And now…. you find yourself in a very familiar town… across the road from you is a courthouse… at the peak of the roof is a clocktower … you look up and down the main road and you notice shops… a library and a diner…. the Town Square has a lake in the middle of it… grassy green grounds surround the lake …. there are park benches, trees, big old-fashioned streetlamps … you look at a sign and it says Hill Valley… you know the name….

You know this place… you have seen this place before …. as you are standing on the curb…  you look to your right… It’s a silver car coming towards you… you are in wonder of this scene and its significance …. as this silver car comes closer and closer you look at the name of this car… It’s a DeLorean … Yesss!! That’s right … it’s the car from the movie “Back to the Future” … this is not just a scene from the movie… This is here to help you get back to the past life that you need to heal today… This beautiful silver car is coming towards you… you are waiting in anticipation and can’t believe you are going on a trip back to your past …. In fact, back to your past life…. the time when you experienced {insert from SPBR triggers from PL… e.g death and injustice} …….

The car stops Infront of you…. The wing doors open up … Out of the car comes out your guide … this guide can be any guide you choose them to be… and if you want you can have Doc Brown who comes out with his frizzy white hair and white overalls animated and excited to greet you …. and tell you it’s time to go into your past life to help heal the present timeline… No longer experiencing {insert from SPBR triggers from PL… e.g death and injustice} back to this timeline…. This car has been modified for your trip today… You look inside and see there at the back of the seat is the Flux capacitor… that “Y” shaped energy source that helps propel the car into the past life…. You look at the dashboard and you don’t see any screen where you dial the past life timeline…. You see…

This car is run by your subconscious mind, higher self and spirit guides… it knows exactly where to go and which lifetime you need to go to today…. What an exciting time… what an exciting experience to be with your guide and this very special vehicle… Your guide sits in the passenger’s seat … he or she is there for your support only…. You sit in the driver’s seat and pull down the wing back door… you feel safe and secure in this amazing car….  you put on your seat belt … look at all the fancy instrumentation… you see a green button with GO written on it…

You are now going to drive down the township …. as soon as the car reaches 88 miles per hour … the car will transport you back into your past life where you experienced {insert from SPBR triggers from PL …e.g death and injustice} … You look around and there is nobody walking around in the township … it is safe to hit the GO button and accelerate to 88 miles per hour…. Your guide is smiling and helping you relax and to be there to support you.

You hit the GO button and as the car starts to accelerate… you are watching the gauge climb from 0… now at 20mph…. now at 50mph… as the car is accelerating, and you hear the sound of the car’s engine and the cars wheels on the bitumen road… you are calm and composed… everything around you is getting faster and faster… 70mph…. 85mph… all of a sudden there is electricity outside the car… you are starting to move back into your past life… you are calm and relaxed… you know where you are going …. 88mph and all of a sudden, the township has disappeared…… you know exactly where to go …. your guides and your subconscious mind are powering this car… As I count from 5 to 1 … you are going back to the past lifetime where you first experienced these issues… Going back now 5…. 4… going back 3… 2 …. all the way back and 1… be there now!

. Allow yourself any feelings, thoughts, or images to come forward …….

. Are you inside or outside?

. Do you know where you are?

. Describe where you are.

. Are there other people around you?

. How are you feeling?

. What are you feeling?

. What are you telling yourself?

( Get a sense of the ISE in the same way as the CLR )

We are now going back to the last day of that life…. 3.. 2..1 be there now!

. Where are you?

. Do you know how old you are or get a sense of it?

. Are you male or female?

. What’s your name? get a sense, feeling or hear what it is.

. What’s happening around you?

. What are you saying to yourself?

(Explore the death scene)

From what has happened in this scene… how do you feel about the life you lived?……

And now …. we are going back to the beginning of this experience that you have just relived… You now see {present life self- {name}} from your future life coming towards you with a huge smile and so much unconditional love… She/he knows exactly what you are experiencing and is here to help you heal this lifetime… {name} has lived many past lives and has experienced so many lessons and has gained so many gifts from these lifetimes… He/she has also gained so much wisdom … and is here to assist you… {name} comes up to you with that wonderful smile… you feel at ease by his/her presence…. {name} has brought to you resources that will help you with this lifetime today……… {name} … he/ she starts off by giving you the resource of strength… you sense or feel the resource of strength infuse into you… feel this strength growing inside of you…. {name} brings in the resource of (see list below or create resources that are important to the client )













Safety and Security





Now that you have been given all these resources… And they have all infused into yourself… you are now feeling the strength… the confidence… knowledge and power that {name} has given you. And now with the support and love from {name} … I want you to replay that first scene …. replay that first scene having the resources you have now, that you didn’t have before…… Play this scene out and let me know when you are finished by saying “finished”.

Wait for a nod or the finished before moving on.


(if the client didn’t see anything different, suggest a further reframe)

. What happened this time?   

. How do you feel?

. What was different this time around?

We are now going back to the final day of that life… you are bringing with you all the resources … wisdom and knowledge you were given….3…2…1… Be there now!

How old are you this time?

. What happened this time?

. How are you feeling about this?

. What are you saying to yourself?

(Explore the death scene)

Now that you have experienced this lifetime from this new perspective. What has changed? … What do you feel? …

I want you to thank {name} for coming back for you and helping you heal and give you the resources you need to heal this timeline. Give {name} a big hug……. Now tell the past life {name} how much you love him/her… you will always be there for him/her … also telling {past life name} that these resources are infused into him/her from now on… and you are there to give him/her more resources whenever they need them…. This will empower them to live a life they deserve full of love… strength, wisdom… compassion… (insert relevant)

Say goodbye to everyone …. head back to the DeLorean… your guide is so happy that this timeline has been healed and he/she has come to support you and be present … to the amazing adventure of today… you sit in the car… feeling wonderful and grateful…. put your seat belt on…. Press the green button… the car knows exactly the current place and current time to come back to…. As the car powers up and takes off to reach 88mph… you are feeling so happy that you have made a difference today… knowing that when you come back your timeline has been healed …. transformation has occurred along the way back… Beyond what you can perceive….

You are feeling so strong and empowered… happy you have made this difference today …. and to all the lifetimes up until this current one you are experiencing… These resources are such a gift for you to have from now on… helping you create the life you deserve … a life to aspire to and be an inspiration to others as well as yourself and loved ones…. What a great opportunity experiencing that lifetime and knowing it’s now transformed your life and your past lives for the better……

P.R.E.M and wake up