Let’s start this fun adventure today with your eyes closed… excellent… now it’s time to take a big slow deep breath in… and out now nice … and slow… excellent work… let’s do this one more time but this time let’s count to three as you breathe in and then we’ll count down from three as your breath out…. ready…  …2…3 great work … and out …3….2…1…wooooooooo… just keep breathing normally now and imagine our arms and legs are made up of rainbow coloured elastic band they can stretch out soooo farrrr… so on our next breath in.          I want you to raise both your arms up over your head and streeeettchh them as far as you can & and at the same time point your toes and streettcchhh them too… imagine them stretching out so far, they almost touch the walls! And then on your breath out and slowly bring your arms back down to your sides great work…and slowly release the stretch in your legs and toes…amazing. You’re very, very stretchy! … now let’s do that again. Breath in sloooowly and reeeach your arms up over your head… point your toes and streeettcchhhh doesn’t that stretch feel so nice?!       And slooowley breath out through the mouth this time… Woooooo … slowly bringing your arms back to the side… relaxing the legs and toes… amazing. You might be feeling that the couch below you now feel so much more cosier… so much comfier I think it’s because of all the amazing stretching & breathing you’ve been doing!… 

I know a way that we can make you eeeven comfier 10 times comfier and relaxed than you are right now.  You did such a good job at imagining your arms and legs as rainbow elastic bands, that I bet it’s going to be so easy for you to now imagine when I ask you to breath in next that you’re going to be breathing in magic air! This kind of magic air makes you feel so happy! And if you breathe it in enough times it can even make you feel like you’re floating… like a fluffy cloud that floats in the sky. That sounds so fun! 

Ok so breathing in now … all the happy magical air imagine it flying through your nose and allll the way into your tummy and allll the way down your legs to your tippy toes! And breathing out and as you breaaaathe out you’re already starting to feel lighter! So, breathing in again now    all that magical air! Filling your body alll the way up to your toes! Great work.       and out woooo. Wow and now you’re feeling even lighter than before! Let’s do it again, breathing in the magic air you know what you’re doing and you’re doing so good! And breeeathing it out… woah. Now you’re so light that you can feel your body starts to float because you feel so relaxed… and you feel so, so safe. You can begin to breathe normally now. Just know that the magic air is still here and every time you breathe in without even having to think about it… It will keep you relaxed. And floaty like a cloud. And the sound of my voice helps to keep you relaxed and floaty too! Isn’t that great…. So, there’s nothing you really need to do at all just relax and enjoy the fun adventure today. 

It’s very obvious that you have a brilliant and very creative imagination… and because you are so light… floaty and relaxed… your imagination can take you anywhere you like… so it’s going to be so easy and fun for you to imagine anything I tell you to… Now I’d like you to imagine that you’re floating up higher and higher         away from the room. You feel so safe… so excited to see what’s next. You’re floating up so high in the sky. You can now see that you’re floating up towards the top of a big colourful rainbow! The biggest one you’ve ever seen… and now you find that you’re sitting at the top of the rainbow… Everything is so bright and colourful         in a moment I am going to start counting down… from 10…to 1… When I start counting at 10 you will start to safely glide down the rainbow, just like you’re going down a big slide and you’ve gone down many slides so this will be so easy and so safe for you… infact its going to be so easy. With every number I count down… you feel 10 times more relaxed than before…and when we reach.

1 you will be the most relaxed you’ve ever been and in a very special safe place.   a place

that knows everything about you! And this will feel so great….

So, starting to move down the slide now 10… down you go… 9… so easy….Going down…8…. 7….6…. further down you go now… 5…..4….easily going down… 3…2….1 Coming off the rainbow and now but you’re still in the clouds…but you can see now that you’re standing at the gate of a huge carnival! A huge carnival in the clouds! You can see through the gate that there are so many rides! The more you notice the gate you can see it made of candy canes… you can smell popcorn and fairy floss you can feel that this is a special kind of carnival, where anything you can to do is possible. how exciting!

It’s time to look up at the big sign above the candy cane gates and you can see it says

{Childs name’s Carnival of Courage} and as you do the gates begin to open, in a moment you’re going to pass through the gates with 5 big long steps and with every step you take You’ll feel 5 times more relaxed, … walking through the gates now….5….4….3…..2….1… great work… so relaxed… 5 times more relaxed….And something really cool is happening now…you start to notice that one of your most favourite characters in the whole world is walking over to you! Now this can be anyone… it can be someone from your favourite movie, or show…it might even be someone from your family or friends… or it could be someone new that you’re creating right now…

Whenever it is it doesn’t matter, this is someone who makes you feel so happy….and they

look so happy and excited to be here with you….in a minute I’m going to get you to tell

me who this is and this is going to be so easy for you….actually the sound of your own

voice will make you feel eeeeeven more relaxed, how cool is that? Ok….Can you tell me who your favourite character is? 

Amazing… *character’s name* is now telling you that they are here to come on one of the rides with you and they’re here to have fun but to also keep you safe and if you ever feel nervous, which you won’t because it’s going to be so fun, all you have to do is hold their hand and they will take you back to the rainbow and back home….

Now I’d like you to look infront of you and you can see a giant roller coaster! You and

*character* begin to walk towards it………. and when you reach it you can see there is a sign

that says “you need to be this tall to ride” *character* hovers his hand above your head and it looks like you’re juuuust a little bit shorter than what they need…. but not to fear… remember you have that magic air you can breathe in to make you taller! In a moment I am going to count down from 3 to 1 and with each number I count you’re going to take a biiiiiig deep breath in. and with each breath you’re going grow taller and stronger and with each breath out you’ll feel 3 times more relaxed… so breathing in the first breath 3…. growing taller & stronger very good… and out…. 2.   breathing in getting even taller now

and more relaxed and out… amazing…. and 1 breathing in wow so tall! And out…oooo

Now you’re ready to get on the ride…….. you and *character* find the perfect seat at the very front… *character* helps to put on the safety seat belt so you feel so safe and secure… feeling so excited… Before you take off…there is something very special you need to know about this roller coaster… this is no ordinary roller coaster…because this ride has magical abilities to give you amazing superpowers that you can use every day….so you will feel so confident… brave… courageous… strong in every place…no matter where you are and no matter who is with you…. Along the ride you will see golden rings in the sky… you’ll see them with enough to prepare you to catch and when you catch them it’s going to feel so great! And you’ll start to feel their superpowers already….

Ok. The roller coaster is beginning to slowly move now… the first part is going up… Up..up… and now you can see the first golden ring at the top….this is a golden ring with

the superpower of confidence! The golden getting closer and closer now… so close….And now at you’re at top the roller coaster has come to a pause….grab the confidence ring! As soon as you do…. it lights up in your hand… Sparkling stars and rainbows start to glow from it… And they fill up your hand and fill up your body and it feels so amazing! You’re doing such a good job… now for the fun part…the roller coaster is about to go down…down down… really fast! And you can already see the second ring… ahead….This ring has the superpower of courage! Now remember every ring you grab will sparkle and glow and fill up your body just like the confidence ring did and every time it does it is going to feel so cool and so good!… 

The roller coaster is going down now… so fast! So fun… getting closer to the ring! Get your hand out ready to catch it… almost there… and go! Catch the ring of courage! Amazing work! You’re great at this… the roller coaster is now speeding around the corner… in the distance you can see the third ring… And this one has the superpower of strength! You’re getting closer… closer and go! Catch the ring of strength! Woohoo you did it again! You’re a natural! … feeling so much courage  so much confidence and so much stronger already!… The roller coaster keeps speeding around another corner… again you can see the last golden ring… this one has the superpower of bravery. Getting closer and closer… reach out… and go! Catch the ring… you did it again! Amazing work… You feel so great! You are so brave… so courageous… so strong… so confident you feel like you can do anything! Now enjoy the rest of the ride and let all of these magical powers move around your body.            growing stronger and stronger by the second! Take as much time as you need and you let me know once the ride has stopped……………………… 

Very good…you did such a great job. It’s time to say goodbye to *character* and begin the journey back home… give them a hug, thank them and say your goodbyes………. beautiful in a moment I am going to count from 1 up to 10.            and when we reach 10 you will wake up feeling confident…brave… strong… courageous      you’ll be able to feel these new superpowers wherever you go and whoever you are with. Being in new places with new people will be so easy for you because you will know that you have your superpowers with you all of the time… 1…. feeling a tingle in your toes now… 2….3… feeling coming back to your legs… and up the hips and tummy… 4…5. Your body is waking up more now… 6….7…. feeling more alert in your arms… shoulders   neck and head….8… eyes wanting to open…. 9… becoming even more aware of the room and 10 eyes open feeling amazing and alert and back in the room!