Now, I would like you to look ahead and imagine a supersonic jet plane in full view of you. The plane is sleek in design; it looks stealthy and has a luminescent white glow. You notice on the side of the plane, in futuristic writing, a sign displayed in big scrolling letters saying “[client name] Supersonic Jet Plane.” You know you are about to embark on an incredible journey to visit your future self.

As you board the plane, take a moment to notice the comfort and luxury surrounding you. Feel the soft, lush carpets under your feet and appreciate the beautiful and opulent first-class décor. It’s a haven of relaxation, assurance, and quality service.

As you settle into one of the plush seats, buckle yourself in with the seatbelt to the side of you. You know and feel that this seatbelt will keep you safe and secure during the supersonic flight into your future.


Now, as you sit here, feel the excitement building within you. You are relaxed, and yet you are so excited about the amazing journey that is about to take place. In front of your seat, you notice a navigation control panel. Look at it, sit for a moment, and think about the future year you wish to visit.


Once you have decided, press the buttons on the control and enter the year that comes to your mind.

As you type in the year and press the enter button on the screen, you feel the plane’s engines roar into life, your anticipation building. You grab the armrests as you begin rolling forward. The supersonic jet is now making its way towards the runway.


As the plane makes a turn, the throttle increases and starts to rumble down the runway; it takes no time for the plane to take flight. The supersonic speed pulls you backward into your seat by its gravitational pull, but you are fully aware of how safe and secure you are.

The landing gear retracts upwards, settling into its supersonic projection. As you look out the window, you can see flashes of vibrant colours and magical swirls whooshing past; it’s like nothing you have seen before as it takes you towards the unknown wonders of your future self.

The excitement and anticipation continue to grow as you morph from one year into the next. The journey is exhilarating, and you are fully immersed and embracing this incredible experience.

All of a sudden, you feel the plane begin to slow; you can feel that the descent is starting to take place. The landing gear lowers as the plane gets ready for landing.

As you touch down and cruise along the runway, you feel the plane come to a gentle stop. I want you now to unfasten your seatbelt and, when you feel ready, make your way to the back exit of the plane.

The stairs to the supersonic jet lower, and as you step outside onto the stairs, a light breeze washes over your face. You feel the warmth and bright sensations generated through your body, and this energy you feel fills you with joy.


I want you now to descend the stairs and, as you do, look ahead to the images playing out in front of you.

What do you see?
How does this make you feel?
What sounds can you hear?

Allow yourself to relax and be fully present in this experience. Take in all the sights and sensations happening before your eyes. Notice the people and the energy of what is happening. You can see that you are in full control. You’re having fun? You feel productive in this visual of time in space.


As you sit here, take note of your success. I want you to watch this version of yourself. Notice how you look. Can you feel the love you have for yourself in this present moment, the feelings of lightness, no pressure, or self-doubt within this experience?

You genuinely like this version of yourself. You have cultivated a deep sense of self-worth and an abundance of self-compassion. This self-assuredness is not just a part of you; it’s a defining characteristic.

Your confidence shines, drawing others toward you. You are a magnet for positivity and connection. People are naturally drawn to your energy. Your presence is a source of comfort for those fortunate enough to be in your company.

Your nature makes you a delightful presence. You notice you effortlessly connect with others, engaging in meaningful conversations with ease.

Your sense of fun and adventure is infectious, and in essence, you are a beautiful embodiment of self-love, self-compassion, and confidence. Your genuine, warm, and pleasant nature makes you not only a pleasure to be around but also a role model for those who aspire to embrace their own authentic selves.


Pause a little

As it gets closer to leaving, I want you to take your phone out of your pocket. Set it to photo mode and capture a full photo of the scene that is playing out before your eyes. I want you to then place the phone back into your pocket for you to look at for future use.

Now, let’s go back to the plane behind you. Climb the stairs, and as you reach the top, turn around and look back at your future self. I want you to make eye contact and acknowledge the love you both have for each other; give her a nod and acknowledge your goodbyes. You can see by her acknowledgement that she knows you have this within you. You have the skills and mindset to become anything you wish to be.

Now, as you head back into the plane’s cabin, return to your seat, buckle yourself in, and once again, you feel totally safe and secure in your seat. Enter the current year, 2023, on the navigation control panel in front of you.

Once again, you feel the plane’s engines come to life, moving forward towards the runway.

You feel the plane’s speed increase, and in no time at all, you sense it taking off quickly. As it soars forward at lightning speed, you look out of the window, noticing that this time, the colours and swirls are even more vibrant and energetic than they were on your journey over.

You can already feel the changes within yourself. Your energy is heightened, and the love you have for yourself is much stronger than ever before.


As you sit here enjoying the experience, you feel the plane starting its descent, and as the landing gear lowers, I want you to take out your phone and look at the photo you took of your future self-projection.

Has anything changed? Do you feel newfound confidence and self-assuredness? Can you see how remarkable you are and the incredible potential you now have within you? You possess the inner resources, wisdom, peace and confidence you now have to aid you in this current time. You have seen what you are capable of becoming, and you loved seeing this side of yourself. You are confident, loved, and free from the self-doubt that once held you back, keeping you hidden, insecure, and unsure.

Take a minute to sit and fully immerse yourself in these newfound emotions. Allow yourself to feel their warmth and the profound impact they have on your inner self. You can carry this confidence and self-love with you as you move forward, guiding you toward the future you aspire to achieve. You have glimpsed your future self, and this knowledge empowers you to reach your full potential from this day onwards.

Now, in a moment, we will start our wake-up…