By Carol Green

When you are ready just let your eyes close down gently. Taking three slow steady breaths… in and out… in and out… last one… in and out… just concentrating on the breath.  Now breathe a little deeper feeling the oxygen fill your lungs, relaxing your body… relaxing… relaxing. You are here today because you want to take a very special journey to give yourself an opportunity to discover the reason for (insert client issue) as we discussed previously.


We will be going to a past life to explore past negative choices and emotions that are still influencing you today, and have led to the problem of (insert client issue) in your present life. You will be able to look back and recognise these past choices and any negative emotions that remain in your body, thus giving you the power to heal and change. By coming here today you have already shown a willingness to change the patterns and perceptions from the past that you have carried with you, and maybe you have already begun the process of healing. I want you to know that all through this journey, that you are loved, you are safe and secure and that your guides, angels and higher self are with you to support you in any way that you need.


You just have to ask them, take a moment to feel their love and support encompassing your whole being…(pause)

Now continue to concentrate on your breathing in and out, in and out… you are beginning to feel your whole body relax. We are going to relax your whole body now starting from your head. Continue to breathe slowly and steadily… bring your attention to your head now… feel the tension begin to release from your scalp, relaxing, relaxing more and more into the couch, feel your eyes now, feel the muscles around your eyes release any tension… relaxing… relaxing… mmmmm… it feels so good… now the face, relax the facial muscles, the jaw, let the jaw release… relaxing… relaxing… All the muscles in your entire head free of tension, now.


Bring your awareness to the back of your neck, just imagine all tension washing away now from the shoulders… let them relax… we hold a lot of tension in our shoulders… allow them to drop freely and let go of all the tension here. Awareness going down the arms now… letting them relax… relax all the way down to the fingers, feel any remaining tension coming out of the fingers, now.


Now feel the rise and fall of your chest as you release everything held there, let it go, release it with the breath. And now your back relaxes deeper and deeper into the couch, down to your stomach, so relaxed… deeper and deeper, no more tension there.

Bring your awareness now down to the legs, relax them, let any tension go with the out breath… relaxing… relaxing deeper and deeper. Relax and feel how safe you are and how good it feels not to be carrying any tightness in your body. Coming down to the feet now feeling the last of the tension dissipate… sliding down past your ankles and out through your toes… You are feeling wonderfully relaxed.


Now I want you to imagine a beautiful white shining stairway leading downward, and at the bottom of this staircase is an amazing garden in the sun. There’s a handrail if you need to use it, it is very ornate and made of crystal but warm to the touch. There are 10 steps down and every step down you take you will be more relaxed and at peace, and will take you to the deepest level of your mind. We will begin to descend now……10 going down… 9, 8, you smell the scent of flowers… 7, 6 down, down… 5 relaxing even more now… 4, beginning to see glimpses of the garden… 3, 2 downward into the beautiful garden… almost there and 1… entering the garden now…


You gaze around you at the beautiful garden. The scents fill you with comfort… you close your eyes just for a moment feeling the warmth of the sun on your entire body relaxing you even more. You hear the sound of birds and you look in their direction and see an array of colour… there are many different types of birds, some you have never seen before… the songs they sing immerse into one filling you with love and appreciation. This place, this garden is your sacred place…there is nothing uncomfortable here, nothing to be fearful of, your special place, just for you. Go ahead and begin walking… you notice all the different amazing colours of the flowers… they are almost translucent, so delicate, and the smell mmmmm… so relaxing…. As you walk through your garden knowing that you are completely safe, secure and supported I want you to notice that there are three paths directly in front of you….sense which one is drawing you to it… you notice that one of these paths has a warm light surrounding it, it feels warm and inviting, full of love.  This path will lead you to the experience involving (insert trigger) where you felt (insert primary thought statement)… Your highest self knows which path to take…so follow the calls of your inner most self now and begin your journey down this path…

As you begin your journey, a haze descends and your surroundings begin to blur as you walk along this path…this haze has a magical quality to it and has the ability to move you back through time and space, back to the lifetime where you had the experience of (insert client issue)… Keep walking along…and as you continue moving back in time, the haze begins to clear…

I am not now going to count backwards from 3 down to 1, and on the count of 1, the haze will have completely cleared and you will find yourself in that lifetime, having the experience of (insert client issue)…3, 2, and 1… be there now! 


Allowing any images and sensations to come….


  • Are you inside or outside?
  • What do you see around you?
  • What material are the buildings made of?
  • Is there anyone with you?
  • Can you tell me your name?
  • Tell me, what are you feeling?


(Get a sense of the ISE)

Good…we are going to the last day of that life 3, 2, 1… be there now!

  • Do you know how old you are?
  • Can you describe where you are?
  • Tell me what’s happening.
  • Are there any indications of this being your last day?
  • Can you tell me, how do you feel about this life you had?


So now we will go back to the beginning of the experience that you have just relived. I want you to see present day (insert client name) walking towards you… she has a beautiful smile on her face and is radiating with love, compassion and understanding, and knows exactly how you are feeling in this moment… She understands what you are going through and wishes to help you… she has many resources at her disposal that she has gathered through her many lifetimes before this one.  And as she reaches you her arms open and she embraces you, filling you with her essence, her love, her understanding and compassion.

You feel the unconditional love she has for you in this moment… and as she holds you close to her heart a knowing fills your entire being, a knowing of how to deal with (insert client issue) as all the future knowledge she has bought back to you seeps into your body enabling you to deal with the problem that continues in your current life. You feel uplifted, calm, and peaceful, now knowing that you have all the resources you need in your current life, the support, the wisdom, the confidence and the strength.

So now you have these resources and with (insert client name) by your side to support you I would like you to replay these events how they would have happened the first time had you had access to these resources then. Have it play out how you want it to be and let me know when you are finished…


That’s great, so what happened this time? How do you feel?


So, we will now go back to the end of that life, but now with all the resources and experiences that you’ve just had.  3, 2, 1… be there now!


  • How old are you this time?


(explore death scene)


Now thank (insert client name) for coming to be with you and how grateful you are for her help. (Insert client name), tell past life you that you will always be there for her and you will be there for her always bringing whatever resources are needed to live their lives with wisdom, love, compassion and truth (insert relevant resources).


For now say goodbye and begin making your way back up the path in which you came…keep going until you the garden all the way to the bottom of the crystal staircase. You will begin to climb up your staircase and when I reach the count of one you will return to your current life in the current place. But you will now return with all these wonderful new resources you now have at your disposal. You will be confident, loved, empowered, safe, having had those learnings and wisdom now for many lifetimes.


Wake Up