Script background:
The child in this script is seeking help with bedwetting. The therapy section specifically addresses this by:
• Explaining the “tickle” in the bladder as the Sleepy River reminding the child of its secrets, connecting it to the physical sensation of wanting to urinate at night.
• Providing a coping mechanism: visualizing the bladder as a strong, locked treasure chest to manage the feeling and prevent bedwetting.
• Encouraging self-soothing: comparing holding onto dreams with gripping the ship’s wheel in a storm, providing emotional security and control.
• Shifting perspective: framing dry nights as victories and collecting moonbeams, adding positive reinforcement and motivation.

The script avoids overtly mentioning bedwetting and instead uses metaphors and storytelling to address the issue indirectly, making it more engaging and less intimidating for the child. This script is suitable for children age 5 to 10. The child for this script loves things related to water (beach/sea/boats etc).

Imagine we’re not just sailing on any ordinary ship, Sonny- Insert the client’s name ! We’re on the Rainbow Rocket, a pirate ship made of candy clouds and pirate flags that shimmer like rainbows in the sun. The sails are like giant lollipops…Can you hear the crew singing a pirate song? Can you hear their voices along with the sound of the waves? The salty air tickles your nose, carrying the scent of sea salt and bubblegum. Look! Dolphins jump alongside the ship, their fins flashing like silver coins in the sun.
At the top stands Captain Morpheus, the kindest pirate you’ve ever met. He has a beard like a fluffy cloud and a smile as warm as sunshine. He waves with a sparkly hook hand and shouts, “Ahoy there, little pirate! Want to join me on a treasure hunt through the Sleepy Sea?” You can’t wait to get onboard! The ship deck is made of soft, bouncy marshmallows. Captain Morpheus pulls out a lantern, not just any lantern, mind you, but one that glows with the magical Sleepy Sea light. It’s like a giant firefly, casting a glow that makes your eyelids heavy and your body soft as a marshmallow cloud.

Now, snuggle into the hammock strung between the lollipop sails. Feel the gentle rocking of the ship as it sets sail, carried by the wind and the sound of the dolphins. Captain Morpheus holds a seashell to your ear. Can you hear the ocean singing a lullaby just for you? It’s a song of sleepy fish and gentle waves, promising a journey into the land of sweet dreams. So close your eyes, little pirate, and let the Sleepy Sea light guide you on your adventure. Hold onto the magic of the Rainbow Rocket and the kindness of Captain Morpheus. Remember, the greatest treasures are waiting for you in the land of dreams… and maybe even a few real ones along the way!

The hammock rocks you gently. Captain Morpheus whispers, “Ready for our first stop, little pirate? It’s Bubbleberry Reef, where playful mermaids hide sparkling treasures in coral castles!”

Suddenly, the Rainbow Rocket dives beneath the waves! Don’t worry, though, your hammock transforms into a giant bubble with rainbow colors. You see mermaids with glittery tails, giggling as they peek from behind huge corals. They wink at you and point to a hidden treasure chest overflowing with tiny pearl bubbles. Captain Morpheus says, “Touch a bubble, little pirate, and make a wish for your sleep adventure!” So you reach out and pop a bubble. Pfft! It explodes in a spray of stardust, filling the night sky with shooting stars. Each one whispers a sleepy secret: “Sleep tight, little pirate.”

The Rainbow Rocket pops back to the surface, and Captain Morpheus points to a towering volcano made of chocolate ice cream. “That’s Mount Marshmallow,” he says, “where sleepy clouds weave dreams like cotton candy!” You climb the volcano’s sticky slopes, past gummy bear waterfalls and rivers of melted chocolate. At the top, fluffy clouds swirl around you, whispering stories of sleepy dragons and unicorns. They tickle your nose with soft feathers and get you deeper into your dream, promising even more magical wonders on your journey. Now, snuggle deeper into your bubble-turned-hammock. Remember the sparkly mermaids, the wishes on the bubbles, and the sleepy secrets of the clouds. Let the gentle waves rock you to sleep, little pirate. The Sleepy Sea is vast, but you’re on the best ship, with the kindest captain, sailing towards an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. Hold onto that feeling, and drift off into the sweetest sleep ever…

Now we have reached the Dream Harbor, a beautiful lagoon where playful moonbeams dance on the water. Look! In the distance, Treasure Island can be seen through the mist, its shores glittering with rainbow pebbles. But to get there, we need to sail across the Gentle River. Sometimes, this river can be a bit… ticklish. You ever felt that funny feeling at night, like butterflies playing in your tummy or bubbles tickling your toes? That’s the Sleepy River reminding you of its secrets…. Don’t worry, matey! You’re a dragon-taming pirate, right? So when you feel that tickle, imagine your bladder is your trusty treasure chest, strong and secure. Picture it with golden locks and fierce dragon scales, keeping everything safe and sound until morning. Remember, the Sleepy River can’t open those locks! Just hold onto your dreams like you’re gripping the ship’s wheel in a storm, and sail through like a champion.

Captain Morpheus winks at you and says… “Every dry morning is a victory dance on Treasure Island, little pirate! Every night you sail the Sleepy River without a splash, you collect a moonbeam to add to your treasure chest. And guess what? Those moonbeams are magic! They light up your dreams and turn nightmares into sparkly bubbles that you can pop with a giggle.”

Everynight, remember the magic you hold, little pirate! Your bladder is your trusty dragon-guarded treasure chest, keeping everything safe and sound till morning. Every dry night is a victory dance on Treasure Island, filled with sparkly moonbeams for your collection. Those moonbeams aren’t just pretty, matey! They’re magic stardust, lighting up your dreams like fireflies and chasing away any grumpy night monsters. You’re braver than a dragon facing a volcano, and stronger than a sumo wrestler! So hold onto your dreams like a samurai warrior grips his sword, and sail through the Sleepy Sea with the confidence of a tiger!

Every morning you wake up dry, you add a new moonbeam to your treasure chest, making it sparkle even brighter. Soon, your chest will be overflowing with magic, enough to turn nightmares into fluffy cotton candy clouds and worries into giggling fireflies. Remember, you’re the captain of your dreams, little samurai! You choose the adventures you sail on, and every moonlit night is a chance to write a new chapter in your story.

Imagine how happy you’ll feel each morning you wake up dry. You’ll feel like a superhero because you are one! Each dry night makes you feel more confident and proud. And if sometimes things don’t go as planned, it’s okay. You’re learning, and you’re doing great! Each night is a new adventure!
It’s time to rise from your hammock and claim your morning victory! Feel the Rainbow Rocket gently rocking, its sails catching the first whispers of the morning breeze. Captain Morpheus waves goodbye with a wink, “Remember, matey, every dry night is a treasure in itself. Keep your dragon-guarded chest strong, let your moonbeams shine bright, and sail the ocean of sleep with your samurai spirit. You’ve got this, little pirate!”
Take a deep breath, feeling the fresh sea air fill your lungs. Stretch your arms and legs, like a tiger waking up in the jungle. Climb down onto the marshmallow deck, feeling the sun warm your face. You’ve returned from your dream adventure, a braver, stronger pirate than before. Remember the lessons learned on the Sleepy Sea: your bladder is your loyal treasure chest, the moonbeams are your magical powers, and your dreams are your ocean to explore. Keep sailing with confidence, little samurai, and remember, every night is another chance to add a new moonbeam to your collection.

Go and greet the day with a smile, knowing you’re one step closer to reaching Treasure Island. You’ve got the magic, the strength, and the courage to conquer your dreams. Now, off you go, little pirate! The world awaits your adventures, both in dreamland and beyond! You can open your eyes slowly now.