Just relax into the chair and close your eyes.  Today we are going to let your inner wisdom, your true self, take you back to a time and place when you were experiencing the issues that we have been talking about today.  Your subconscious mind will lead you to the place you need to go as it stores all your memories and emotions and will know where to take you.

Now take in a deep breath to the count of four and hold it to the count of four, breath out to the count of four and then hold again to the count of four.  As you take in the next breath, you will feel the peace and relaxation spread to all parts of your body as the oxygen you are taking in spreads through your bloodstream.  From your head down to your toes.  So once again, breath into the count of four, hold to the count of four, breath out to the count of four and hold again to the count of four.  Now you should feel the relaxation and peace spreading from the top of your head, down into your jaw, into your shoulders, which are starting to move away from your ears as they relax.  Down your arms to your fingertips, down your back and chest, into your abdomen, pelvis, thighs, knees, lower legs, and ankles, into your feet and toes. 

When you breath in again this time, you will become even more relaxed than before, double the amount of relaxation as you have with the first two breaths.  Breath in for the third time, to the count of four, hold for the count of four and breath out to the count of four and hold again to the count of four. 

Now I will talk to the area of your mind called the subconscious, it will understand what I am saying even if your conscious mind does not.  The subconscious will act on what I say, so to the count of 5 to 1, I would like your brainwave frequency to reduce down to 5 Hertz or 5 cycles per second.  5… slowing now, 4… down and down, 3… deeper and deeper, 2… minds slow right down now and 1.  You will find yourself now in a deep state of consciousness where your inner wisdom and knowledge is found, your true self, that part of you that knows all.  You may find your conscious mind drifting off but your subconscious will hear my voice and any sounds that you hear in or outside of the room will only enhance your state of relaxation and peace. 

As you sit here in this perfect state of relaxation, I want you to imagine a house in front of you that has two levels.  You are going to enter via the top level.  The house can look however you wish.  It may be a house you have seen or lived in or just a house from your imagination, it doesn’t matter.  You enter this house via the front door and see ahead of you a set of stairs that leads down to the level below.  You take this set of stairs and as you go down you will become even more relaxed than before, ten times more relaxed.  So, on the count of 10 to 1 you will walk down these stairs and I want you to nod your head when you reach the bottom.  10, 9, 8… going down now, 7,6, 5…deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, 4, 3, 2… very deep now and sooo relaxed… 1 you are at the bottom of the stairs, give me a nod of your head when you are there. 

Good, now you notice that this is a beautiful room, full of candles and flowers and peaceful colours and in the centre of the room there is a table.  On this table is a kaleidoscope, it might be a very old kaleidoscope or a very modern one.  Maybe it’s one you had from your childhood.  You pick this kaleidoscope up and notice that it is a magical one.  It just has an energy to it that draws you to put it up to your eyes.  This kaleidoscope may have one or two eye pieces, it doesn’t matter which.  As you put it up to your eyes and start turning the mechanism that makes it work, you see that it shows you pictures of your life and the more you turn the mechanism, the more pictures you see, and the more you are going back through your life.  You may not actually see the pictures, you may feel the pictures or imagine them there, it doesn’t matter.  Now think about the issue that we have been discussing and feel the emotions of that issue, as you do a picture comes up that reminds you of a time when this issue took place in this lifetime.  Feel the emotions related to it, as you turn the mechanism, pictures continue to occur when this issue has taken place and you feel the emotions more and more with each picture.  Know that you are safe with me in this room, the emotions are there but your higher wisdom and inner self will guide you without you being harmed.  

Now, on the count of 3 to 1, I want you to go to the first time in this lifetime when this issue occurred that caused these emotions that you are feeling now.  3…2…1… be there now!! 

Now you are there.

Look down at your feet.

Are you wearing anything on your feet? Describe what you have on your feet?

How big do your feet look?

How old do you feel you are?

Are you inside or outside?  Do you recognise where you are?

Are you alone or are there people with you?

Now on the count of 3 to 1, I want you to go either backwards or forwards to the experience that caused your issue. 3…2…1… be there now!

Tell me what you feel is happening?

How do you feel?  What emotions are coming up for you? 

Now I would like you to look towards the door/in front (if outside)?  Adult …. (name) is there and she/he has come to you because she/he feels your pain.  She/he has such an understanding of your emotions and has such a look of compassion and care on her/his face.  She/he comes and gives you a hug.  In her/his bag, Adult …. has some of the candles with her/him from the room.  These candles are special candles.  When lit, they emit a resource which will help you with your situation and as you breath in this resource, it will become a part of you, for you to use whenever its required.  The first candle that Adult… takes from her/his bag is one of love, self-love and love from others.  She/he lights it and you breath in the aroma.  Next, she/he takes out a candle labelled self-worth and she/he lights this and you breath in the self-worth, feeling it get carried by your blood stream to all areas of your body and mind.  Next she/he lights …. (resources that are needed to deal with the issue occurring for the person).

Now that Adult…. has lit these candles, let Adult… know if there are any other candles you would like lit that can help you. 

Now that these candles have been lit and you have absorbed their scents into your lungs and through there to your bloodstream and through all areas of your body and mind, I’d like you to go back now to the experience you have arrived at.  Relive the experience but now you have all the resources you need for this experience to turn out the way you would like it to turn out.  Once you have relived the experience in your mind’s eye, nod your head. 

Great, tell me how the experience upfolded this time.

Fantastic, that’s so good.  Now I would like you to thank Adult…. for coming back to you and bringing you the resources that you needed, the resource of …… which will help you to feel …. and be able to ….  Then Adult…. gives you a great big hug, she/he reassures you that she/he is with you whenever you need.  Adult …. leaves you feeling peaceful and full of the knowledge that you now have …….with which to continue using as you move ahead in life. 

You now pick up the kaleidoscope again and as you turn it, you now see yourself moving forward through your life from that time.  This time, when you see the pictures of the times you experienced the issue we have talked about, you see it ending in a positive way as you have been able to use the …….(list of resources given by Adult self) to help you through. 

Now you use the kaleidoscope to bring you back to the current time in your life.  You find yourself feeling a renewed sense of peace and rejuvenation.  You feel more confident within yourself and know that you can move forward positively.  As you go to sleep tonight, you know the peace and rejuvenation will integrate even more within yourself, so that when you awake, having slept well, you feel lighter and more in control of your life, happier and with a renewed sense of vigour.  Every day in every way, things will just get better and better. 

Now on the count of 1 to 10, you will awake feeling refreshed, revitalised and fully alert in the room.  1…the feeling returns to your toes and feet, 2…moving up your lower legs, 3…to your thighs and pelvis, 4… to your abdomen and back, 5 to your chest, 6, shoulders, 7,  down your arms to your fingers, 8, feeling your heart rate, blood pressure and respirations returning to your normal state, 9 your jaw and head have feeling return and 10, eyes open and feeling alert, refreshed and revitalised.