By Sheridan Sandow

This is the story of a little flower. The flower lives in a small patch with many other flowers. They live harmoniously and enjoy life in the sunshine. Each day, many friendly bumble bees come to visit the flower patch. The bees chat with the flowers and collect pollen from them. Both the flowers and the bees enjoy their time together. However, the little flower can’t help but notice that none of the bees ever come to visit and collect its pollen. The little flower can’t understand why, it is as beautiful and fragrant as the other flowers. So one day the flower stops a passing bee and asks “Why do you never stop to chat with me and collect my pollen?” The bee responds, “Why your petals are closed! We cannot see that you have pollen”. The flower is surprised. It thought that it would only open its petals once a bee stopped to chat. So the next day the flower decides that it must open its petals. It absorbs the morning dew, and soaks up the rays of sunshine as the sun rises into the sky. Although the flower is still unsure, the water and sunshine feel wonderful. Each of its petals begin to unfurl revealing rich, beautiful colours and a lovely fragrance that carries into the breeze. The flower feels confident and stands tall and proud. Before the flower knows it, a bee stops and asks if the flower would like to chat. It was the beginning of a great relationship.