I want you to focus on an object in your room and take 3 deep breaths then focusing on the object. I want you to slowly shut your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. 

Now I want you to breathe into the belly through the nose for 6 counts, good now I want you to slowly exhale out of the mouth for 6 counts, very good now I want you to repeat this 5 times. Breathing in deeper and slower each count then pausing as you exhale out of the mouth for 6 counts again and now once you have finished that I want you to cue yourself to relax and come back into your normal breaths rhythm keeping the eyes closed still. 

Now with your next inhale I want you to imagine your breathing in peace and calmness, filling, holding and exhaling nice and slow, releasing any distractions thoughts or outer awareness that you do not need right now, focusing inwards and relaxing even deeper now as we come right into hypnosis. Just allow yourself to go there, deeper and deeper into hypnosis, breathing nice and slow, letting thoughts drift by knowing you will remember everything clearly that is important. 

Now I want you to imagine a bright beautiful beaming light shining down on you. It’s pure and very beautiful and feels peaceful and wonderful. It can be any colour it wants to be just known it’s pure and perfect in every way. This beautiful bright light is surrounding your entire being now, shining on you from your head all the way down to your feet. Now I want you to take another deep breath in and imagine this beautiful light shining through your heart centre and as you breathe in feel your chest expands and rise with this beautiful light coursing through. Now with each slow breath you will begin to feel all around your heart start to gently soften. Now keep breathing the light in and imagine, sense and feel it beginning to spread throughout your whole body. 

Now I want you to sit here for a moment and find gratitude for all that your body does each and every single day, using this moment to think how your heart beats and runs blood through your whole body, your cells organs and bones that keep you up and running each day really becoming fully internally aware of your being and finding a moment of gratitude for your human body and now taking another deep breath in and finding gratitude for your very existence and how beautiful it is to be able to have this human experience now allowing yourself to really feel that gratitude, really feel it as you take another deep breath in with the gratitude and the beautiful light through your heart. Breathing in this beautiful light nice and deeply as you feel your whole heart and being filled with this beautiful light breathing it in and spreading it upwards through your whole body from the top of your head down the whole body through every cell breathing in the beautiful light of gratitude and breathing it in through the arms down to the fingertips. And just take another moment to feel how wonderful your whole being feels here.