Relax into the chair, close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose.  Exhale through your mouth and feel the pressures and stresses of the day leave your body as your breath out.  Now breath in again through your nose, breathing in calming energy that you can feel move from your lungs into your body.  Once again breath out, letting all the stresses of the day leave your body with the air that is exhaled.

Now imagine that there is a ball of energy just below your feet, it’s a beautiful ball of energy, see it as a colour that brings up feelings of peace and calmness for you.  This ball will help you to relax and feel full of peace, calmness and healing.  Now imagine this ball of energy starting to move up to your toes, feet and ankles and as it moves up, you can feel your feet relaxing and any stress in them is leaving your feet.  The energy now moves to your lower legs and your knees also making the muscles in your lower legs feel relaxed and as if they are becoming one with the chair.  Now move to the upper legs, feeling them become relaxed and smooth, peaceful and heavy.  Now move the energy from your legs into your lower back and abdomen, the energy feels so good and healing, any tension leaves your lower back and abdomen and you can feel the relaxation.  

Your breathing is continuing as the energy moves up your body, slowly and deeply, and with each breath that you take, you can feel yourself becoming more peaceful and calm and the stress leaving your body as you exhale. 

The energy now moves further up your back and abdomen to your ribs, you can feel the release, the relaxation, the decrease in tension.  Now the blue energy moves into your chest, the peace and healing coming with it and your body is feeling heavy and warm and relaxed. Now the energy moves down both arms, you can feel it moving all the way to the tips of your fingers, your arms becoming heavy and the tension leaving through your fingertips and out into the atmosphere. 

Now the energy moves up your neck and into your face around the mouth and jaw.  You can feel your jaw relax and your mouth may open slightly, letting any built up tension leave you with each breath and your face beginning to feel soft.  The energy continues moving up your face, past your eyes.  Your eyelids feel so heavy and easily stay closed.  Up to the top of your head, you can feel the energy move and your scalp relaxes and any residual tension that you have had in your body or your head leaves via the top of your head.  Now the energy comes down and surrounds you so that you are enveloped in a calming, soothing and peaceful dome of energy.  Still able to breath peacefully, still able to hear with your subconscious, but calm and peaceful and relaxed. 

Now imagine you are a leaf floating in the water near the top of a gentle waterfall.  The blue water feels so good around you, supporting you. Washing over you and cleansing you, making you feel relaxed and allowing your worries and cares to just drift away.  You are floating around, turning in slow circles dependent upon the current of the water.  Not enough to make you dizzy but just so you can lie back, with the sun on your face and the water beneath, relaxing and calming.  You are moving slowly closer to the edge of the waterfall.  The movement is gentle and soothing and as the leaf, you feel calm and relaxed in the movement of the water.  The waterfall is a gentle drop down and is completely safe.  Now you go over the top of the waterfall and you can feel yourself slowly cascading down, down, down, down, deeper and deeper with the flow of the water, down, down, down down, towards the inner part of yourself, the part that is your subconscious and is intuitive, it listens and understands. The part that knows your truth and assists with healing, while your conscious mind is slowly drifting with the flow of the water. 

Deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, calmer and calmer. 

The water levels off and you feel calm and peaceful, still moving gently with the water as it approaches the top of the next section of the waterfall, going down with the count of 5 to 1, to your inner depths, where the wisdom that is inside you lives, your inner knowing, your spirit.

5… deeper and deeper

4…relaxed and calm, peaceful and deeper

3…deeper and calmer, more peaceful, more relaxed

2…deeper and deeper

1…relaxed, calm, peaceful, deep 


Outline of styles

The Induction is a form of progressive relaxation, so that the person can feel each part of their body relax and as this occurs the mind starts to relax as well.  As the mind starts to relax, the conscious mind can let go of the stresses of the day and thoughts that may be troubling the person and allow the conscious mind to switch off and the subconscious to start taking over.  In both the induction and the deepener, a soothing, calm tone would be used to help the client to relax and feel safe and unrushed. 

The style of the staircase and elevator has been used as the deepener, where the metaphor of descent to take the person down into the subconscious mind and let the conscious mind drift or be occupied in other ways.  The repetition of deeper and deeper and feeling calm and relaxed is used so that the person can feel those things happening to their body – calmness and relaxation while their conscious mind also becomes calm and detaches from the subconscious and allows the subconscious to come to the fore. 

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