Okay. We’re going to begin preparing the body and mind for a deep trance state now.

Taking some deep breaths here.


In a moment, you’re going to begin using the vibration of your voice.

You’re going to begin to hum deeply like this “HUMM” and keep humming until I tell you to stop.
You’re going to hum so that you feel the vibration fill your face and head, and eventually your whole body. 

Breathing in when you need to, naturally and organically.

Now, when I say, on the inhale you will open your eyes.

And on the exhale you will close down your eyes and HUM.

Inhale, eyes open, just gaze out in front of you.

And exhale, closing down the eyes, humming nice and deep.

Inhale, eyes open fog the gaze.

Exhale, eyes closed “HUMM”. 

I’m going to cue you when to begin. 

First, take a deep breath in. And out. And in. And out. Ok. Now breath in… And begin, eyes closed humming out, nice and slow.  

*Allow them to continue at their own pace and then speak…* 


This sound has a soothing effect on the body. Notice your whole body absorbing the vibration. Lose yourself safely in the sound. Notice. A little louder now.
Nice and slow.
The humming is reducing stress, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Feel yourself witnessing the sound of my voice as you Hum. Beautiful. Keep going now. Until I tell you to stop. 

Little longer now. Each time becoming more and more relaxed. Feel yourself dissolve in the sound. Just the sound of my voice and the hum. Good. Keep going. Nice and slow.

Surrendering deeper, each time you exhale.

The eyes becoming heavier now. 

Good. Each hum weighing down the eyes. 

Notice each time you open them to inhale they’re becoming heavier. 

Good. Keep going. 

Let’s take a few more rounds now. 

Eyes heavier. 

Take your last Hum here as you exhale and close down the eyes.

Deeply relaxed.

Fully submerged in vibration. Submerged in hypnosis. Still. Peaceful. 

Okay. Stay here, in this relaxed state. You don’t have to do anything at all.


Just breathing. 

Now. I want you to imagine you are standing in front of a dial. Just an ordinary dial. With the numbers 1 to 10 written on it.

This is the dial that controls your brainwave state.

Notice the dial is turned up to 10 here. 

Now, place your hand on this dial. Yes.

Begin to turn the dial, nice and slowly from 10 to 9 – reducing the brainwave state, 8 – going deeper,  7 – nice and relaxed, 6 – heart rate slows down, 5 – slowly moving the dial down past the 4, 3 – relaxing deeper and deeper now, 2 as you surrender more here and 1 brainwaves are reduced to a deep hypnosis. Good.