By Laura Omar

If you wish, you may instruct the client to hold onto to a clear quartz crystal during the hypnosis.

Induction and deepening of choice

I want you now to visualise yourself standing on a stone platform that has been carved into the side of a mountain. It is a very safe platform and there is a stone barrier all the way around. It is not a high barrier, so you can still see the other mountains in the distance. You feel a sense of awe as you look into the distance at the other mountains…such beauty and strength in these mountains. You feel a sense of empowerment just being up here and the air is so fresh. It is a beautiful day, and the sun is warming your skin. You walk up to the stone barrier and continue to breathe in the fresh air, while admiring the view…

I want you now to look around and you will see the beginning of some steps leading down…they have also been carved from the mountain itself. I want you to walk towards those steps. In a moment you are going to start walking down them. You will be able to do so safely and easily as they are barricaded by a stone wall. Each step you take is going to take you down deeper…deeper more relaxed…so that by the time you get to the bottom…you will be so deeply asleep. So, taking your first step… 15, 14, 13…deeper and deeper…12, 11, 10…going down…9, 8, 7…more deeply relaxed 6…5…4…3…2…and 1. Stepping to the bottom of the steps…as you do…you see a crystal door. I want you to push open the door. When you get inside, you see a pathway that is lit up by numerous torches…they seem to go on for a while. There is enough light that you feel safe and comfortable.

The pathway will eventually lead to an open space. Let me know when you have reached the open space…(wait for nod)… Excellent… If you look to your left, you will see a platform with the most beautiful, regal, crystal throne perched on top. I want you to walk up to the throne. When you get there, you can see that it is made of clear quartz crystal…the same crystal that you are holding in your hand. The beauty of the throne takes your breath away…as it glimmers with the reflection from the torches in the background…the ones that led you here. I want you now to sit on the throne. Feel as the crystal starts to align your energy and bring you a sense of calm and harmony. Quartz aids with concentration and unlocks memory which is important for what we are about to do. I want you now to listen to my voice as I say a prayer and set a positive intention. This will help to support your clarity, healing, and transcendence through our journey today…I want this experience to be comfortable for you. I want you to feel safe and secure. The prayer is as follows:

May the highest vibration of love and light connect me with my higher self to assist me now. With the support of this crystal, I hold the intention of light, pure love, and protection. And so it is…

Now with this in mind, I want you to look to the panel that your right hand is resting on. You will see today’s date flash up (insert today’s date). This throne will align your energy and facilitate your travels through different dimensions to other times and other places.  I want you now to tap the panel. You will see the date start to move backwards…you will also see your surroundings in the crystal cave start to go blurry…as the throne takes you back through time and space to another lifetime. The lifetime is one that your Guides and Higher Self want you to explore, because it is the one where you first experienced the fear, emotions and circumstances that have led to the issue of (insert client issue) that you are still experiencing in your current life. The throne knows exactly where to take you because it is linked now to your consciousness…which includes your superconscious…the gateway to your soul’s truth. As I count now from 5 down to 1, you are going back in time to the lifetime where you first had the experience connected to this issue. Going back now 5…4…going back…3…2…all the way back and 1…be there now!

Allow the images and sensations to come:

  • Do you feel yourself to be inside or outside?
  • Tell me about your surroundings
  • Are there others around or are you alone?
  • What are you feeling?

(Get a sense of the ISE)…

We are now going to go to the last day of that life 3…2…1…be there now!

  • How old are you?
  • Where are you?
  • What is happening?

(Explore the death scene)…

From this perspective, how do you feel about the life you have lived?

Okay…we are going to go back to the beginning of the events you have just experienced. There is something special that is about to happen. I want you to look ahead and you will see (insert client name) from your future life coming towards you. She/he brings so much love with her/him. She/he knows everything…she/he knows exactly what you are experiencing, and she/he has come back in time to help you. (Insert client name) has lived many lifetimes since this one with many experiences and has gained many resources. She/he brings these back for you now. She/he gives you a big hug and as she does…you can feel the unconditional love. You feel a sense of self-worth and confidence growing within you. She/he brings you some crystals…and within each crystal is a resource that you need. The first crystal she/he hands you is Empowerment…as you hold the crystal in your hand, you feel yourself absorbing this resource…Empowerment… She/he then passes you another crystal…this one is (insert relevant resource). She does the same for…(continue listing all relevant resources)...

Now with these resources within you…and with the knowledge, wisdom, confidence and strength that you now have…and with (insert client name) there to support you, I want you to replay the events of this lifetime …how they would have played out the first time, had you had access to these resources then. I want you to do this now…and let me know when you have finished by giving me a nod…(wait for nod)…

(If necessary, suggest a further reframe if the client was unable to see how it could have been better)

I would like you now to go again to the end of that life, but this time with the resources and experiences that you have just had 3, 2, 1…Be there now!

  • How old are you this time?
  • Where are you?
  • What is happening?

(Explore reframed death scene)…

As you reflect on your life with this new perspective, what can you tell me?

I want you now to thank (insert client’s name) for coming back for you and (insert client’s name)…tell the past life you how much you love her/him. Tell her/him that you will be there for them always bringing them whatever resources they need to live their lives with love, wisdom, compassion, empowerment and truth (insert any other relevant resources).

Just for now say goodbye and return to the crystal throne. Get comfortable and tap the panel…you will see the current date flash up. Press on the date…you will feel yourself returning to the current place and current time. So, as you begin your journey back to your current lifetime, you do so with ease and confidence, knowing that you are a divine being who has had many lifetimes. These lifetimes have enriched you with both positive and negative experiences. The experience you have had today will empower you to make decisions that are aligned with your most authentic self. You will gain a greater awareness of how to manifest what you desire through positive thought and intention. You will also gain clarity and take more responsibility around decisions you need to make, for you to live the healthy, happy and productive life you have always wanted. You will return feeling confident, empowered, loved, and secure…having had those learnings and wisdom now for many lifetimes.

In a moment, I am going to count from 1 to 10. When I get to 10 you will wake up alert and refreshed and full of energy. You will feel positive about your future because you know that you are worthy of all the happiness in the world. You will feel a greater sense of balance and harmony, due to your time on the quartz throne. You know that any time you need to feel this balance again, you can always picture yourself on the throne during a meditation. When you next sleep, you will do so easily and peacefully, and your dreams will be of a comforting nature confirming the changes that have taken place within you. When you wake up to start your day, you will feel a renewed sense of energy and zest for life. You will have a powerful sense of worthiness and understanding that whatever you need and want in this lifetime, can be yours!! You will have clarity, self-belief and positive intention.

Coming back to full conscious awareness now…1…feeling the energy returning to your feet as they start to move and wriggle…2…moving up the legs and knees…3…the thighs and pelvis…4…as the energy moves through your abdomen and your chest…5, 6…your breathing returning to normal…7, 8…awareness moving now to your arms and hands…9…full awareness returning to the mind and sensors…10…eyes open, fully conscious and alert…feeling fabulous.