future. Going forward in time. Seeing your future self.

The destination is your choice because you are in control throughout the whole of this journey.

Even as you listen to the sound of my voice, without listening to my words, you are drifting deeper and deeper into this wonderful calm and peaceful feeling.

It is a very relaxed and sleepy feeling but of course, you know that you won’t actually go to sleep because the sound of my voice is simply guiding you to explore ever deeper within and without.

I would like you to look out of your bubble and place a marker flag at this time and spot in space. Tale a look at the flag. Notice what colour it is and if it has any pictures or symbols.

Once you have noticed the flag, you are now on your way to wherever you want to be.

I would like you to travel towards the part of the galaxy that represents your future. You may be able to see a wide array of stars. The view is pretty. But of all these stars in your future, one in particular stands out to you. Maybe it is brighter, maybe it is a special colour.

This star is in your future, but not too far ahead in time. This star represents a positive significant time or event in your future.

Use your space bubble to leave the flagpole and flag and make your way to this star. You are travelling through space and time with ease and comfort.

Once you reach your destination star, drift or zoom in closer. You will find yourself at a time in the near future where you feel happy and successful.

As you zoom into this, an event or scene appears. It may appear a bit blurry at first, but as you get closer everything clears up and you can see well. Find yourself at this scene, fully experiencing all of it. This is a time and place where you are happy and successful. Look around and feel it. See it. Perhaps there are certain sounds or smells. Notice how you are feeling. What is happening? Are there other people there? Fully absorb the whole experience.

I will give you a few moments to take it all in.

Once you have a good idea of this scene, ensuring you feel positive and successful take out your phone and take a photo.

This photo doesn’t just record the image, it records the feelings of the moment too. It feels so good to be in this moment! It feels so real.

Nod when you have taken your photo.

It is now time to return to the present. Holding onto your phone float back out of the scene. Zooming back out. Hover above this star, re-feeling the positive experience. Feeling happiness and success. Knowing this is now your new future.

Return back to the flagpole. The present time. And as you return, look at the flag. Has anything changed? Maybe the flag’s colours are different or there’s a new symbol. You are returning to this flagpole as a different person. Coming back with increased power and a knowledge that happiness and success is not far off.

Back at the flagpole, as you think about your future, is there anything you need to do and change between the flagpole and the star for this to be successful?

You have done so well. Your future is bright and exciting. You cannot wait.

As you let these feelings sink in you realise your future is bright. Bright and exciting.

You know what happiness and success feels like.

The future you have seen is on its way.

Everyday things get better.

Your future is bright. Bright and exciting.

The future you have seen is on its way.

Everyday things get better.

Your future is bright. Bright and exciting.

You are aligned to your future and it will happen just as you saw it.

Your future is bright. Bright and exciting.

The future you have seen is on its way.

Everyday things get better.

Your future is bright. Bright and exciting.

In a moment, I will count the numbers from 1 to 10 and at the count of 10, you will travel back through space and time to this present moment, knowing what you know at a deeper level of mind.

1, 2, 3…you are coming slowly back.
4…you are excited about your future.
5, 6, 7…you know everything you just experienced will be coming soon.
8, 9…energy coming back to all your systems. Your eyelids are beginning to flutter.
10…your eyes are opening wide, your mind is alert and refreshed and you are ready to enjoy the rest of your day with a positive frame of mind.