By Lynda Aghan

This script is for a child aged about 10.  This is to help with feelings of anger and frustration and aid with communicating his needs clearly.

Cody, make yourself comfortable on this couch/bed.  Now you have your favourite stuffed toy sitting on your chest and you are holding Puppy Junior so that he is sitting up and you can see his face.  Look at his face.  This is a very familiar face so look at him and listen to the sound of my voice…Together we are going on a trip of fantasy and adventure.

Now while you are supporting Puppy Junior and looking at his face, something interesting is going to happen.  As you listen to the sound of my voice and look at Puppy Junior, your arms and hands are starting to get very heavy while at the same time feeling comfortable and relaxed. 

Cody, as you look at Puppy Junior’s face, your body is relaxing more and more and your arms and hands are getting heavier and heavier, almost like lead weights.  So relaxed… so comfortable… so safe and so peaceful.  See the colours around Puppy Junior’s eyes.  Feel how relaxed and heavy your body feels.  Feel how heavy your arms and hands feel.

Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out.  Relaxing your body while at the same time, your arms and hands are getting so very heavy.

In a moment, your hands and arms are going to become too heavy to support Puppy Junior.  Your arms and hands are becoming heavier and heavier. As your arms and hands get too heavy, Puppy Junior will fall onto your chest.  He may fall forwards, he may fall backwards or he may fall sideways.  Whichever way is perfect.  When Puppy Junior falls, you will close your eyes and relax even further.  Your eyes will now become very heavy.  Too heavy in fact that you cannot open them even if you tried.  You will go into a deep, gentle, hypnotic rest where you are safe…Together we are going on a wonderful adventure which you will remember.  

Now picture your favourite car.  Tell me what kind of car it is?  What color is it?

See yourself in the driver’s seat.  As this is the perfect car for you, you can reach the pedals and all the controls and see clearly out of the windscreens and mirrors.  Fasten your seatbelt.  Now as this is a magical car, it may be able to fly, or go under water or hover above the road or it may be able to do other stuff.  What it can do is only limited by your imagination.

So have a look at the gadgets, knobs and display screen and let me know what this car can do.  (Allow the child to answer as briefly or fully as he wishes).

Another feature of this car is that it can help you feel better about yourself.  Think about the driver’s seat that you are sitting in and the seat belt which is around you.  Now this driver’s seat and seat belt are full of love and whenever you sit in it, your weight activates the release of this love.  You may have been feeling this without knowing what it was.  So relax in the seat and feel the love that is all around you.  Feel it go into your back, bottom and legs.  Feel it go into your chest and stomach where the seat belt is around you.  Soak it all up, knowing that it is a continuous source.  Do you feel this?

In a moment, I am going to let you in on some of the features of this very special car.  You notice your display screen and the icon for settings.  So push on that button.  The display screen lights up.  You can see a list of emotions and a gauge that reads from 1 to 10.  Notice the setting for “happy.”  Tell me what number this is set at…  Now turn it up to 10.  See the setting for anger and tell me what number this is set at…  Now dial that down to 1.  See the setting for frustration and tell me what number this is set at…  Now dial it down to 1.  See the setting for able to communicate your needs.  Tell me what number it is set at… and then dial it up to 10.  (You can add or substitute whatever emotion is suitable for the child at that moment).  You have done a great job!!!

Now you mentioned that this car can… (fly, go under water, hover or something else).  How about you take it for a spin?  (Cody answers that the car can fly). 

Now the car is on a clear road, with no other vehicles around.  So you can accelerate safely.  Now pull the lever that allows the wings to go out, push your foot on the accelerator and speed down the road.  In a moment, you will have enough momentum that you leave the ground and fly into the air.  Wow!!!  Look now as you are over the trees and now over any buildings.  The sky is blue and clear of clouds.  You are safe and confident in your ability to fly this magical car.  Now allow yourself to enjoy the sensation of flight, knowing that you are in control.

As you fly, I want you to think that this car is also Cody.  The outside is your skin and body.  An outside reflection but inside there is so much more.  The more that you discover about the car, the more you discover about yourself.  A car is a powerful thing, do you think so? But so are you!!

A car can take you places and so can you.  You can walk, run and ride a bike. You can alter speed and how you respond to different driving conditions such as putting the lights on when it gets dark or putting on the windscreen wipers when it rains.  So you can alter how you react to different conditions in your life.  You can choose to let go of anger and frustration and feel more happiness and be more sure of your ability to communicate your needs clearly. 

There are so many features and components that make up this car.  There is the engine and different systems to control the temperature, the speed and braking capacity of this vehicle.  Just as there are so many things that make up a car, so there are so many wonderful things that make up a Cody. 

You are a special, wonderful and unique being.  You decide as to what parts of you, you want to share and show others and what parts you keep private to yourself.  You can dial up the feelings that you want to feel more of and dial down the ones which you don’t.  You are in control. 

Now bring your attention to where you are and how it feels to be flying.  It is now time to bring the car back down to earth so go down a bit so that you are below the trees and look for a good place to land.  You do this easily and perfectly.  When the car reaches the ground, allow the car to slow down to a stop, fold in the wings and turn off the engine.  Undo the seat belt and step out of the car.  Know that you can return at any time.  Know that the emotion settings are inside you and can be altered at a flick of your fingers.  It’s your choice.  Now on the count of 3, you will open your eyes.  You will feel refreshed and eager to continue your day, safe in the knowledge that things are getting better and better each day.  1, 2, 3 (click fingers)