By Kai Ling Kung

This script is intended to help clients suffering from physical illnesses such as cancer, paralysis, migraine, etc. The goal is to recover from their illnesses, and also give them the hope and strength they need to overcome challenges encountered along the way.

It is important to stress to the client that this method should be used in conjunction with proper clinical diagnosis and treatment. Creative visualisation can be used to complement clinical treatment but should not be used as the sole treatment.

Induction & Deepening of choice

I want you now to see yourself in your mind’s eye, your current situation. Feel yourself in your current health condition. You are in a safe place…it is ok for you to feel your emotions. Good…tell me what are you feeling now? What do you most want to change about it? What is preventing you from creating this change? Are there any other reasons?

(Keep going until we identify all the limiting reasons)

Good…thanks for being honest. For a moment now, put those emotions and obstacles in a box, and close the box gently. I want you now to imagine a pure, loving white light beaming from above. This white light only has love for you. You see it beaming into the box, surrounding it with its loving and healing energy. Very gently, you feel those emotions and obstacles dissolving. The loving white light now moves to the (area of concern: eg. leg, chest, stomach, etc.), surrounding the (area of concern) with its healing energy. Go ahead and feel the white light now. Feel the warmth, feel the love, feel the light healing and nourishing every cell in the body, and feel the (insert disease) dissolving.


Very good…take a deep cleansing breath in, and shift your focus to your new reality. See it unfolding just as you want it to be. Allow that image to come to mind, and feel it becoming clearer and clearer. Tell me, what are you seeing now? What does that allow you to do? How does that make you feel? Go ahead and feel yourself in this (insert new reality as described by client), feel how empowered, strong and healthy you are.

(Allow client some time to feel the desired reality using all their senses, to strengthen the image in their mind).

You are now a healthy, strong and powerful person. You are so strong, mentally and physically, that you can cope with any challenge that you encounter in life. You know that deep within you, you have everything you need to achieve anything you want in life. You trust your inner intelligence to guide you, to any thought, any action that brings you back to your healthy, ideal self. You trust your body’s intelligence, that it can self-heal, and you can follow the signal of your body…you know when it needs to rest, exercise, and what foods it needs to best recover.

Any time when you choose to practise this manifestation, you will relax easily and deeply. Your mind will remember the vivid image that you saw today and the future you are creating for yourself. Every day in every way, you are moving one step closer to the bright future you have created for yourself. You are feeling better and stronger, and you are feeling more capable of achieving your ideal, healthy self.

In a moment, I am going to count from 1 to 10. When I reach 10, you’ll awaken feeling fully recharged and hopeful. For you know within you, you already have everything you need to achieve anything you want in life. When you go to sleep tonight, you will sleep soundly and deeply, unless there is a need for you to awaken. And when you wake up the next morning, you will wake up feeling refreshed and hopeful, looking forward to a new day.

Wake Up