To begin I’d like you to close your eyes now…And take a deep breath in….and out… Feeling your body and mind begin to relax. Take another nice, deep slow breath in now….and breathe out… as you relax more and more. 

Now I’d like you to imagine a ball of pure white light about six inches above your head. This ball of light has a healing quality and it is made of pure love. Allow yourself to feel this beautiful light shining down, warming the top of your head. This may feel like sunshine or a kind of liquid light…Whatever you feel, it is perfect for you. 

This warming light now starts to move down filling the crown of your head. And as it connects, you start to relax even more now. All thoughts or concerns simply begin to melt away as this light connects.

It slowly begins to move down now, moving down, down past your eyes…your ears…now filling your entire head and mind with its soothing frequency. This sense of relaxation continues to move down your neck, and expanding into your chest now, spreading down through your arms…. Feeling it travel down the spine and filling your stomach. Allow yourself to feel how wonderfully relaxing it is as this light fills your torso with peace and relaxation. 

This healing light moves through your hips now…. down your thighs…. Washing over your legs now and out past your feet. And as you feel your entire body glowing and filled with this healing light, you feel so deeply relaxed and at peace. 



Imagine now that you are standing at the top of an escalator. This escalator has the ability to effortlessly guide you down into a place within where deep healing can occur. A place where you are fully supported and where all the answers to any questions you may have are waiting for you. You may find you don’t need to do anything, just allow yourself to relax and be guided down to a place where you are completely and utterly relaxed. 

In a moment I’m going to begin to count down from 10. When I do this, I’d like you to step onto the escalator and allow it to effortlessly guide you on your descent down. Let’s begin this journey within now, gradually going deeper and deeper to this place of knowledge and healing. 

10 – As you step onto the escalator, you notice just how easy it is to go deeper
9- You feel as if you are gliding now, no effort needed …. just allowing yourself to go down, down
8, 7 – Deeper and deeper down, and feeling more and more relaxed

6 – Deeper and deeper still…to where all the answers await
5, 4 – So peaceful….so deep

3, 2 – Deeper still

1 – As you arrive now at the bottom of the escalator, you step off and notice that you are now in a state of complete peace and relaxation. You are now ready to receive deep healing from the innermost of your being. 

**I have included the progressive relaxation technique and adapted the staircase/elevator deepening technique. I am happy to have my name attached.