Now that you are soo deeply relaxed and able to connect deeply with your inner being, it is time to take a journey to gain clarity and direction. You have already done much healing work within you and this is already being reflected back to you in your reality. Feel yourself start to float upwards now, starting to feel lighter and lighter as you journey up to new state of consciousness. And as you drift upwards, you notice how safe and secure you feel. You might even find that you are so ready to gain insight into what your future may look like. 

Feeling light as air and easily and effortlessly allowing yourself to travel to where you know you need to go now. You stop at a flagpole and notice that there is a harness attached. This will allow you to know you have a line back to here to your current third dimensional reality should you feel you need to return. Easily attach this harness to yourself now. Take notice of whatever image, text or symbol appears on the flag if any. There’s no need to analyse it though, just simply observe what appears for you. 

It is time to go to our first destination. Look to your left now and notice how there are many lights in a row travelling all the way into the distance. In a moment, I’m going to ask you to choose one which is shining the brightest, not too many backs. This will represent a recent happy memory where you noticed one of your manifestations materialise. This could be something in your relationship, your career or even just a wonderful time at a social event. Whatever it is, it will be a joyous occasion and something special to you. With your harness safety attached, go to that light now and merge with it, re-experiencing this wonderful memory not so long ago. 

Very good. Now that you have this reminder of the good that you are creating, it is time to journey into a future reality. This will allow you to see how truly powerful you are. It will allow you to experience the joy you want to feel and to show you that you really can achieve anything you put your mind to. Travel back to the original flagpole now. This time, we are going to go in the other direction and look at what the potential for the future is. You can decide how far forward you would like to go. Look to your right now and take note of the lights stretching forward into the distance. Start to move towards these lights now. As you travel along, you will notice that one is glowing more brightly than the rest. When you locate the light that you would like to visit, merge with it and become one with the scene you find yourself in. 

What’s happening?

Where are you?

Are there others with you?

How are you feeling? 

(Insert other relevant questions or assist client with creative visualisation depending on knowledge

of client’s goals/if appropriate for client) 

Wonderful. It’s time to leave this scene now, knowing that you are headed for great things. And

know, that you have clarity gained is able to be experienced by you if you keep travelling the

path you are currently on. And also know that you have the ability to change course if you wish, for

your life is for you. And you have the power to achieve and experience anything you wish. It’s time to return to the present, feeling accomplished and delighted at what the future holds for you.

Return to the flagpole now. As you approach you notice the flag gently blowing in the breeze. And

just notice if the image, symbol, writing or whatever you saw originally has changed in any way.

Again, there is no need to analyse this but it is symbolic and has appeared just for you. 

Allow yourself to start drifting down back to the ground, slowly and gently. You feel so empowered,

confident and capable. Knowing deep within you that you are the creator of your future, and that only positive and wondrous things await.