You are now standing in your favourite place. Your safe space. Your sanctuary.

Notice the colours here. The warm, comfortable temperature. The smells and sights. All familiar to you.

Take notice of how safe you feel here, knowing this is a space you can always return to at any time that you need. Know it is always there for you. 

Notice now nearby, an elevator. This is your private elevator, that is here to take you to your timeline. The place we are going to visit today. Walk over to your elevator now. 

Notice what it looks like. If there are any symbols, markings or numbers on the display.
Go ahead and press the upward pointing arrow, and watch the doors open.
Step inside and watch them close behind you. 

The elevator goes for a short ride. In no particular direction. Just towards the timeline. Notice how comfortably and softly it moves. Gently taking you to where you need to be. 

The elevator comes to a stop now. And the doors open. Step out of the elevator. 

You are now standing in the corridor of your timeline. With many doors to your right, indicating the future, and many doors to your left, indicating your past. 

You notice right in front of you, marking the centre, or the very midpoint of your timeline is your special icon or idol. Just notice this piece. What ornaments are perhaps adorning it. Perhaps noticing what it feels like. If there are any symbols or markings on it. 

You notice to your right, along the doorways which indicate your future, there is one door that is illuminated. This doorway will show you an important moment in your future life where you are so happy, so fulfilled, so enamoured by life. This doorway represents all the wonderful moments you see for yourself in the very near future. 

Locate that doorway now and begin to walk toward it.

Find yourself there now. Notice it is slightly ajar. Beckoning you to come inside.

Go ahead and gently push the door open now, and step in. 

Feel yourself fully immersed in that experience now. Feeling it. Seeing it. Knowing it.

Notice the scene. 

What is happening, what do you see?

How does it feel? 

*Ask questions based on what the client is seeing. E.g., And how many people are there? How many rooms are in this home? Where are you standing? Is this familiar to you? Etc.* 

Take a moment to absorb this vision. Soaking in all the beautiful feelings of abundance, connection, happiness, freedom and pure love. Knowing with every part of you that this moment is absolutely meant for you and as sure of you as you are of it. 

As you slowly, in your own time, begin to make your way back to the door, notice right by your feet, there is a glowing stone.  A crystal calling for you to pick it up. Notice what stone this is. What colour is it? What is the texture? The size? 

This stone holds the energy of this exact moment. This very experience you have just witnessed. Pick it up and feel it fill you with the resonance of your bright, light filled future. Let it remind you now of how strong and happy you are to be dreaming awake your vision. 

Feel it. And place it inside your pocket when you are ready. Securing this moment. 

Go ahead and open the door again to your corridor and close it tightly behind you. Walking back towards your centrepiece. 

Notice your icon/idol/centrepiece again. Notice if it has changed. If the symbols are different. Take a moment and just observe it. Notice how you feel now, knowing with full clarity what is meant for you in your near future. Feel humbled by this experience and deeply assured. Because you know now that the life you are dreaming for yourself is in full alignment with you and is already taking place.

You know exactly what you need to do to achieve it and merge with this moment in your timeline. You know you are the powerful co-creator of your lived experience. And you are ready to step into that vision. 


Go ahead and return to the doors of your elevator. The elevator that will take you back to your sanctuary.

Notice the doors and the symbols on the display once more. Again noticing if they’ve changed.

Press the opposite arrow now. The one pointing down. And watch the doors open for you.

Step inside, feeling them close behind you once more. 

You arrive, after a short ride, back to your sanctuary. Notice how you feel now. Holding all of these beautiful feelings of positivity, motivation and inspiration from your timeline. Feel yourself ready, in a moment to return to the present moment, with all of these feelings and knowing. 

In a moment I am going to count up from 1-10 and as I do you will begin to return to this very present moment. Okay. Getting ready now… for 1… 2 etc… 



Wake up