By Carol Green

Induction of choice


Now I ask you to just relax into the chair, feel the softness of the chair beneath your body, let it take your weight, you are supported and safe here in your very comfortable chair. If you need to adjust your position do so now…. Close your eyes, let them relax, eyelids feeling heavier and heavier as you begin to drift into relaxation going deeper and deeper…Mind and body relaxing, mmmmm… It feels so good just to let go, nowhere to go, nothing to do, just be.  I want you to take 3 deep breaths and on each out breath feel yourself going down into even deeper relaxation. Breath in….and out, deeper and deeper. In… and out, deeper still… last breath, in… and out, slipping even deeper and deeper into relaxation. Now I will count down from 10 to 1 and as I say each number you will become more and more relaxed, deeply relaxed, more relaxed than ever before.


10, letting your muscles relax… 9, now let the hands and feet relax… 8, feel your muscles becoming heavier, looser… 7, more and more relaxed… 6, 5,  a tingly feeling of relaxation spreading throughout your body… 4, 3, all tension going now… 2, almost completely relaxed…and 1, you are now deeply relaxed, very deeply relaxed and very comfortable in the knowledge that you are completely safe and secure in this space we have created.


So, I want you now, in your deeply relaxed state of trance imagine talking to people face to face rather than on the phone… do you notice any reaction about speaking to others face to face?  Is there a physical or emotional reaction? Maybe this is a source of anxiety for you as up until now you have only spoken to other companies over the phone, but notice now that you are relaxed and calm about speaking in front of others… Calm and relaxed, peaceful and relaxed… So now from this day forward that feeling of stress you had wasn’t stress at all, it is in fact excitement… feel the excitement mounting in you, and now the thought of speaking in public fills you with even more excitement and confidence and satisfies your enjoyment of a good challenge. You feel all bubbly inside, feel this now………..


Now, allow yourself to imagine speaking successfully in public and enjoying a positive experience. Know that everything is perfect as we go through this visualisation.  Imagine yourself now… you are so confident, just see how confident you are…See yourself preparing your speech, attending to all the details and points you wish to make, so that you know exactly what to say, so that when the day arrives you are excited and eager to speak.


Now, I want you to imagine the location of where you are going to speak… feel the excitement… you can’t wait to share your knowledge, and you know the words will come to you easily and flow. Now see yourself confidently entering this location, maybe it’s a large room with a speaker’s podium on a stage or maybe something else. There are other people sitting at their tables, their faces eager with anticipation, waiting for you to speak confidently on the subject, looking forward to listening to your every word… Now imagine walking to the front of the room and take your place behind the podium… feel the exhilaration go through your body in anticipation…. Feel yourself standing there, full of confidence… The audience start clapping as your name is announced, and as it dies down you begin your speech. All the time you are talking, you are breathing calmly… deeply… you talk with confident clear speech. The words come automatically, so automatically that you don’t even have to refer to your notes, everything just seems to flow… everything just seems so familiar. You note that in the background there is a smell of fresh coffee brewing and you make a mental note that you will look forward to enjoying a cup after your speech.


Enjoy this moment now… the excitement you felt at the beginning has now turned into a calm confidence… wow what a great and wonderful feeling. As much as you are enjoying speaking in front of all these people, they are also enjoying listening to you and hearing you speak… you have their utmost attention because they appreciate your knowledge on the subject, they eagerly await every sentence.


So now you are nearly at the end of your talk, and when you reach the conclusion, you ask if anyone has any questions… Imagine yourself answering all the questions one by one with precise knowledge and confidence and see your answers satisfying each and every member of the audience.


You give yourself a mental thumbs up and a little mental skip of delight at having given such a confident speech. You feel exhilarated and this feeling fills your whole being with contentment and pride in yourself.  You feel a little disappointment it’s over because you enjoyed it so much.


So now know that you are confident and calm when speaking in public. You are now skilled and able to speak in front of everyone with confidence and an inner calmness. It’s a breeze to be able to relax before and after a speech. I would like you to congratulate yourself for completing this challenge and want you to know that any time and in any place you will be able to perform public speaking in a confident, calm and relaxed manner.


I’m now going to count from 5 to 1 and on 1 you will be awake, fully alert and back in the room… 5, preparing to come back into the room… 4, feeling the energy rising up the legs through the body… 3, feeling tingling in the feet and hands… 2, heart beat returning to normal… and 1, awake and fully alert, back in the room.