By Yi Dong

This script contains guided imagery and Gestalt processes as therapeutic tools to assist in self-esteem enhancement and ease of grief.

Induction and Deepening of choice

You are walking along this boundless stretch of grassland. Dainty flowers blossom everywhere. They are so colourful…yellow, orange, red, purple and blue… some of the colours you don’t even know how to describe… they are just so beautiful. It is a sunny day in the spring. You look up to see the soft white clouds scattered on the clear blue sky. The sun is warm, radiating its golden healing light onto the grass, onto the tiny little flowers and onto you. You can feel the warmth of the sunlight showering your entire body, every inch of your skin, sending you its abundant and unconditional healing energy. It heals you, nurtures you, looks after you. It is always there for you. As you are enjoying the healing energy from the sunlight and strolling on the grassland, there is a small lake in front of you with beautiful swans swimming on it. The sunlight sprinkles millions of golden coins on the surface of the lake. It is so peaceful, so calm… you have never felt this peaceful and calm before in your life…


At the other side of the lake, there seems to be a little house. You are so curious to find out who has been living here. Walk toward the house now… it looks like a hobbit house with a wooden door and colourful glass windows. Next to the door, there is a small wooden board with your name engraved on it. This is your very own house! What is in it? You open up the door and step inside… It smells so good and familiar… You softly close the door behind you and look around the house. It is not huge, but big enough for you to comfortably walk around. There is a giant soft rug on the floor. You take off your shoes so you can feel how soft it is. You step on the rug with your bare feet. It is an incredible feeling, so soft yet so supportive… It is a house with a glass roof. The warm sunlight lights up the entire house and keeps bringing you the warmth and the healing energy. In the center of the room, there is a big, cushy, soft armchair. You sit down in the armchair, feeling the comfort going through your entire body. You have never felt this comfy yet supported.


Behind the armchair, there is a bookshelf against the wall. On the floor next to the bookshelf, there are books scattered around. You pick up one, it is the book of self-love with all the useful tools you need. Now, put self-love onto the shelf. There is another book titled confidence. You pick it up. Surprisingly, it recorded all the great qualities and strengths you have. Put it onto the shelf too. Next to your feet, there is a book of independence. You put it onto the bookshelf with no hesitation. Followed by that is the book of authenticity, a book of forgiveness, a book of strength and even a book of ‘how to create your own life journey’. You put them onto the shelf one by one. Each of them belongs to you. You own all of these books. They were just scattered on the floor and were forgotten. Now you have them nicely organised on the bookshelf. From this moment on, they are there for you. They will never leave you. Whenever you need them, you can always easily access them.


Around the room, there are a few doors. The first door is warm red. You hold the door handle. This old yet delicate copper handle has the word ‘authentic’ engraved on it. Open the door…inside are two chairs. You smile and immediately know what you need to do now… you sit down on the chair, and put the other chair facing you. Now, invite yourself to sit down on the other chair. Once the other you is there, please look at him/her. Pay attention to the age, what clothes they are wearing… Once both of you are settled, please let me know by saying the word ‘yes’… Good, now take a moment to have a conversation with yourself. Once you are finished, please say the word ‘finished’… Great, say bye to yourself for now, we will come back to her/him shortly.


Leave the room and gently close the door behind you. Next to the red door, there are some green doors. Open each door and see if there is anyone in the room. Once you find someone, please indicate by saying the word ‘yes’… Great. You can find two chairs in this room too. Please pull the chairs facing each other with a comfortable distance. Please invite this person to sit down and you sit down on the other chair… Good… Now have a conversation with this person. Remember, this is your very own house. It is safe and supportive. In here you are free to express whatever you want to say and experience any feelings… take your time to talk to this person. Once you are done, please let me know by saying the word ‘finished’… Great. Now you can stand up and leave the room. We will get back to this person soon. Please gently close the door and keep opening all other doors yet to be explored… Do you find anyone else in these rooms? Please say the word ‘yes’ if you find anyone else. If there is no one else, please say the word ‘no’…


(If ‘yes’, repeat above process. If ‘no’ following below the script.)


Good… now go back to the center of the room around the armchair and your very own bookshelf. Standing on the rug, feeling the grounding support you have from Mother Earth. There is warm healing light from the Universe shining through the glass roof, providing non-stop healing energy and wisdom, dissolve your ego and strengthen the connection to your authentic self. Now please invite all the people you have just talked to into the center of the room. Have a conversation with the first person (or, yourself) again, with the support and the wisdom from the Earth and the Universe. Once you are finished, please say ‘finished’… good, are you ready now to be a best friend to yourself? Are you ready to provide the ultimate level of self-love? Please say yes or no. (wait for an answer)


(If ‘no’, say to the client):

It is ok if you are not ready. Everything takes a little time to work on. You now have all the resources to accelerate your healing and you have made a great connection to Universal support and wisdom. It might take days or months or even years to get there. But every day is a new step forward, every day you grow stronger and more confident. Eventually, you will get there, and reach a deep level of peacefulness.


(If ‘yes’, follow below the script):

Great, you are feeling so proud of yourself right now. Hold hands with yourself, draw her/him by your side. As you are complete as one, you are much stronger and confident right now. Good, now talk to the second person, fully express your feelings, say whatever you have to say to the other person. Please take your time. Once you are finished, please allow that person to respond. When the conversation is completed, let me know by saying the word ‘finished’… (repeat process with each person).


Good, are you ready to let the past merge with the light? And to let go of all the grief all the negative feelings associated?


(If ‘no’, go back to section A. If ‘yes’, follow below the script):


Good, now say bye to them. By letting go of all the grief and all the negative feelings associated, these people are absorbed into the light of love, wisdom, peace and forgiveness.


Now, put your shoes back on, feel the support, feel the love. When you are ready, please leave this room. Close the door and walk back through the pathway. Feel the difference this time. You are surprised by how light and peaceful you are now. Your inner world is such an abundant place, full of love and support. You are stronger and more confident. You have collected all the good qualities you have and permanently stored them in your subconscious. Remember they are always here and you have unlimited access…



Wake Up