By Cagla Rifat

This script is for a client who suffers from stress and anxiety about their workload and a fear of not being productive enough.  This metaphor is intended to get across the point that the best form of action comes from a place of stillness.  A place where the mind isn’t involved, where divine guidance can come through and intuition can lead us so we can make the best decision for us at the time to yield maximum results (those aligned with our highest good).  In that way, the mind is like the arrow, we have to “draw back” its activity and allow it to be completely still.  Then we surrender all expectations of outcomes or “release the catch” and divine intelligence will carry us (the arrow) on our intended trajectory towards our target.

Once upon a time there was a young explorer who had embarked upon a journey to retrieve some hidden treasure.  It was a treacherous journey, filled with challenges and missions along the way. A certain points in her journey she came across scary looking monsters much bigger than herself.  Although it was terrifying for her to think of how she could ever defeat such monsters, she had a secret weapon. She was the best archer in her village back home and could hit any target in just one try. She knew the power of pulling an arrow back and being still, trusting the arrow would go exactly where it needs to too.  She knew the power of stillness would produce the greatest result.

 Near the end of her journey, she came across a humungous giant with one eye, guarding the cave in which the hidden treasure was kept.  She knew that the only way to defeat the giant was to shoot the giant straight in the eye.  She reached around for her arch and arrow, positioning it in front of her face.  She drew the arrow back as far as possible until it couldn’t be drawn back anymore and the arrow was perfectly still.  She had aimed it at exactly the direction she wanted it to go, smack bang in the middle of the giant’s one eye.  All she had to do now was release the catch. At that point she knew there was nothing more she could do.  She was much smaller than the monsters she encountered, and no amount of fighting or battling could ever help her defeat them.  She released her finger and the arrow arched across the sky in one big swift motion with tremendous speed, hitting the giant directly in the eye.  Bullseye she thought! Or giants eye you could say!  She walked through the opening of the cave to find it full of golden, sparkling treasure.