You can go ahead and get yourself nice and comfortable. I just want you to find a spot in front of you so that your vision is raised about 20%, but you’re keeping your head nice and straight…. Thaaat’s it, just raising your eyes…. and I just want you to stare at that spot…. Thaaat’s it. Just stare… Now while you’re still staring, bring your awareness to your breath. Take a niiiiiice deeeep breath innnn through the nose, so that the air goes alllll the way down into your tummy….. AND out through your mouth, and on that out breath just feeeel the tension releasing from your body. Again now, taking that beautiful deep breath in, staring, staring, breathing deep down into the tummy, and leeeetting it all out now. One more time, taking that big breath in, imagining the oxygen dispersing to every cell of your body, and then a nice big release as you exhale through your mouth, letting go of any tension, stress or worry. I just want you to stay with that breath now, and with each breath you take, you feel mooore and more relaxed. Safer and safer, very relaxed. Any outside noises simply add to the experience – you may or may not be aware of them, but your subconscious mind will use each noise as a cue to relax you eeeeeven more… that’s right, all that matters is that you know that you can come back to this deeeep relaxing breath at any time…. Goooooood. 

Now I just want you to bring your hand up in front of your face like this (demonstrate hand about 6 inches from face, palm facing the face), and stare straight into the centre of your palm. Just staring, thaaaat’s it. Notice how the longer you stare, the heavier your eyelids become. The intense energy of your stare is drawing your hand closer and closer to your face. With each moment that passes, that hand comes in more and more. The closer it gets, the more relaxed you feel, and the more relaxed you feel, the closer it gets. It’s drawing closer and closer now, that’s it, deeper and deeper relaxed….. and as that hand draws closer and closer, feeling more and more relaxed, you notice those eye lids getting even heavier. Now or in a moment, you can take one more deep breath in, and as you breathe out, allow your eyes to close and your hand to gently rest wherever it is comfortable.



Now that your eyes are closed, just bring your attention to the deep relaxation in your body. You have awareness of the (chair / bed / support) beneath you, and you have a strong sense of safety knowing that you are very, VERY well supported. The safer you feel, the easier it is to just lettttt gooooo. That feels sooooo good, doesn’t it! 

Now just imagine yourself laying in a hammock, hung between two large sturdy palm trees on a beautiful, warm, tropical island. There is soft, white sand surrounding you, and bluey-green coloured water getting darker and deeper as the sun sets over the horizon. It is getting late in the evening and you are feeling full with joy, happiness and pleasure after the most perfect day of activities. The sun is going down now, lower and lower in the sky, and the lower it gets, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the lower it gets. The night sky becomes a deeper and deeper blue, as stars begin to emerge…. As you lay there, you are more relaxed NOW than you’ve ever known yourself to be – drifting, dreaming, peaceful… nobody needing anything from you, nobody expecting anything from you, nobody demanding anything from you….. This is YOUR time, a very SPECIAL time just for you… And as the hammock gently sways in the breeze, notice how your body feels so light, it is almost as if you’re floating. The temperature on this night is PERFECT! It is cool, but comfortable, and there is now a fire crackling away over to your left, emitting just the right amount of warmth. You are mesmerised by the sound of the crackling wood, and filled with deep connection as you find yourself staring deep into the flames of that fire – radiant with bright colour… and as you stare at that fire, you will discover that the smoke appears to be softly floating away in the shape of a number 5… that’s right, and as that 5 disperses into the air, you notice that you feel more and more relaxed…. calm…. Peaceful… And then you notice that the smoke is forming the number 4, deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed…… That number drifts away, and the smoke now appears as the number 3. Thaaat’s right, as that number floats off into the distance, you feel lighter and lighter, so relaxed now, as you notice the number 2 forming in the smoke above those vivid flames of transmutation. Once again, drifting, dreaming…. Drifting deeper, and now the smoke appears as a number 1. As this number slowly fades off into the distance, you know that in a moment, you are about to enter a deep state of relaxation known as hypnosis. A state where safety, relaxation, and tranquillity awaits. 0…. Welcome to this place of deep relaxation. 


Styles of induction used:

There are elements of:

  • Progressive relaxation
  • Permissive (may or may not, now or in a moment…)
  • Authoritarian (a lot of direct suggestion)
  • Variation of hand to face