By Yi Dong

I want you to relax and set yourself in a very comfortable position. Close your eyes. Very good… Your conscious mind is probably still very active from all the activities you did during the day. You probably find it is very hard to concentrate or very hard to relax. That is ok… You don’t need to focus on what I say, nor what it means. It doesn’t matter… All you need to know is from this moment on every word I say to you will make you more relaxed… Every – Word – I – Say will bring you closer to the most tranquil state where your conscious mind can find peace and sleep. Your subconscious mind is simply listening to my voice. Every time you hear me saying Every – Word – I – Say, you feel more relaxed and more peaceful. It understands Every – Word – I – Say and will follow Every – Word – I – Say. You are doing it so easily and so comfortably, because you don’t even need to try. The conscious mind and the body just simply relax and drift off… The subconscious mind is doing its work to listen to Every – Word – I – Say and goes 10 times deeper, and becomes 10 times more relaxed… Trust the subconscious mind has an excellent capability to help as the conscious mind will go deeper and deeper, experiencing a complete state of relaxation… 

In a moment, I am going to count from 3 down to 1… the subconscious mind is going to slow down your brainwave frequency to 5 Hz. That is, 5 cycles per second. 3, 2, 1… your brainwave frequency slows down now and you feel even more relaxed and drop to a deeper state of consciousness… You’ve never felt so relaxed and so peaceful… so comfortable, so calm…


As you are lying on that chair comfortably, I want you to imagine it is winter, your favourite season… It is snowing. You are wandering around the park you always visit. Everywhere is white, soft and lovely. Snow rests upon the ground as if it is a white cotton rug. Inside the park, there is a house with the most beautiful design and has colourful floor to ceiling windows… You open up the wooden door and walk into the house… right in front of you, there is a little hallway. Slowly walk down the hallway now…and you will find a room with a closed-door at the end of it… Very good, now open the door. At the other side of the door there is a lounge room… In the room, there is a fireplace… The fire is like a tiny sun warming up the entire house. The flames curl and sway, crackling as they burn the dry wood… It is snowing outside but inside the house is quite warm and relaxing… You sit down on a cushiony armchair near the fireplace. Take off your shoes, relax your feet and toes… stretch your legs and rest them on the footstool… Good, you are so relaxed and so comfortable now that your upper body just sinks into the cushiony armchair… It is so quiet that you can only hear the wood crackling… Slowly, your conscious mind drifts away… it is finally the time for it to rest, to do whatever it wants to do…


There is a small coffee table next to you and on top of it, there is a remote control. You are curious to find out what the remote control is used for. So, you click the ‘ON’ button… Slowly, there is a projector screen lowering down right in front of you… Once it is in position, click the ‘PLAY’ button… A movie starts playing on the screen… It is a movie of your life. You may not remember everything consciously. But your subconscious mind records every moment you experienced so far. It doesn’t analyse right or wrong. It just simply records… records every moment, records every emotion that relates to those moments… joy, passion, love, fear, grief, anger, (insert other relevant emotions) and many, many other feelings are all being recorded… Now, I want you to feel the emotions related to (insert client issue)… feel the emotion, notice where it is located in your body. Once you locate the feeling in your body, please let me know by saying the word ‘yes’…


Good, now I want you to sink into that particular part of the body, concentrate ONLY on that part of the body…. Feel the (insert emotion), merge with it… In a moment, I’m going to count from 10 to 1. Every number counting down, the feeling is more intense. Every number counting down, you are drawn closer and closer to the screen, to the movie of your life, to the very first time in this lifetime that you felt (insert issue). By the time I count to 1, you will be drawn into the screen playing the very first moment in this life when you felt this way… 10, the feeling is stronger… 9, the feeling is amplifying… 8, stronger and powerful… 7, let the movie of your life draw you closer and closer to the screen with each number… 6, feeling the emotion getting more intense… 5, let the emotion connect to the screen now and draw you closer… 4, the feeling is so strong as you are feeling it the first time… 3, you are completely connected with the moment you feel it the first time… 2, the moment is vividly showing on the screen and you are ready to step into the scene… 1, draw into the scene and be there now!


  • What do you feel?
  • What is the temperature? Is it cold or hot?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Are you wearing shoes or bare feet?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Where are you now?
  • Are you alone or with other people?
  • What is happening now?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • Why are you feeling this way?


(If it is an ISE, proceed to the ‘reframing and healing’ part. If it is an RSE follow below the paragraph of the emotional bridge)


Emotional bridge

Good, now while you are here you can feel there is a number set between 1 to 100 to indicate the intensity of the emotion you are feeling. Can you tell me what the number is? Good, now I want you to use the remote control you brought with you. By pressing the volume button, you will increase the number all the way to 100 to maximise the feeling… As soon as the number is set at 100, you feel a stream of powerful force pulling you back to the very first time you felt (insert issue) in this lifetime… 3 going back, 2 all the way back, 1… be there now!


(Repeat the questions above)


Reframing and Healing

Your life is recorded in your subconscious mind, just like movies are recorded on a tape. The difference is, in the movie of your life, YOU are the director… YOU are the creator… Even if the places, the times, the scenes and the supporting roles change, YOU are always the director and the core character… In the movie of your life, you have the total power to rewrite the script and direct all the actors to replay the same scene… Throughout all these years, you have learnt a lot and gained a lot more knowledge. You are more skillful, mature, confident and independent (add any other resources the client needs) … Now, I want you to invite adult you over to the scene. Adult (insert client’s name) is strong, powerful, intelligent, confident, and wise (insert relevant resources)…  She/he understands exactly how you are feeling and understands why you are doing this. She/he loves, nurtures, and cares about you. She/he gives little (insert client’s name) a big hug and holds her/his hand… You feel a powerful energy coming from the hand of adult (insert client’s name), transferring an abundance of self-love, confidence, peace, courage and strength (insert relevant resources) to little (insert client name)… Take a moment to allow this powerful energy and resources to transfer completely. Once it is done, please let me know by saying the word ‘finished’…


Good, you now have all the resources and the love and support from adult (insert client name), you can easily replay the entire scene. Now, as the director of your own movie, I want you to let the scene replay. We are going to re-shoot it. Let all the actors use the new script you just wrote. Change the stage, dialogue, scenery… adjust anything you want and start to record a new tape. Once it is done, please let me know by saying the word ‘finished’…


  • What happened this time?
  • How do you feel?


You are doing great. Now I want you to thank adult (insert client’s name). Thank him/her for standing by your side. Thank him/her for sending all the self-love, confidence, peace, courage and strength (insert relevant resources) to you.
Thank him/her for his/her unconditional love… You know he/she is always there for you, whenever is needed, he/she is the first person to come to you, to give you help and support and love… Now please give a hug to adult (insert client’s name) and say bye to him/her for now… When you are ready, I want you to walk out of the screen and return to the armchair…


Now in your hand, there is a brand-new tape you have just recorded. It is the achievement of both child and adult (insert client’s name). You are now feeling loved, confident, peaceful, strong, and empowered (add relevant resources). From this moment on, Every – Word – I – Say will make you feel even more loved, stronger and empowered. When you hear Every – Word – I – Say, you know you will keep receiving all these abundant resources whenever is needed, because they have always been there within you. They are part of you. You are the only director of the movie of your life. You are in charge and have all the power to re-write, redirect and re-play when you need to.



Wake up