The Therapeutic techniques included in this script are:

  • Guided imagery – include a metaphor of breaking down the wall.
  • Anchor of how she feels for post-hypnotic suggestion.
  • Direct and indirect suggestion in PREM. 

The target issue is a person with inner turmoil and anxiety due to unrealistic focus on issues in her life.  This causes constant worry and rehashing of the issue, with conversations rehearsed over and over and physical symptoms of pressure in her head as she doesn’t feel the thoughts can escape.  She also has palpitations and increased heart rate.  This condition stops her from thinking normal thoughts as she feels her head is filled with the issues. Feels there is a wall there that she needs to break through. 

In general, it can be used for a person with anxiety and one who wants to break through obstacles that are occurring for them. 




Imagine the day is dull and overcast the rain is threatening and its turning cool.  The birds were singing but seem to have gone quiet and you are starting to feel tight in the stomach, your pulse is racing and you feel like you could have a palpitation.  Your thoughts are coming quick and fast and you don’t feel you have control over them.  Over and over they go, the issue the same each time and you can’t make them stop.  You can feel a headache coming on but you feel it’s important that you go for a walk as this may give you some relief. 

You head for the park, even though the weather is threatening and as you do, you can see that the day is starting to clear, the sun might even come out.  As you walk further into the park, the sky changes completely to a beautiful blue and the temperature warms up and becomes very pleasant. You can hear the tweeting of some birds as they come to life again and you can smell the scent from some of the foliage, onion weed, the sweetness of some flowers and a soft breeze rustles the leaves in the trees.  As the day improves, so does your mood.  You start to feel the headache go away and so you feel it would be nice to sit under the tall, solid tree that you can see near the end of the path.  It has some soft grass underneath the tree and you feel like the trunk was made specifically for you to rest your back in.  As you sit there you feel comfortable and sleepy.  Soon you doze off. 

You dream of a soldier from days long ago.  He has been given a special mission.  He has to travel to the next city and deliver a message to the Mayor there from the Mayor in the city where he lives.  He carries some supplies with him as well as some weapons for protection and has bags attached to the saddle on his horse to hold these things.  Off he rides on his horse to the next city which is a long way away.  There are many obstacles along the way and he feels vulnerable because he is on his own.  No-one else is there to help him and he feels some anxiety about completing his mission.  As he gets close to the neighbouring city, he finds a huge wall surrounding it.  No-one had told him that this wall existed.  He didn’t know if he was going to be able to break through it.  There didn’t seem to be a gate or portal to let him through.

Then he remembered he had weapons in his bag for protection.  He realised that he could use these weapons to break down the wall and see what was on the other side.  He knew that if he could get through the wall he could deliver the message to the Mayor.  So he looked inside his bag to see what weapon would be the best for the job.  He had a mace, a sword and war hammer. 

He decided to use the war hammer and he clubbed and clubbed at the wall until he had managed to smash through the brickwork of the wall and he climbed through.  What he saw on the other side was a glorious city.  It had beautifully painted buildings, stained windows in the churches and gold plate on the Town Hall doors.  He had never seen such a city of beauty and he was so pleased that he had the right tools with him to knock the wall down and break through to the beauty on the other side.  He was then able to deliver his message to the Mayor, which was one of peace between his Mayor and the one of this city.  With the delivery of this message the wall was able to be permanently taken down and the people in the two cities could live in peace. 

You awake from your dream and you feel a message has come through to you.  You are warm under the tree as the cloud has completely lifted and the sun has come out and maybe you feel calm and peaceful.  Perhaps your mind is clear and you feel happy, focussed and relaxed.  

Can you feel the sense of peace and calm?  Imagine yourself in this happy, focussed and relaxed state.  Your pulse rate and breathing is normal, your body feels good and tranquil.  Really see yourself here.  Warm, calm, relaxed and feeling in control. 

Now that the thoughts, feeling and sensations are strong within you, touch your left elbow.  (wait 10 seconds). 

Now let go of your elbow.  Open your eyes and count to 10.  Now close your eyes again.  Once again, feel the sense of peace and calm that you have under the tree.  You are happy, focussed and relaxed, your body feels tranquil.  Now touch your elbow again…. (wait for 10 secs).  

Open your eyes and again count to 10. 

Now close your eyes again and clear your mind.  Touch your left elbow and you will find that the feelings of peace and calm, relaxation, focus and happiness will come to you. 

Now tell me a situation when you would like to feel this peace and calm.  Imagine being in this situation and touch your elbow.  You can see yourself feeling peaceful, calm, focussed, happy and relaxed. 

See yourself back under the tree.  You might feel the sun on your face, the warmth in your body and the peaceful, calm feeling.  I’m sure your thoughts are focussed; you are happy and relaxed.  You get up to walk home.  The feelings come with you as you walk.  The grass seems greener, the flowers more vibrant, the sun warmer, the sky bluer.  You feel a lightness as you walk, knowing that you have the tools that you need to maintain this peace.  You know that you have different tools that you can use at any time to focus your mind, to maintain the calmness and peace. 

Just knowing this puts a smile on your face, you can see your world now as one you can control, you can see yourself deciding what to think about and when.  You can see yourself moving forward and having time to think silly thoughts or meaningful thoughts or just nothing at all.  Whatever you are thinking you can focus on it and be calm. 

In a moment I am going to count from one to ten and on the count of ten you will be fully awake and alert but with the knowledge that you are in control and you have peace and calmness within you.  You are happy and relaxed and focussed, full of health and vitality and confidence.  You will sleep peacefully and when you wake you will feel refreshed and say to yourself, every day in every way, things just keep getting better and better.