Safe Space (private sanctuary) 

Notice in front of you there is a cleared path with a sign posted right beside it. The sign reads ‘Ancestor Tree’. You have walked down this path many times before to access wisdom and insights from your ancestors. You know where it leads.

You are going to visit your ancestor tree today, to gain clarity on a particular moment in time past where one of your ancestors experienced ***. 

Go ahead and begin walking down that path now. Taking in the scenery. Notice what the landscape looks like. Notice if the path is winding or straight. You come to a small creek, upon which you must cross. There are 7 stones laid out for you to jump on to get to the other side. In a moment I’m going to count from 7 to 1, and as I do, you are going to find yourself gracefully and effortlessly hopping on the corresponding stone until you reach the other side, which will allow us to access another dimension. A deeper state, where you will land feeling more relaxed, more at peace and further surrendered.

Okay. 7…6 letting go… 5…4… softly leaping….3…2… almost there, and…1… surrendering. Good. 

Continue walking the carved out, path until you see the silhouette of your Great Ancestor Tree right there in front of you. Good. Walk towards it and take it all in. Notice the environment around you. Notice if it has changed.

Notice how large the tree is, what kind of tree it is… What colours and textures it has.

Take in its beauty. And feel the assuring, loving welcome as you come closer to it. This is your ancestor tree. It has always been here for you. It holds all the wisdom of your ancestors. It holds the experiences and prayers of your lineages before. This is your guardian and guide. And it is so happy to see you. 

Placing your hands on the trunk of the tree, take in the texture and feel. If the surface is hard or soft. How big the trunk is. What colour it is. Ground in that feeling now. Allow it to be your anchor into your 3rd dimensional state whenever you need. Feeling so safe and so held. 

As you feel into your tree, you begin to sense a soft presence. There is someone standing in the distance. You know who they are. They are your (ancestor) from your (parent) side. They have such a beautiful, familiar energy to you.

They are here to show you a moment in past time where they had an experience involving (issue). At this time they had decided they were (insert triggers/secondary vibrational statements) not worthy, un lovable and worthless.

I am going to count down from 3 to 1, and as I do they will begin to walk closer to you and your ancestor tree. You will feel them close and clear. 3…2…1 be there now. 

Take a moment to meet them. Notice what they look like. What time they appear to be from. Their clothing. Their eyes and face. Notice their skin and hair.

They open their hands to you, signalling for you to hold them.
You know that when you do, it will transport you to that exact moment in time where they felt (issues) rejected.

They wish to show you now. Go ahead and take their hands.

And feel yourself go there in 3…2… as your external world begins to blur… 1 be there now.

Observe where they have taken you. If they have changed forms- perhaps they are younger. Or older. Notice. 

Your (ancestor) did not have the resources in this time, that they needed in order to have the experience they wanted and hoped for. But you do! As you gaze into the eyes of your (ancestor) there is a deep knowing, from the both of you, that you have come here to provide those resources. You have everything they need to have the experience they deserve. You have the knowledge, the skills, the wisdom, and understanding. And you’re here to give them to your (ancestor) now. Go ahead and give your (ancestor) a big hug. As you do, they feel your love. They feel your support and they are infused with all the resources they need to choose the experience they now want. They have the power now to choose the life they want. They are stronger, braver and wiser now that you have come back to support them. Feel and fill your (ancestor), here in this moment, where time is not linear and you are experiencing the energy of this exchange.

You know they are now filled with care, self-worth, confidence, self-belief, strength, empowerment and deep wisdom (relevant resources). 

Take as long as you need here. Noticing the smile on your (ancestors) face. They know they can manifest the life they wish to have now and create anything. They have the tools to align with who they truly are.

When you are ready to leave, and the exchange is complete because you know they are ready and fully equipped to make positive, aligned choices, let me know by giving me a small nod of the head. 


Now get ready to say goodbye, leaving your (ancestor) here to continue co-creating their experience, fully aligned and strong.

As you are saying goodbye, your (ancestor) has something for you. A small object. Take notice of what it is as they place it in your hand. Perhaps it is a small stone or crystal. Maybe a small instrument or emblem. This item holds the energy of your exchange today. It is a reminder, to you of this powerful moment in time where you met and guided your (ancestor), imprinting the timelines and lineages. This item is a thank you from your (ancestor) and it will forever be here to remind you of your great courage and power. 

You ancestor holds your hands once more and as they do they begin to teleport you back to your tree. Dissolving into the scenery.
You leave this experience and come back to your ancestor tree. 

When you return you notice your (ancestor) is not with you, for they have returned to the timeline to implement the resources you have given them. You look down at the item they gave you and feel the impact you have just made. You place the item at the base of the ancestor tree. As an offering to your tree. Perhaps the next time you return you will place more items and gifts here, to symbolise your efforts and courage in this work. For now, place it somewhere and begin to prepare yourself to return to this present moment in this current life. 

When you return, you will find that your reality has changed. You now resonate with the transformed and upgraded energy within your DNA. You find that you have a higher resonance with self-worth, love, wisdom, knowing, confidence, and compassion (positive versions of the core belief). You know now that you can attract the respect and acknowledgement you deserve, and others value you in their lives. Because of who you truly are, your most authentic, true self, the life you wish for and seek, will come to you easily. And you are now a clearer more open channel for spirit and alignment to stream through.                

+ Any other PREM suggestions 

In a moment I am going to count from 1 to 10….


Wake up