This hypnosis is for bed wetting.

Okay, my friend, let’s embark on a wonderful journey together. Start by giving yourself the biggest, stretchiest stretch you’ve ever done, and pair it with the most gigantic yawn. (Stretch and yawn) Fantastic! Now, place your hands on your tummy and gently close your eyes. Picture a teeny-tiny balloon right there in your belly.

With every deep breath in, imagine the balloon expanding, growing so big that it fills your entire belly. Feel the magic as you breathe out, making the balloon shrink down to its tiniest size. You’re doing brilliantly! Let’s make that balloon dance between big and small with each breath – in, big, out, small. Keep going, feeling the rhythm of your breath.

Take one more deep breath, allowing the balloon to inflate even larger, and then exhale, letting your arms become floppy and heavy. You’re entering a world of relaxation, like a sleepy teddy bear. So calm, so peaceful.

Now, remember, you are the captain of your thoughts and the master of your body. I’m here to help you with something special, a little trick to make every night a dry and comfortable night. As you relax deeper, imagine yourself getting even cozier and more at ease.

Let’s embark on a journey of imagination. Picture a daydream, a delightful scene where you’re surrounded by friends, family, or maybe your favourite pet. What do you see in this happy daydream? Listen closely, it’s a joyous place, so what sounds do you hear? Take a moment to notice any delightful scents; maybe there’s something yummy to taste. You have the power to imagine anything because you are the boss of your imagination, just like you’re the boss of your own body.

Are you indoors or outdoors in your daydream? Feel the warmth or coolness and notice whether it’s daytime or nighttime. What exciting things are happening in this magical place? Let the good feelings fill you up.

As you enjoy your special daydream, feel your face muscles relaxing even more, and notice your breath slowing down. You might feel as relaxed as a floppy ragdoll or a cuddly teddy bear. This is because you’re doing everything just right, and it feels amazing.

Now, let’s talk about something very important – the friendship between your brain and your bladder. Imagine a magical TV screen in the corner of your mind, showing you getting ready for bed. Picture yourself walking towards the bathroom, and as you do, your bladder sends a friendly message to your brain, asking it to open the gate so you can pee into the toilet where it belongs.

Visualise your brain opening the gate, and imagine yourself easily going to the toilet. Feel the comfort of a warm, dry bed waiting for you as your brain closes the gate. You’re doing wonderfully.

Now, as you remain in this peaceful state, let’s think about tonight. Picture yourself, just before bed, sitting up in your cozy space. Remind your brain and bladder that while you sleep, they’ll work together for a good night’s sleep. If your bladder needs the gate open, your brain will give you the choice to wake up and go to the bathroom.

Imagine walking back to your comfy bed, feeling even cozier and more comfortable. Picture yourself waking up in the morning, realizing your bed is dry, and feel a burst of pride because you’re in charge, and you did it!

Now, visualize a week from now, your brain and bladder not just being good friends but best friends. They talk to each other when you’re awake and even when you’re asleep. Feel the warmth of pride inside you, knowing that every morning you wake up in a dry bed, you’ve achieved something wonderful. Maybe you even see yourself with a big, proud smile on your face because it’s as easy as A, B, C.

Let’s return to that balloon in your belly. Begin to fill it up again with your breath, making it grow big and then small. Feel the gentle rise and fall. You’re doing great, my friend.

Now, as I count from 1 to 5, you’ll slowly awaken, feeling refreshed, awake, and excited for the day. 1… your legs become lighter, 2… your tummy gently awakens, 3… your chest, shoulders, and arms feel invigorated, 4… almost fully awake, and 5… open your eyes and feel the incredible energy within you. You did an amazing job, and I’m so proud of you! Have a fantastic day ahead!