You can see in front of you a crystal door made of amethyst… its colour is so bright and alluring… currently its locked… You can’t see a doorknob, but you can see a hand print carving right in the middle the middle of it… behind this door is a special room… created perfectly for you… no one else apart from you and the sound of my voice can enter into this room… This is your own unique safe haven where will experience a deep sense of comfort and wisdom… I want you to place your hand on the carving in the middle of the door… you notice your hands fits perfectly… the door now begins to slowly open… as you scan the room you see its filled with all of the things you love… all of the things that bring you comfort and joy… and maybe you don’t see objects… you may have a strong sense of the healing and calming energy in the room… whatever you see and feel is perfect for you…. 

As you continue to scan the room you see a moving image is projected on the wall in front of you… as you get closer you begin to see it’s a mirror image of you walking towards it…except around you, you can see the colours of your aura… They are bright… strong… colourful and swirling all around you… you can see the light that radiates from you… The beauty and uniqueness you bring to this world… and this feel so good… 

Now you are standing right in front of the wall… you can see this light is now transforming into a small familiar figure standing behind you… Its little *name* I’d like you to turn around… kneel down next to little *name* and let her know that for all these years every time you’ve been triggered by the feeling of being ridiculed that you know she has been there trying to protect you by alerting you to make you feel like you were not protected…..which made you feel vulnerable and helpless and lead you to feel like you couldn’t be you… let her know that you know she has done this because she loves you so much and she only wanted to keep you safe…..Let her know that you appreciate that protection and you’ve survived and may not have without her protection…. 

But now you’re an adult who has experienced so much healing and lessons in this life which you’ve gained so much wisdom, knowledge, skills and strength from that little *name* couldn’t have possibly had at such a young age…. and from now on you’re going to use this wisdom and the strength and skills that come with it to protect you both in a much more powerful and positive way than you’ve ever been able to do before…. 

Let her know that there is no longer attachment to a feeling of being ridiculed, that now if these situations come up you are filled with feelings of compassion and love for the other person… and you understand that they are on their own journey, that from now on if there is a confrontation that occurs you will stand in your power and strength and your powerful gift of being able to extend love and compassion to those around and see these are incredible, powerful opportunities for your soul’s growth… that you will lead by example and guide the situation with love and understanding. 

Remind her that she will never be alone as you are always with her, and that you will forever be a strong force that is always here to protect her, so now she can enjoy being a carefree happy little girl who always feels protected, loved and can always be her bright, colorful and unique self…. 

You can now feel the energy of your guides and your higher self with you and little *name*, they are showering you both with a powerful, healing golden light. It covers you like calming, soothing, healing vortex. They have a message and a gift to give to you and little *name*… they are so proud of your healing journey… your fearlessness to dive deeper into your being… the courage to understand yourself… the passion you have to yourself discovery and transformation… they tell you that all your hard work is paying off…. and now it is time for your gifts… As you receive these you will become aware that you already have each of these within you… your guides and higher self are here to amplify these and make them even stronger….

This golden light is now transforming to a vibrant red… activating your root chakra… giving you both strength… Wisdom…security… a sense of belonging and groundedness…. its feels so good and so powerful… 

Now this light begins to transform to a beautiful bright orange… activating your sacral chakra… giving you so much passion… creativity…. the power to own and process your emotional expression…. 

This orange light now changes to a powerful yellow activating your Solar Plexus… it’s giving you a strong sense of self and clarity… 

Now this light is changing to a vibrant green its now filling your heart chakra with Love…. balance and deep self-love… You’re feeling so full of love… you can feel this transformation having such a powerful effect on your already… very good. 

This green light now transforming to blue as it ignites your throat chakra with the power of self-expression, decisiveness, creative expression, the power to speak your truth… 

The blue light now changing to a beautiful indigo, this lights up your third eye filling you with so much insight… wisdom and clarity… 

And now this indigo evolves to a mix of white and violet as it sparks your crown chakra empowering your connection to the divine… growing your awareness and intuition…. 

I’d like you to now hug little *name* and as you do all of these colours begin to change and swirl around enhancing these resources and gifts even more… These powerful transformative gifts… you can feel the beautiful effect as it deeply integrates into you both… It feels so beautiful and empowering… you feel so secure… .so full of love… Little *name* can feel the power of your unconditional love flowing freely to her and you also feel this flowing freely back to you… You will always be with her and she now happy and carefree will always be with you. 

The lights now begin to fade, leaving these powerful gifts still growing within you… your guides and higher-self embrace you both and slowly drift away… leaving you and little *name* still in a warm loving embrace… 

When you’re ready… I want you to each return to your original positions… I want you to turn and face the projection on the wall again… You will see Little *name* is now standing directly behind you.. She moves forward… embraces you… and merges fully within you again…. 

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10, on the count of 10 you’ll be fully alert and back in the room, you will have a strong sense and awareness of the transformation you have just gone through and will know that this power and the gifts received today will continue to grow each day and will amplify which each positive decision you make… you will know so deeply that you are safe…. that you can be yourself… That there is no longer any need for fear… because you can overcome anything that the universe tests you with… you are divine light and love… And you will continue to make powerful choices that are in true alignment with who you are at soul level, you know that each day continues to get better and better for you… you know that each opportunity given to you is a way to be creative… a way to use and grow your compassion and the incredible resources you have… 

1… feeling the energy coming back to your toes

2… 3 up the legs and thighs and hips..

4….5 becoming more aware now as it travels up your abdomen

6… 7 your heart rate and breath returning to a normal and healthy level for you

8… energy flowing through your chest, your face…

9… eyes wanting to open becoming more aware now

10.. Eyes open, feeling great and transformed and back in the room