This script can be adapted by inserting the relevant triggers and core belief etc in the specified areas. I am happy to have my name attached 🙂 I have written this script for a female relative, however it can easily be adapted to use for a male relative. 

Now that you are so relaxed and able to access the depths of your consciousness, it is now time to move our awareness to another time and place. Imagine now that you are at a train station. This station is able to take you to all generations back on your (insert relevant parent) side. We are going to go (insert relevant number) generations back today to assist your (insert relevant ancestor). You notice a screen above you that has a symbol, picture or maybe even something written on it. Take notice of this symbol but also release any need to analyse the meaning of it. 

It is now time to embark on your journey. The train is about to arrive now and you watch as it pulls up in front of you on the platform. Step on and make yourself comfortable on one of the seats. This train has arrived just for you. You may be alone, or there may be supporters with you. Perhaps your guides, angels, and loved ones either still with us or passed have joined you to cheer you on. You may get a sense that other ancestors are here to support you and share their love with you as you do this important work. For you are helping to heal future generations also. 

The doors close now and it is time to leave. The train departs and you feel eager to visit your (insert relevant ancestor). And you notice that you are approaching the next station. This station represents one generation back, however we do not need to stop here, so just watch as the train passes on by. The train will go past (insert relevant number) stations before you arrive at your destination. When you arrive at the station that represents (insert relevant number) generations back you will hear a bell and the driver will announce your arrival. When you have arrived at the correct station just give me a nod of the head. 

Very good. You have arrived at the station which depicts a particular time in history where your (relative) had an experience involving (insert trigger). Going through this experience resulted in your (relative) deciding that she (insert primary thought statement – e.g. was powerless). She felt (insert secondary vibrational thought statements). Now, in a moment you will step off the train and you will arrive to greet your (relative). When your (relative) had this experience, she did not have the adequate resources to influence this experience in a beneficial way for her. However, you do have these resources, as well as clarity, self-belief, wisdom, understanding… and so much more. You have brought all of these qualities back for her and you are able to transfer them instantly. 

I’d like you to step off onto the platform and greet your (relative) with a big hug, or simply by your intention to do so. Your (relative) may appear to you in any way – perhaps they are an energy, or a small child? They could be any age or take on any appearance. Time is not linear in this dimension, so as you transmit all of the resources she needs know that she deeply feels and appreciates your love, care, and support. And through this interaction, she is now well-equipped to make highly aligned choices that are congruent to who she is at soul-level. This ability to make positive choices means she will now live a fulfilling life that brings her so much joy and peace. Your (relative) is now filled with self-belief and will go on to create the life she dreams of. 

I’ll give you a moment to spend some time with your (relative). Perhaps you have message you would like to say to her, or she may have something she would like to say to you. Just enjoy these special moments. When you know that they have been fully infused with all of the empowerment, self-belief and confidence she needs and you are ready to return to your current reality, let me know by giving me a nod of the head. 

Good. You have done an amazing job and have transformed your ancestors and relatives at the cellular level, both past and future. It is time to leave this dimension and return safe and feeling overjoyed at the beautiful experience you have just had. Step onto the train and return to the original station. As you step off the train, you notice the screen that depicted a special symbol or message. Take note of this screen again and observe if what appears has changed in any way. 

It is nearly time to return to full waking consciousness, and when you do, you will notice that the resources you transmitted to your (relative) have enhanced and grown even stronger within you. And you will wake up to a different reality where your DNA is also transformed and reflects the change in energy in your ancestral line. You now completely resonate with being empowered and the creator of your reality (insert core belief). You decide how circumstances play out and know that you can always create the solution (insert relevant circumstances/suggestions). You feel so confident, so capable. 

In a moment I will count from one to ten…….