This script is specific in helping a child have control over their night problems while they are asleep. Ages: 5-12 

Make sure the child is in a sitting position either at a table or in a chair. You will need a pendulum and the numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 written out on either a large piece of paper or separate squares then lay them out opposite from each other. 1 is opposite 2, 3 is opposite 4. 


Did you know that you are magical? Do you want me to show you how you are magical by playing a special magic game? You see these numbers on the table and you see this special crystal on this silver chain? Well, you are going to make this crystal move with your mind while you hold it up like this (show demonstration). Keep the chain nice and straight while your elbow leans on the table. Make sure your arm and hand is holding the chain nice and stilled your fingers are gripping the chain…not to tight but not to lose either…just like this…(demonstration)…excellent…. Are you ready to find out what your own mind can do? Are you ready to learn something magical? Great! Let’s start this magic game…. 

Now something interesting and magical is about to happen while you are holding the chain nice and still…in a few moments you’ll notice that the crystal will start moving and not because your hand or arm is moving because they are straight and still…the crystal is moving because your mind is helping it to move….Now focus on the crystal  that’s on the end of the chain … really concentrate on that crystal…. As you focus you will start to see the crystal start to swing….and the more you focus, the more the crystal will want to swing…. I want you now to think about the crystal moving from the number 1 to the number 2…side by side…. Just move it with your mind by concentrating on the   crystal and saying to yourself ‘1 and 2’… watch it how it swings back and forth from the numbers 1 and 2…. Excellent…. Now let’s try moving the crystal for numbers 3 to 4…. say in your mind ‘3 and 4’…. You can see that the crystal is now moving from number 3 to number 4…. Wonderful…. 

Your mind is controlling that crystal…. you have a very strong mind…every movement shows how strong your mind really is…. I wonder if you know how strong your mind is…Your mind is so strong you can do anything you want to…This is your superpower! Who would have thought that you coming in to see me today that we discovered you have a superpower…Let’s give your superpower a name…What do you think is a great name for your special superpower? ….(names)….excellent name! Your superpower is so special that only you can control it with your mind… no in else…only you…. and that means you can stop night problems with your mind….When you go to bed at night, your mind is still working for you…you sleep but your mind doesn’t…it is looking after   you….So you can let that strong mind of yours take over… your mind can stop you from wetting your bed….and make sure you have a dry night…. 



Now close your eyes for a moment… think about waking up tomorrow… dry and warm….and just feel now how good that is….because you have a superpower and superpowers last forever….you can use this super power on anything you put your mind too…but today we are going to concentrate on using your super power to stop your night time bed wetting…..Take a nice deep breathe in and deep breathe out….gooood….i want you to imagine that you are standing at the top of a set of stairs that are in the     rainbow… ’m going to start counting down from 10 to 1 and when I get to the number 1 you will have reached the bottom of the rainbow and feeling nice and relaxed…. stepping down onto the first step now…. 10, 9, 8…going down…7, 6, 5, going down deeper….4, 3, 2, and 1…you’re at the bottom of the rainbow stairs now…. I want you to walk until you come to a door…. Open up that door and you find yourself in your most favourite, special place in the whole wide world…. Maybe you have been here before… maybe you have never been here…. You might not be able to see it, but you can get a feeling that you are there or you can imagine that you are there….… or you might be able to just know that you are there now…. this place makes you feel so happy and safe…this is your safe place…. Walk around a little bit…. You see a bird flying above you…. the bird is a colourful, rainbow parrot and he is here to show you something…. follow the bird…. The bird is flying towards a bed…. oh it’s your bed! Your bed in your own special place with    the parrot lading on top of it….get into your comfy bed….lay down and get all comfy and warm….close your eyes and tell yourself that you have a special power now that can stop you from wetting the bed….whenever you get that urge to go to the toilet….you instantly wake up….and know that it’s time to go to the toilet… repeat after me….i am safe…. (wait for repeat) …I am strong (wait for repeat) …. I am waking up and going to the toilet….. (Wait for repeat) …. tell your mind and body that you are going to wake up when you feel you need to go to the toilet…. tell your mind and body that whenever you’re in bed and if you need to go to the toilet…. You will wake up and go to the toilet……Wonderful (name) you’re doing such a great job… 

I’m going to count from 1 up to 10 now and when I get to 10 you will be wide awake, feeling happy and safe and knowing you have the special ability to wake up from sleeping when you need to go to the toilet…. 1, 2, 3, feeling your body waking up now…. 4, 5, 6…. feeling the energy back onto your legs and hands….7, 8, 9 wanting to open your eyes now and 10 now open your eyes and feel the difference inside you…Well done (name)! You were great! You can do this!