Induction – Progressive | Deepener – Staircase

I’d like you to focus on the small dot in front of you, that’s right… now breath in deeply and fill your belly with air, hold for a moment and slowly release…that’s  right  and  again breathe in and out. 

Now as you continue to breathe in and out you will feel your eyelids becoming heavier and with each blink your eyes are getting heavier and your body is becoming more relaxed. Feeling the peace settle in, feeling ready for this journey. With every breath and every blink feeling heavier and more relaxed. Your eyelids becoming so heavy they want to close, the tiny dot becoming fuzzier, your body sinking into the chair. So at peace, so relaxed. Now close your eyes, feel how heavy they have become, you’re so relaxed, feeling so peaceful. 

Now I’d like you to imagine in your mind’s eye that this dot has now transformed into a golden speck with a warm light flowing from it, this golden speck is now making its way to the top of your head. As it gets closer, you feel even more relaxed, the closer it gets the deeper you go, going deeper and deeper. 

Now this golden light is right above your head, where its warm light is covering you from the tip of your head, flowing down to your forehead and over your heavy eyes, going deeper and deeper. Flowing down your face, you feel your jaw becoming loser. Now flowing easily and smoothly down your neck through to your shoulders, all the weight falling away, feeling so much lighter, going so much deeper. 

Travelling down your arms all the way to your fingertips, so relaxed and so peaceful. Now you can feel this warm light making its way down your chest and into your abdomen, the deeper this goes the deeper into relaxation you go with it. Down into your hips, going deeper and deeper, feeling lighter, so peaceful. Flowing down your thighs, deeper, feeling lighter, so blissful, so at peace, deeper and deeper you go. All the way down your shins through to the tips of your toes     you are so relaxed and so at peace. 

I’d like you to imagine you are standing at the entrance of a beautiful cave, you are at the top of a stairwell, you know this cave is safe, the walls are lined with all of your favorite crystals; they shine so brightly and beautifully and are ready to guide you down the stairwell to a safe space where everything I say to you today will sink in so deeply that when you leave here today you will continue to make good choices and believe the best in you. 

In a moment I will count back from 10 and when we reach one, I will click my fingers and you will go into the deepest state of relaxation that you’ve ever been in before, where everything I say to you will flow and rest within your subconscious mind, there is nothing you need to do here, just relax. 

10 now begin your journey going deeper 9 yes letting go

8 feeling more relaxed, so relaxed 7 brain waves dropping lower

6 going down even deeper

5 you’re so relaxed, so at peace 4 deeper and deeper you go

3 feeling your self going deeper

2 that’s right so deep And 1.