Not too long ago, within the deep forest of the Amazon, there was a little village. Some of the villagers were getting very sick and the only way to cure their sickness was with a very special berry found among the treetops. The only issue was, was that there was a snake that lived among the treetops who would stop anyone trying to get these berries. The villagers were so scared of this snake, that they not dared to climb up into the treetops in fear that the snake would eat them. 

One day, a stranger came into their village and asked them if they had seen any special berries that grew up in the treetops. The villagers explained that there were many special berries up in the treetops but could not get to them, as they were too afraid to get eaten by the snake that guarded them. The stranger said he would go up and see if he could see the snake, kill him and get the berries. 

So, the stranger climbed up one of the trees. But when he got there, there was no snake, only a bunch of roots. These roots were the roots of the the special berries and grew so big that it looked like a giant snake. When he explained this to the villagers, they got so angry at him that they killed him. 

More time had passed, and another stranger came to their village asking for berries. The villagers explained again that there was a snake guarding the berries. So, the stranger said he would go up, kill the snake and get the berries. Again, the stranger only saw the roots of the berries and explained this to the villagers. The villagers were so mad at him, that they killed him too. 

Many more moons passed, and another stranger come by looking for berries. Again, the villagers explained that a snake was guarding the berries. So, the stranger went up into the treetops, saw the roots of the berries, picked a whole bunch of berries and brought them down with him. The villagers were so happy with the stranger that they invited him to stay another night, and this was long enough to show the villagers the difference between the roots of the berries and a snake.