By Kai Ling Kung

Close your eyes and simply relax. There is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to think about or analyse, just relax. As you listen to my simple instructions, you’ll find yourself going into a deep state of relaxation, without any effort. So let go now, feel the support of the chair beneath you, feel how good it feels to be supported. So relaxing… so calming… and so soothing…

Good, in this state of relaxation, you can listen or not listen, it makes no difference because your subconscious mind is listening, while your conscious mind continues to relax further and further, with the sound of my voice. Your subconscious mind is so powerful, it remembers everything that has ever happened to you. It is the part of your mind that makes your heart beat, your stomach digest and your dreams bright and vivid. I will now instruct this part of your mind, to reduce your brainwave frequency to 5 Hz, or 5 cycles per second. Your conscious mind may or may not understand this instruction, but your subconscious mind understands, and can carry out this instruction easily. Slowing down now 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… so deep so peaceful…

 I want you now to imagine yourself standing in front of an elevator. Press the down button, and as the elevator arrives and the door opens, step in, knowing you are safe and protected. You are now at level 10, go ahead and press the button for the first floor. As the lift moves down, you feel more and more relaxed, going deeper and deeper into your subconscious. 10, 9, 8 going down, 7, 6, 5 going deeper still, 4, 3, 2 fully let go now and 1, reaching the first floor. As the door opens, don’t step out. You realise there’s a basement underneath this floor. Go ahead and press the B button now. As the lift moves further down, you find yourself relaxing twice as much as you already are.

The door is opening now, step out and you’ll find yourself arriving at a gallery. There are plenty of paintings on the wall, some bright and colourful, some dull and grey. Whatever it is, they all come together to make up this beautiful and diverse gallery. As you walk down the corridor, you realise each painting represents a part within you, a part that was developed over the years to protect you. Over the years however, paintings can fade in colours, needing a bit of retouching. As you walk down, you find yourself drawn to one of these paintings, one that needs a bit of attention. Stop in front of it now, and allow the image to come to mind. Can you describe what you see? How do you feel looking at it? Looking next to the painting now, tell me the name of this art piece? What year was it made? Good…put one hand on the painting, the other hand on your heart. As you do, allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with it. Remember you are at a safe place, so fully let go now and feel the emotions completely. 1, going deeper into the feeling… 2, growing stronger and stronger… 3, the strongest you could feel…. Feel it so strong that it leads you back to the first time in your life that you felt this way… Going back now in 3, 2, 1…be there now!

  • How old are you? Look down to your feet, are you wearing anything or barefoot?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Where are you?
  • What’s happening?
  • What are you feeling?
  • Why do you feel how you feel?

(If you are unsure whether this is ISE, ask “now don’t think or analyse and just allow any images or sensations to come, tell me is this the very first time in your life you felt this way?” keep going until ISE is identified.)

Now (insert name of art piece), thank you for protecting (insert client’s name). We can feel your love and protection, and we appreciate you for protecting (insert client’s name) all this while. It is not my intention to get rid of you, as I respect and value your commitment. I need to let you know however, your method that used to work in the past, is now preventing (insert client’s name) from moving forward, and is causing her a lot of stress and frustration. If there’s a better way for you to support her, will you be happy to consider? Good…tell me what do you need to feel safe?

(Allow clients to speak and list everything they need).

Thanks for being honest. (Insert client’s name) has grown since then, and there’s now a part within her that has exactly what you need. I now call upon that part to come forward, the part that has so much (insert resources that client mentioned eg. love, courage, strength). Now tell me, do you have a name? How do you support (insert client’s name) and how are you presented in her life?

(By bringing awareness to how these resources exist in client’s life will remind them that they actually do have those resources).

Good, I want you now to communicate with (insert name of art piece), so you can work together as a team to better support (insert client’s name)

(Continue with this process until all resources are addressed).

With all these resources now within you, let’s go back to the beginning of your experience, the very first time you felt the way you feel. This time, with all these resources within you such as (insert relevant resources), let it unfold the way you want it to be, and let me know when you’re done by saying the word “finished”… good, what happened this time? How are you feeling?

Very good, I want to thank all parts for working together. Thanks to you, (insert client’s name) now feels more at peace and more confident. From this day on, you’ll be able to work harmoniously as a team, for the betterment of (insert client’s name), just like all different colours that come together to make up a masterpiece. For now, say goodbye to little (insert client’s name), and allow him/her to grow up feeling (insert relevant resources).

Drifting back to the gallery now, you find yourself standing in front of the same painting, but this time, with brighter and more vivid colours. Looking at the same painting, you now feel refreshed, hopeful and confident. As you walk back to the elevator, these feelings penetrate throughout your entire being. In fact with each step you take, you feel it more and more and you know from this day on, even when you’re not with me in my office, you can feel just as confident, empowered and joyful as you now remember that you are a talented and competent painter of your life and your life is your canvas. You are brilliant, gifted and fully capable of creating your own masterpiece.  

As you go to sleep tonight, you’ll fall asleep easily and any dreams will be a gentle release of your experience today. Your new found sense of confidence and empowerment will integrate into your subconscious and subsequently your conscious mind, to further assist you in living an authentic, fulfilling, joyful and abundant life. Every day in every way, it gets better and better.

Coming back to full consciousness now as you step back into the lift, from basement to 1, consciousness coming back to your body… 2, 3, blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing coming back to a healthy normal level for you… 4, 5, 6, feeling more alert and awake now… 7, 8, feel yourself coming back to the room, eyes wanting to open… 9, nearly there… and 10, fully conscious, feeling refreshed, recharged and hopeful.