By Honor Paule

Allowing yourself to get into a comfortable position and gently closing your eyes when you are ready… Good… Beginning with deep breaths…In and out… In and out…In and out…Good…Relaxing your entire body more and more, allowing yourself to sink so deeply into the chair…Good…With each breath in you are feeling lighter, and with each breath out, you are sinking deeper…Well done…In a moment I am going to count from 3 to 1 and on the count of 1 your eyes will open and when I click my fingers your eyes will close, and you will sink 5 times deeper…When you’re ready, 3… 2… 1 eyes open *click* and close your eyes now… going deeper… good… and again… 3… 2… 1 eyes open *click* closing your eyes and going deeper and deeper… and again 3… 2… and 1… eyes open *click* eyes closed, 5 times deeper… that’s right… well done…


Today you will be given the opportunity to explore deeply into a past experience in a previous lifetime that has been directly related to the present issue of (insert relevant issue) that we have been discussing…The clarity and insight you will gain from this experience will bring to light positive perceptions through a new angle of observation…. Today and together, we will explore the memories of your soul through stepping out of your current incarnation and into a specific past lifetime that has energetically been pulling you towards it for acknowledgment, observation, healing and transcendence… Trusting your subconscious mind that has stored everything you’ve ever known and experienced to take you to the exact lifetime you need to go to…


There is no need to try and control the situation… you can simply let go… relax and let it be the way it was always supposed to be… The information you gain today will be necessary to your healing and growth and all you have to do is trust in yourself and trust in the process… I will be here to guide and support you throughout the way, ensuring that you are completely safe and protected.


Focusing on your breathing now… noticing how relaxed it feels…noticing how your body feels as it touches the chair… I want you to let go even more now… Loosening all your muscles, releasing all tension… Good…


Now I want you to picture yourself in a beautiful rain forest. In front of you is a big old oak tree… Its trunk is 2 metres wide and its branches extend out up to 10 metres in length… Its roots are as wise as a guru and the bark of the tree is soft and gentle creating a calming effect towards anyone who goes near it… In the middle of the trunk you notice a hollow space, a space that is big enough to stand or sit in… The trunk has been perfectly carved and is completely safe to step into… I want you now to go ahead carefully step inside and stand in the hollow space… As you step into the trunk a bright light shines over the entire tree and into your being. Your body and soul begin to merge with the tree and as you do, you notice how much lighter and stronger you feel mentally and emotionally… As you merge with the tree you notice your body glow so brightly as it removes any tension and completely cleanses your mind, body and soul… The wisdom and strength of this tree is now within you. And I want you to just stand and bathe in this sweet and magnificent state of purification and relaxation… Good… In a moment I am going to count from 5 to 1 and on the count of 1 your state of relaxation will amplify by 5 times. 5… 4… 3… 2… and 1… 5 times deeper, 5 times more relaxed…So peaceful…


Now in the trunk you will notice a downward facing button. This button will lead you down into the roots of this wonderful oak tree… As you fill yourself up with curiosity, I want you to go ahead and press on that button and allow yourself to move down deep into the roots of the tree… When you are ready to press the button just let me know by nodding your head… Good… Go ahead and press that button… Moving down now… Deeper and deeper… 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… way, way, down… 5… 4… 3… 2… and 1… You have reached the very bottom and beginning of the roots of the oak tree… These roots represent your subconscious mind, and in here we have entered the part of your brain that remembers everything you have ever learnt within all of your previous lifetimes…


You’re doing so well… I want you now to step out of the hollow space of the trunk and as you step out you will notice a wooden table and chair. If you at any time during this journey feel a little uncomfortable or unsure, you are always welcome to re-enter the hollow space of the trunk and travel back up to the surface where the bright light will cleanse any worries or tension you may have… Knowing that you are always safe and if you need a little more reassurance, this is a healing place you are welcome to return to at any time…


On the table is a large, thick, antique book… I want you to go ahead and take a seat at the table and take a look at the book… It has a dark brown hard front and back cover and a seemingly endless number of pages… As you open the book dust particles whiff into the air. As you flick through sheets of pages you notice that each is titled with different years and dates. Dated from the present time all the way to BC…This is the book of your soul and within it lies every lifetime you have ever experienced up until the present moment.


As you continue turning the pages, a sudden dazzling white light shines onto the pages and it begins to turn the pages itself… I want you to take your hands off the book, sit back and relax and allow the book to open up to a page to a specific lifetime that is related to the issue that we have been discussing… In just 10 seconds, the book will flip to the exact page and lifetime that we are here to explore… The page will turn to the exact lifetime where you first experienced the fear and emotions (???) that has led to the present issue of (insert relevant issue) in your current lifetime…  3… 2… and 1… Let the page appear now!


Now I want you to describe to me what you can see on the page… Take a look at the page and watch as it comes to life…


  • Are there any pictures you can see?
  • Are there any words?
  • Are there any numbers?
  • Can you read out a year or date?
  • What is happening on this page?


Good… you’re doing so well…


Now…In a moment I am going to count down from 5 to 1 and on the count of 1, I want you to step into the page and become the you that you are watching in that lifetime… Just know that you are always given the option to either be in the body or to watch the body… whatever makes you feel comfortable and safe…


When you’re ready… 5… 4… 3… 2… and 1… Moving into that specific lifetime now!


Allow any images and sensations to come naturally to you… Do not try to think… Just let it flow on its own… and when you’re ready… I want you to look down at your feet and tell me if you are wearing any shoes…


  • How big are your feet?
  • How big are your hands?
  • What colour is your skin?
  • What are you wearing?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Are you a girl or boy?
  • What is your name?
  • Are you familiar with your surroundings?
  • Are you alone? Are there others with you?
  • What is happening in this scene?
  • How are you feeling?


(Continue to explore this specific lifetime… Explore the necessary scenes until ISE has been established)


You’re doing so well…  It’s time to leave this scene aside and we will come back to it later… In a moment I am going to count down from 3 to 1 and we will go to the last day of that lifetime. 3… 2… 1… be there now!


  • Are you familiar with your surroundings?
  • Where are you?
  • How old are you?
  • What is happening?
  • How do you feel about the life you have lived?
  • What were your greatest achievements in this lifetime?
  • What did you learn in this lifetime?
  • What gifts and talents do you hold in this lifetime?

Good… Now we are going to leave this scene behind and move back to the beginning of the experience that you just relived and explored. This time you will see (insert client name) from your future life walking towards you with a smile on her/his face… She/he has so much love to give and you can feel the love just by her/his presence…(Insert client name) has plenty of experience through many lifetimes and is filled with a great amount of wisdom, knowledge and strength that she/he would like to share with you today. She/he would like to offer you some resources that you did not have access to back then…so that you may make a better choice and manifest a different experience…You did not have exactly what you needed back then today that is about to all change…

(Insert client name) embraces you with a hug…And through this, transfers to you the resource of (insert relevant resource)… Go ahead and receive this (insert relevant resource) now… Allow that energy to fill your entire being… Next she/he transfers to you the resource of (insert relevant resource)… Go ahead and receive this (insert relevant resource)… Feeling the way it feels as it enters your body…(Give as many resources as the client needs in that lifetime)


I am going to give you a moment…If there are any other resources you need from (insert client name) you can simply let them know and she/he will be able to provide it. When you are done, just let me know by saying the word ‘finished’… Good…


Now that you have these resources within your mind, body and soul, you are now (list relevant resources)...I want you to now replay the scene… Imagine how it would have played out if you had access to these resources back then… Play it out how you would’ve wanted it to be and when you are done let me know by saying the word ‘finished’… Good…


Well done… What happened this time? And how do you feel this time? Good…


And now… we will leave that scene and go back to the last day of your life in that lifetime… 3, 2, 1… Be there now!


  • Are you familiar with your surroundings?
  • How old are you this time?
  • What’s happening?
  • How are you feeling about the life you just lived?
  • Now that you have the necessary resources, what have you learnt in this lifetime?
  • What talents and gifts do you hold in this lifetime?
  • What do you feel is your greatest achievement in this lifetime?


We are coming to the end of this journey and I want you to say goodbye to (insert client name)… I want you to give each other a big hug. It’s time to express love and gratitude towards (insert client name) for coming back for you…loving you…and supporting you by providing you with the resources that you needed in this lifetime.  (Insert client name), I want you to tell the past life version of you how much you love her/him and that you will always be there when she/he needs to make sure that they may live her/his life in alignment to his/her true purpose and divine self. Sharing the divine energy of (insert relevant resources) and ensuring that there will never be any lack of resources for the rest of his/her days.


Once you have finished saying goodbye, I want you to step out of the lifetime and move back into the current date and time. Sit back into the chair and as you glance at your soul book, you notice that it’s now closed and is kept safely with a padlock intact. I want you to step away from the book now and walk back to the hollow space of the trunk. In there you will notice an upward button. It’s time to say goodbye to the roots of the great oak tree, and to the depths of your subconscious mind. Go ahead and press that button now. Once you have pressed the button just let me know by nodding your head… Good… Travelling back up now to the surface… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9 and 10… Well done…


Now in a moment I am again going to count from 1 to 10 and on the count of 10 you will awaken feeling fully alert, refreshed and rejuvenated. Bringing back with you all that you have learnt and any gifts and talents that you held in your previous lifetime that would be useful in your current life. What you have experienced today will continue to process within your subconscious mind over the days to come. The learnings, insights, healing and clarity will continue to grow as you go on with your day to day life and the effects will be a gentle and smooth transformation within your being…

Bringing back with you the energy of (list resources)… Knowing that the past you in your previous lifetime is grateful for the love and healing you have provided today and is now given the opportunity to live the rest of their life feeling (insert any other relevant resources and post hypnotic suggestions). You have every right to give yourself the credit you deserve for being so courageous to take on this unique and wonderful journey… Just know that the necessary healing and growth is now taking place as I speak…


And on the count of 10, your eyes will open, and you will feel lighter and happier with a deeper understanding your life. You radiate with love, wisdom, strength and confidence and will only continue to expand on these qualities throughout this current lifetime… You have all the resources that you will ever need and will always be able to provide them to every aspect of yourself… And from now on, every day, in every way…It gets better and better…

Wake Up