Issues Targeting

*Grief for children specifically

*Depression and Anxiety

*Confidence boosting

*Love and compassion support

*Chakra balancing


Issues Targeting 

*Ego-Strengthening with direct suggestion

*Guided Imagery

*Creative Visualisation

*Gestalt Therapy


There is a deep and profound part of you & your mind, an incredible intelligence that holds more power than you are aware of. It’s never off the clock, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is the part of your mind that automatically reacts because it only wants to protect you. It is the part of your inner self that’s allows you to experience every emotion. The part of you that has the power to heal any pain, that knows how to bring a positive balance and harmony to your thoughts and so, your choices. This is your subconscious mind, this is the part of your mind that allows you to read a page in a book, paint your nails or eat your dinner while you mentally plan the next day. It is the deepest part of your mind that remembers and stores every thought, memory and experience for you.

Close your eyes, dear one and take in a deep breathe in through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth…. Very good… and again, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth… wonderful… and one more time… deep breathe right down onto your belly and out through your mouth… like you are breathing out all the yucky feelings that are hiding inside of you… whooooo… very, very good…… I now want you to imagine that you are standing on top of a rainbow… the rainbow feels very strong as it  can hold you up in the sky amongst all the clouds and the birds…The rainbow is safe and you will not let you fall as this rainbow is a very special rainbow… anywhere you walk along the rainbow, you cannot fall off… the rainbow moves with you… every step you take, the rainbow is right there under your feet….Have a look around…. What does it feel like up there? You can feel the sun in your skin and it feels so nice and warm and comfortable…. You walk around the rainbows surface, and you come across some sparkly rainbow steps…. In a moment you are going to walk down these beautiful, sparkly steps and with each step you take I’m going to count down from 10 to 1 and as I count down you will feel more relaxed, more sleepy, more tired and much more calm… ok let’s go…. 10, taking your first step down the steps…9 going deeper down through a cloud, 8 stepping down even deeper, 7 feeling more relaxed and more secure, 6 going deeper now down the rainbow, 5 even deeper, 4 each step you take you are feeling sooo relaxed and sooo safe… 3 going deeper down the rainbow feeling very sleepy… 2… almost at the bottom…1 and you’ve landed on a cloud feeling very sleepy, feeling very calm and feeling very safe….Now you are on the level where there are lots of clouds around and you can walk around these clouds with no problem at all… the rainbow is still there near you… I want you to walk back over to the rainbow…. Can you see the colours of the rainbow?

Nod your head if you are at the rainbow… wonderful…. Can you see the colour Red? Nod your head if you can see the colour red…. wonderful… now I want you to reach out and touch the colour red…. What does it feel like? Is it soft? Is it hard? Does it feel squishy or smooth? It can feel any way you want it to feel… this is your special rainbow… I want you to now smell the colour red… what does it smell like? Does it smell sweet?…. Spicy?… Sour?… Salty?…. I want you now to taste the colour red…. Ohhh what does it taste like? Does it taste like lollies? Or maybe sweet watermelon or strawberries? You tell me what it tastes like…. Wow how wonderful! Now I want you to stick your hand into the colour red and grab some of it… like you have grabbed a big fistful of paint!….and I want you to  wipe this big blob of red around the bottom of your tummy… right at the bottom of your tummy… wonderful…. This red colour has a special purpose… This red, rainbow colour helps you feel safe… and lets you know that you will always be looked after with food, shelter and safety…i want you to say ‘I AM’ and look at the colour red on you… wonderful… this colour red will always be with you making you feel safe….

Ok, let’s look for the next colour… can you see the colour orange? Reach out and touch it… what does the colour orange feel like? Does it feel warm? … Wonderful… now have a smell of the colour orange… does it smell like you thought it would? Tell me what it smells like? Wow, how wonderful!….Ok, I want you to have a little taste of the colour orange… what does it taste like? Does it taste sweet? Sour? Bitter? What does it taste like to you? Fantastic!!…. Ok, so now I want you take take a big blob of the orange colour and wipe some just above where you wiped the red colour… just underneath your belly button… wonderful… this orange colour has a special purpose, this rainbow orange helps you feel as though you are apart of a group, helps you enjoy new things that you have gained in your life… I want you to say ‘I FEEL’ and look at the colour orange and know that whenever you are meeting someone new like a friend or something new is happening in your life that you feel happy and safe about it…. Excellent… you’re doing really well….

I want you now to look around for the colour yellow in the rainbow…. Do you see it? Let me know when you have seen it by nodding your head…. Wonderful! Ok so now please go ahead and smell the colour yellow! What does it smell like? Does it smell sour? Bitter? Have a taste of the colour yellow… what does it taste like? Tell me what it tastes like to you? What does it feel like? Does it feel warm? Ok, take a big blob of the yellow and wipe it over your belly button just above the orange colour… wonderful… This beautiful colour yellow help you feel strong and powerful…. Know that whenever you need to feel strength say the words ‘I DO’ and think of the colour yellow that is magically around your belly button….

Ok, now look for the colour green… tell once you have found the colour green… wonderful… what does green smell like? Have a taste of it… does it taste yummy or not as nice as you expected? … wonderful now gran some of the green and wipe it across your chest…right over where your heart sits in your chest… fantastic… Say the words ‘I LOVE’… whenever you feel sad, lonely or angry I want you to say, ‘I LOVE’ and think of the magical colour green around your heart…. This will help you feel loved and know that you love yourself and everyone around you loves you too…

Let’s look for the colour blue… Can you see it? Great… what does blue smell like? Does it smell like flowers or maybe a yummy food you enjoy… Have a taste of it… what does it taste like? It can taste anyway you want it to taste… ok wonderful, now grab some of that blue and wipe it across your throat… fantastic this blue colour is healing your throat so  you can speak clearly and say exactly what you want to say, the blue of the rainbow helps you speak the truth with love, it helps you heal your words and heal your body and emotions…I want you to say the words ‘I TALK’ and imagine this beautiful colour Blue on your throat whenever you feel like you can’t say something you want to… fantastic… you’re doing so well….Let’s look for the colour indigo… this colour look like its half blue and half purple… can you see it… let me know when you see the colour indigo by  nodding your head… fantastic… I want you to just grab a blob of the colour indigo and wipe it across your forehead… where your eyebrows are… right across your eyebrows and I want you to say the words ‘I SEE’ when you are doing it… amazing…the colour indigo helps you see the truth of any situation… it gives you a feeling inside your tummy, that is called your intuition, that helps guide you towards the truth of any situation you’re in… it is your special power to trust yourself and what your body, mind and soul is trying   to tell you…

We are up to our last special rainbow colour… are you ready? Look around and find the colour purple… have you found it? Wonderful… now take a big blob of the colour purple and flick it above your head… like you’re making it rain purple over you! How fun! Flick that colour purple above your head and say the words ‘I UNDERSTAND’… this beautiful colour purple will help you understand anything that happens in your life… this is where you will search for answers that you are wanting to find truth too…. this is where you can contact your Soul and ask it anything you like, and it will show you the answers through your environment…. through your third eye…. through your listening…. though your thoughts…. and through your feelings. the answer will always be a positive one… so you can always trust the answers that come to you…. trust your intuition and the feelings of love that come with the answers you receive…. You are doing so wonderfully, and I am so proud of what you have done so far….

You are now lying on some soft, green grass… the grass feels like a pillow… so soft and so safe… you see a magical castle in front of you… I want you to walk towards the castle’s front door…let me know when you have reached the front door by nodding your head… wonderful… there is a magical unicorn waiting for you at the front door…. Say hello to the unicorn… the unicorn is going to take you on a special tour of the castle… the unicorn has leant down for you to hop on his back… I want you to climb onto the unicorn and hold onto its beautiful rainbow hair… Let me know when you are on the unicorns back…. great…. the unicorn feels warms, safe and strong and he is going to take you to some special rooms within the castle where there is someone you need to talk to…. I want you to tell the unicorn to take you to the first room…. Are you in the first room?….good… in this room you see someone that you need to talk to let me know   when you see them and let me know what their name is… you also see 2 big, soft beanbags….bring them together so that they face each other…i want you to sit in one of the beanbags and the other person to sit in the other beanbag…. This room you are in is safe, and you can speak your truth and say whatever you like to the person…What you say to the other person will not be hurting them…. because this is a safe place for them too…. if you need to cry, then cry…if you need to be angry…then be angry… just remember that you are safe and sound in this room..…go ahead and tell the other person what you are feeling… whatever is in your heart, your mind, your soul…no matter what it is…. You can express these feelings freely and safely…Use everything you have within you to communicate to this person…… Take as long as you need and let me know when you have finished by saying ‘finished’…..

Good… now let the other person respond to what you have just said….let me know when they have finished by saying ‘finished’…..

Good… now leave this person sitting there for now, stand up and make your way back to the unicorn and jump on his back…. Walk around the castle and see if there are any other rooms with someone you need to talk too…. Let me know when you have found someone and who it is….

(repeat above process)

Now take the last person with you and work your way back….collecting the people you have been talking to….take them now towards the centre of the castle where you find a very magic room… as you open the door you see the beautiful rainbow that you were playing with before, shining it’s beautiful light on each of you….the rainbow colours feel   so warm, so safe, so loving, so comforting like a big warm, loving hug full of compassion, wisdom, forgiveness and acceptance…. The rainbow light fills you up with these beautiful feelings throughout your whole body…. connecting you with your soul, connecting you with heaven, connecting you with love…..

Now I want you to turn to the first person you met in the first room and tell them how you’re feeling now….and let me know when you’re done by saying ‘finished’…

Good… now let them talk to you, remembering that they are talking with the beautiful rainbow colours and let me know when they have finished…good…

Now, do you feel totally and completely ready to forgive this person from the bottom of your heart? Great… go ahead and forgive them….and as you do, they are absorbing into the rainbow colours of love and forgiveness and heading back to heaven… (if they have passed)

(Repeat process with all people involved)

Now that you have forgiven, jump back on your unicorn and head towards the front door of the castle…walk back towards the rainbow slide with your unicorn and as you do you feel lighter, stronger and happier than you have ever felt before….

You notice that the slide is now steps going back up to the room you are in now… I’m going to count from 1 to 10 and as I do you will start to wake up, feeling refreshed, happy balanced and loved…

1, taking your first step up on the rainbow… 2, starting to feel tingles in your toes and legs…3, starting to feel your tummy and chest move….4, your breathe is coming back to normal now….5, feeling tingles in your fingers, hands and arms…6, 7, 8, feeling your shoulders and neck coming back into the room…9 and 10 fully awake and alert with your eyes open.